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Story - I Only Date Nerds
« on: 06. January 2023, 08:42:00 AM »
Chapter 1

Few things can churn a man's stomach more than the rejection of a woman. The very fear of this tragedy is enough to cripple the wills of titans, and I am no titan. STILL! I persevered. I pushed through, and I overcame my crippling fear. With the fall semester soon coming to an end, cuffing season was right around the corner. The colder weather makes the single life especially hard during those dark and bitter months, and this time, THIS TIME, I was determined to not spend them alone.

Another thing that can cripple the wills and a man/ churn the stomachs of titans and such, though in the same vein, somehow even more demoralizing, is a crush! Yes!

Nothing more jarring than minding your own business only to suddenly be rendered a butterfly-stomached mess just by one particular person being in the same room as you! It's not fair! I'm in college now, and yet just seeing her in sports hall is enough to shut down the part of my brain responsible for producing coherent speech! Not Fair!

But still I will persevere! I will overcome these obstacles and face this fear bravely! I marched into the sports hall, she plays basketball, right? She probably uses the court!

But what time does is she there for practice? Is she even here today? I didn't bother trying to find a schedule, she might not even be here.


A MOMENTARY SETBACK! We will regroup, a-


I start walking towards her. I'm going to ask her out. I can do this. She's right there. She's reading something on her phone. Almost there. I'm walking right up to her. I'm walking to her. I've walked right past her. I've just walked out of the exit.

I stand for a moment to compose myself. Nothing serious, just almost had a heart attack. OKAY! SECOND TRY!

I walk back into the building, AND SHE'S GONE! GREAT!

I break into a sprint past the lockers. After turning the corner, I can see she's exiting one of the classrooms with her gym bag. I have to sprint to catch up with her. Damn her long legs!

She sees me. I struggle to force my legs to keep walking. Exerting even more energy, I force my right hand to wave as I walk closer. Shit shit shit shit shit shit

"I .. uh-hi! I- iuhh"


"Hi! Sophie! ... Uh"

Her expression hasn't changed. Still neutral. She glances at my mouth for a brief moment before returning to eye contact. Her eyes are drilling right through me. She's really tall.

"Uh... um... W-...would you... wanna get some... coffee?"



"You have braces?"

The question stuns me.
"Uh... no?"

She looks annoyed.
"Sorry. I only date nerds."

With that she turns to leave.

My wills are crippled, and my stomach is churned. Day ruined.

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #1 on: 06. January 2023, 17:26:19 PM »
Nice, very nice. An interesting twist! And a girl who KNOWS what she wants!!

Something tells me that, somehow, our protagonist will end up with braces... just a wild guess :-)

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #2 on: 06. January 2023, 22:02:20 PM »
Interesting twist on what we know is the normal situation   as always I'm excited to see where this goes

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #3 on: 07. January 2023, 09:09:16 AM »
Nice beginning

I think this guy should end up at the dentist

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #4 on: 08. January 2023, 08:15:42 AM »
Chapter 2

There comes a time in a man's life where it's perfectly appropriate to sulk around one's own room in despair. In a way, it's a sign of emotional maturity that I'm allowing myself this time to earnestly process my grief. My PAIN. My SORROW.

And for what?

BRACES! She asked if I had braces! They aren't even used anymore! Haven't been for years now! Most folks with crooked teeth get these flimsy clear trays paid for by one of countless benefit programs. You may see some metal used SOME times, but

Hang on...

I pull up the university's main website, scroll past admissions, career opportunities, HERE!
"Disciplinary procedures to follow breach in student conduct:"

Winterville famously doesn't believe in expulsion, so all disciplinary action is taken out in the form of enrollment in a compulsory orthodontic program, the severity of which depending on the frequency of misconduct. NEAT! It sure looks to be DAMN effective too! The university boasts the lowest percentages of academic dishonesty and illegal activity nationwide, and this is probably the reason. You wouldn't wanna be caught with metal in your mouth going to and from classes.

Looking over the disciplinary program, it seems to start off with basic metal brackets and work its way up the more severe the misconduct at the discretion of the orthodontic handler. The website's page gets pretty vague about what they're willing to put in your mouth, but I'm reminded of the section of the admissions form that every student signs that mentions this...


All I have to do is break one rule, get sent to the orthodontic department, and BAM! Free Braces!
Then, I'll have another shot at getting to talk with Sophie!

Thinking it over, the braces alone can get a little intense depending on what they decide to add, and they can call you back over to install whatever they want at any time, and you're required to wear it all for as long as they say. I gotta make sure my first-time offense isn't anything too serious. If Sophie wants braces, then I'll get braces!

