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Your choice if you have to get braces as an adult

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I also got braces as an adult. I have chosen clear ceramic braces. Only the lower teeth in the back were metal braces.

If I have to chose again, I would pick metal braces on all teeth, because they are smaller and easier to take off. My orthodontist told me exactly that in the consultation.

After all the ceramic braces are not as invisible as you think. People can mix up with dirty teeth.

Since my first post in this thread, the idea getting real braces again, is becoming stronger and stronger.
I already hat a first consultation with an orthodontist during corona. Due to the masks I thought, this could help me hiding them in the beginning.
But the orthodontist said that I don`t need them :(
Thanks to my fake braces, I started to turn the expander a bit, I have got some annoying gaps between some of my teeth.
So I will give it another try in the next weeks and hopefully will get my jaws metalized.
Hopefully full set of brackets on top and bottom, with some bands on the molars.
Headgear, Herbst and/or an expander would be heaven one earth for me…


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