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Your choice if you have to get braces as an adult

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I had metal braces as a teenager and invisalign about 6 years ago.  In hindsight, I should have gone with metal braces the second time for a better outcome.  I was self conscious and worried about my professional job plus it was a good deal through my dentist so I chickened out and went invisalign.  My permanent retainer broke off on my bottom teeth and they have moved along with a diastema on top.  I should probably work up the nerve and seek out an orthodontist and try again with metal braces.

Metal all the way!!!! Better full bands would be the ultimate dream come true!

I want to get only fixed metal braces. The idea of full bands is nice.

Fantasy pushed aside, I would choose clear brackets.  I don't think I'd want to deal with Invisalign, remembering to wear them, keeping them extra clean, possible speech impediment.  Furthermore I'm sure brackets are able to make more fine tune adjustments than Invisalign is.

Metal for sure! That's what i'm getting


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