Time to get myself into trouble!

To make sure I get sent straight to the Ortho department on the first offense, this will need to look premeditated. My target becomes the upcoming History 3 midterm. My grade in the class isn't terrible but could be a lot better! I start by asking a few classmates if they know anyone who has answers from last semester. After getting a few looks, I turn to the internet, searching forums on university computers while signed into my account! It's perfect!

Finally, I print accurate answers and fold the paper into the pocket of my pants. Time to ace this exam!

Results are in, and I've received a confirmation notice to a compulsory installation in the Ortho Sciences building! Success! Caught red handed!

That afternoon I skip over to my compulsory installation with the gusto of a man on a mission! I boldly swing the glass door open and stride to the counter to check in!

A blonde woman about my age hunches behind a counter in a white uniform, a strange metal bar arching out of her mouth and curving to the sides of her cheeks, her lips apart just enough for a glint of metal to shine through, clearly a patient turned employee to reduce her time in oral bondage.

"Can I help you?..."

"Samson Reese!"

Her eyes widen slightly as she clicks a button on her keyboard. The two doors to my right swing open as two taller women lacking any traces of oral hardware briskly rush to my sides, both gently grabbing one of my arms and almost lifting me towards the very doors they'd just emerged from. Right to it then!

I'm brought into a small light blue room with another door to the far side, and what looks like a slanted metal tray protruding from the wall with a door mechanism. The two women place me in the room, briskly leave through the door we'd entered from, and lock it behind them. A voice then speaks over an intercom in the far corner.

"Remove your clothing and place it into the bin."


A few seconds pass. Am I not getting braces?

"Remove your clothing and place it into the bin."

I guess I'm getting a uniform myself? I start removing my shirt and pants, noticing picture promts stuck fast to the wall above the bin. I'm supposed to take everything off and place it into the bin, and wait. huh.

I do as instructed and place every article of clothing neatly folded into the metal bin with my cell phone sitting on top.

I'm getting chilly here...

After a few seconds a metal plate slides out from the wall to cover the clothing I'd placed into the bin. I hear a metallic shifting, followed by the lid being drawn back to reveal a new set of clothes left to me.


Lifting them from the bin, I find a set of navy and dark green plaid short overalls, the letters "CC" in red stitched onto the left butt pocket, a baby blue collared shirt, and a bright purple diaper that appears WAY too big for me...

This is ortho sciences, right?

"Put on all clothing presented."

This is ortho sciences, right?

"Put on all clothing presented."

Sigh... There comes a time in a man's li-

"Put on all clothing presented."


Reluctantly, I slide the large purple diaper up to fit. It's, soft? Uncomfortably... roomy. I dawn the light blue collared shirt, and slide into the paid overalls, the ends stopping just above my knees. If there were a mirror in this room, I'd be willing to bet I look like a dork right now.

BUT! Sophie said she only dates nerds! I guess this outfit is pretty nerdy, even if it is a bit much. I will persevere! Triumph will be-

My harrowing internal monologue is interrupted by the two women from before entering from the opposite door to strong arm me out of the cold undergarment stealing room.

An intimidating hallway of chairs greets me as a number of employees in white uniforms glance my way with varied looks. Stare all you want! I've no shame! I do this for lov-

I'm practically shoved into a chair near another occupied by a brunette woman adorned in the exact ensemble I find myself in now. she grips the sides of her plaid overalls with hands bound to the chair by teal velcro straps as a tall woman in a blue uniform works to install some kind of metal cage into the roof of her mouth. The girl in the chair merely looks annoyed, a brave display I'd hope to mirror during my coming installation. The two women begin placing my arms and legs into various teal straps, beginning with a large one across my chest with smaller loops running horizontal, followed by the upper arms. One of them then brings two straps from behind the shoulders of the seat to lay over my own before looping through the spaces on the chest strap, turned back up to velcro to themselves, while the other woman lays a thick padded strap over my thighs before quickly strapping my ankles. They each conclude by picking a hand to secure into a closed loop on either side that tightens to close. At least they're efficient! With that one of them steps away to begin rolling a number of carts covered with metal appliances to behind the chair where I'm unable to see, while the other begins presenting numerous cups of odd smelling liquids, sternly instructing me to drink.

I've made it this far.

