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Your choice if you have to get braces as an adult

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I had clear braces when I was young. They were fare away from invisible.
So, when I will get braces next time, I will definetly take metal ones.
And I hopefully will also need some additional devices - at least a headgear.

My braces from the shop are great, but not beeing able to take them off in the morning
And not beeing able to hide them.... - oh what a dream ;-)

I can answer this one with certainty, since I am currently wearing metal fixed braces, upper and lower.

Like a few posters mentioned, I am doing this for myself. I like braces and decided to go all out with full metal. I've enjoyed choosing various colors on my ligatures.  Sometimes, depending on my mood, I've gotten bright, very visible colors. Other times, gray or white.  I've had braces for almost a year and a half in a professional job where I speak to the public all day.  I've had exactly zero negative comments about my braces, which I know people see because I am not shy about smiling with them.

Traditional metal braces, if I was doing it.  I've never really liked the look of ceramic or invisible braces.  As others have said, they're not really invisible.  To me, they've always kind of looked like the person had food or something stuck to their teeth.  With metal braces, people see them and right away they know they're braces.

As an adult, I've known other adults who have gotten braces, and there are usually some comments from others for the first day or two, then everyone just sort of forgets about them.  No one really treats braces as a big deal.

Definitely metal brackets.
In the case of metal braces, everyone can simple see, that I have braces. Ceramic braces are not so easy visible, but if I see somebody with them, I first think that there is something wrong with the teeth.

It's tough - I'd love to get metal braces, hopefully with appliances and elastics. However, I'd be incredibly apprehensive about it and I have no interest - sometimes a dislike (maybe as I see orthodontia as an intrinsically sexy feminine thing) in braces on males.
I feel rather than the full cop out of invisalign (hate it) I'd get removable appliances, my teeth need orthodontic treatment so I'd get some interesting appliances which would be exciting for fun with my wife.
Either way, it'd be a crazy decision to make, just going to an orthodontist would be wild


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