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Your choice if you have to get braces as an adult

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I do not know how to make a poll but I simply ask the question.

You have to get a real orthodontic treatment tomorrow in your everyday life.

Honestly, considering advantage and disadvantage of all type of braces, what would you choose ?
- metal fixed braces
- clear fixed braces
- lingual braces
- Invisalign

Please, the question is not to know what would you prefer as a fantasy but in your real life, with your wife, children, family friends, colleagues, work etc.

I ask the question because I am not sure for the answer for myself (After a very long reflection, I will start an orthodontic treatment this year).

For plenty of reason (probably most of us share), I would really like fixed metal braces but despite a good amount of self confidence, I am not sure I could assume them in my everyday life, in front of my wife, my family (I have teen nieces with metal braces) and my friends. Furthermore, my job requires to speak in front of a public and everyone would see the metal braces.

That's why I would probably choose clear braces on top and metal on bottom. Lingual braces and invisalign are too expensive.

What would you do or what did you choose if you were in a similar situation ?

EDIT : I could make a poll but still very interested in your comments !

If your choice is because of how it will look, think about why you are getting braces. Is it because to want and/or like braces? People will see the braces even if they are clear/ceramic. Ceramic is more costly. I have been told that ceramic is thicker because of the materials used. You will have metal archwires which will show anyways. Even the white archwires do show because they are coated and can flake off over time.

Right from the start of my treatment, I have always gone with colored powerchains and ligatures. They last few times I have told the assistants to surprise me with what colors to put on. I have told them that I do like bright colors and that I have had every color that they have during my treatment. I haven't had white or clear, but I have had all the others. I have said that it is unfortunate that they don't have rainbow powerchains 8)

My advice is you are going to have braces, make them a part of who you are. Enjoy them for as long as you have them. If you go around trying to hide them, you will just make it more obvious that you have them. The only person it will matter to is you.

If you feel that you need to keep your look professional, go with silver, grey,white or clear ligatures and powerchains. Otherwise have fun with it, go with the colors.

Your teen family members would probably enjoy the colors on the metal brackets. Ask your wife what she thinks you should do, after all she is the one who is going to be seeing them the most. You will only see them in the mirror.


Despite my love of braces, when it came down to getting them I went with clear. Many of the reasons highlighted pushed me to make the decision - work (frequently speaking in front of clients etc), personal (wife would not have been into metal) etc.

For me, personally it was more about the sensations and feeling of braces. And I got that.

I wanted metal all the way. I lucked out because my ortho didn’t think clear would work for me, which gave me a good excuse

Definitely Invisalign. I'm too old and too self conscious to have the metal or even the clear -_-


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