I obediently allow her to slowly poor the contents to my mouth, and I swallow them easily after discovering they taste rather sweet! With the final cup emptied, the chair begins to recline back, the straps ensuring I've no way to protest the maneuver. Both women then depart, leaving me to listen to metallic clicks and squeaks of instruments used on the girl to my left, the tall woman spending no effort towards her comfort during the ordeal. At its conclusion, the tall woman announces her completion. This appears to summon one of the other employees in white to begin unstrapping the girl in plaid from her chair. As she stands, I can spot she's now sporting an aggressive looking metal hoop encircling her face, this one with a number of spiked metal trays holding her lips apart that look as though they're meant to stop her from tampering with the appliance. The girl maintains her annoyed look as she follows the employee with one hand hovering around the metal trays, clearly affected by its presence.

As she leaves, I can hear a wheeled stool is rolled over behind the head of my chair. The tall woman reads from a clipboard and introduces herself as Dr. Blanchet.

"Samson, Samson, Samson."

"That's me."

Her eyes are still glued to the clipboard.
"A sense of humor, huh? We've got something for that."

She continues reading as the same woman that escorted the girl in plaid returns to stand behind her at the ready.
"Academic dishonesty, huh? You seem pretty calm for someone who got caught this badly. I'm going to take the liberty of adding a few things here for today."

She takes a pin from her pocket and begins adding check marks across a paper before turning it to the next page and continuing to add more check marks. The woman standing behind her perks up and meekly speaks.

"Um... D-Dr. Ashley, he's a first-time offender..."

"I'm well aware. Administration wants us cracking down on first-timers when they come in for cheating. Makes the message stick."
She leans down to speak directly next to me, taking her eyes off my file for the first time.
"Not to mention, I don't like having repeat offenders on my charts. Grab the headphones. He's going to be here a while, and we're going to make this visit one he'll remember."

She straightens herself to continue making more checks with her pen. Nice try, but I'm not intimidated. It's gonna take more than that to spook me. I'm here for LOVE! Do your worst!

She hands the clipboard to her assistant and begins to force a plastic cheek separator into my mouth before adding a tongue block attached to the inside of it. As the assistant begins gathering the numerous items checked on my file, Dr. Blanchet begins thoroughly cleaning my entire mouth, flossing each tooth before wedging some kind of rubber piece between each tooth. As she concludes this, the assistant returns with one of the items in hand, the rest on numerous carts rolled next to the Doctor. The headphones are placed over my ears and a recorded whispering begins to play. I can't make out what's being said, but occasionally Dr. Blanchet would speak into a microphone pinned to her lapel, instructing me to "bite down", or "open wider". All the while she goes about bringing small metal rings into my mouth. Funny, I thought brackets were standard for metal braces? I've never seen these. I have no idea what she's putting into my mouth, but she isn't taking anything out. A real whopper catches my attention as she brings one of those metal hoops over my face, this one has a large rake of spikes on the inside, three metal rings on either side of the inner hoop.

My steely resolve aside, THAT looks a bit intimidating...

NO! I am here for LOVE! There comes a time in a man's life when his resolv-
Oh Shit I need the bathroom.
I try to speak, to no avail, of course. Wriggling around in the chair, lightly gurgling in an attempt to communicate a universal sensation of a tense bladder, I manage the attention of the assistant. Dr. Blanchet at last addresses me.

"You need the bathroom?"


"Then go."

She continues installing more appliances, even forcing my jaw to accept the metal rings herself out of impatience. I wriggle a bit more. I get it. They made me put on a diaper at the start of this, but really? And for some reason it's getting really hard to hold it.
Dr. Blanchet shoots a look to her assistant, who reluctantly steps to the side of the chair, and begins to press onto my lower stomach with both hands, producing the sound of water hitting carpet, barely audible through the headphones and their constant whispering. I can only lightly grip the sides of my overalls, just as the girl from before did.

Well this is great. Gotta say, I expected some odd things from a university's disciplinary office using orthodontics to curb misconduct, but THIS is a whole other level. Thinking on it, it makes sense why I've never heard anyone talk about this extreme side of the program. Any student that messes up THIS much probably won't be vocal about getting put into diapers while being turned into a metal mouth.

Once the headgear, as she calls it, has been fully cemented in place with a blue light, Dr. Blanchet takes a set of plyers and starts to bend the arms of the facebow outward, taking up more space than before. Her assistant then hands her a tangled mess of navy-blue straps, definitely going to clash with my light hair, and goes about fastening them to the crown of my head and the back of my neck, loudly clamped them to the outer arms of my now locked in headgear. Great.

Dr. Blanchet then grabs the clipboard once again and speaks in a deadpan tone.
"Next up is your standard vision test."

She checks another box.
"Oops looks like you failed. Caroline, bring me a plus 5. Thick frames."

If I wasn't gonna look like a nerd before... Stay strong! Think of Sophie!

The assistant returns and places a set of dark, thick frames glasses onto my face, blurring my vision significantly. I manage a brave grunt of disapproval.

"Your vision will adjust very quickly."

She sends her assistant off once more to prep a goody bag for caring for my new oral hardware, along with more diapers to keep me stocked, sent to my dorm.

"Alright, Samson. It's been very nice getting acquainted with you. You'll want the next time we meet to be outside of this office. If you think your mouth feels full now, just wait until I get you in this chair again. I'll show you just how wrong you can be. Stay out of trouble, and have fun with your permanent lisp. Tah!"  ;)

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #5 on: 08. January 2023, 14:54:15 PM »
This is a really good story, I wonder what the headphones are for. Maybe hearing aids?  >:D

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #6 on: 08. January 2023, 16:58:16 PM »
Good story so far  you've got a good imagination

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #7 on: 09. January 2023, 04:43:06 AM »
Heh, the concept of braces as a disciplinary measure is quite interesting.~

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #8 on: 14. January 2023, 14:43:12 PM »
How will this story go on?
I really like the beginning

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #9 on: 15. January 2023, 01:23:38 AM »
This is getting very interesting!

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #10 on: 28. January 2023, 03:54:20 AM »
Chapter 3

Once Dr. Blanchet has left, the assistant in white begins to unstrap me from the chair, saving the hands for last. Having just been given a LOT more than I was expecting, my hands immediately jolt up towards my mouth to begin exploring what all I've been subjected to. Instantly the assistant empathetically grabs my hands and scolds me, as I'm strictly prohibited from tampering with my braces, headgear, and any other compulsory treatment given by the program. I'm handed my goodie bag and led to the front of the building, catching numerous stares as I follow her like a meek puppy, the foreign presence of bulk between my legs producing an embarrassing crinkle as I walk. As we pass the front counter with the girl in headgear, even she can't help but stare, wondering how I managed to get it worse than she did, All the while I can't find any mirrors! I wanna know how I look!

Once to the front doors, the assistant gently pushes me out to the sidewalk before closing the doors behind me, leaving me to be gawked at by students walking to and from classes.

I figured the braces might draw attention to myself whenever I talked or smiled, but SHIT. THIS is a lot! After standing there indecisively for a moment, trying to think of what should do or where I should go, I start to get nervous. My mouth feels so full and tight, and I can't take any of it out. I don't even know how to take off the overalls! My legs start to tremble. I try to keep my hands from touching my headgear, it's so wide and takes up the whole bottom half of my field of vision, and the glasses! I know I asked for this, but

"Hey. Let's go get some coffee."

I practically jump out of the plaid overalls as I whip around to see Sophie standing over me with her gym bag.

"I-uh wh..."

"You wanted to get some coffee? Let's go."
Her eyes are wide as she glances between my headgear and my eyes. She takes my hand to pull me along towards the student union building. As I'm pulled along the sidewalk between the buildings among other students staring at me, I'm still ever aware of the soft crinkles as one leg swings past another.


I'm holding her hand! SHE'S HOLDING MY HAND!

I sort of have to skip a bit to keep up with her. Not only is she taller than me, she's walking way faster than last time, but she's holding my hand!!!!

Once we've made it to the union, I'm almost mortified at the realization that a small event has just concluded near this end of the building. Dozens of more students with their eyes glued to my shiny headgear. Sophie pauses only briefly as she scans a path through the small crowd before she resumes pulling me along behind her. At this point I realize it's a good thing Sophie's here with me. I almost feel like I can hide behind her. She wastes no time working her way past students with her gym bag over her shoulder. Towards the other half, a shoe slips in front of me, tripping me only slightly as Sophie's hand holds me up keeping me from hitting the floor! That would've sucked. Eating floor tile with headgear on probably isn't the safest thing. Sophie shoots a glare to the perpetrator before pulling me along the rest of the way. Once at the coffee shop, after receiving my due looks from the customers and staff, Sophie marches us up to the counter to order our coffee. She pulls me to the side of her, leaning down to whisper, "My treat."

I try looking over the menu, but with all the noise, the people, the headgear, I just can't focus. I panic and try to tell her I'll have whatever she's getting, but my mouth feels off. I make the effort to force it out, resulting in a meek whisper.

"Whahever yer gehing."


She orders two of some kind of espresso. With the order made, she pulls me over to a small table and chairs near a window. She seats herself, inviting me to do the same. Finally, I do the same. The moment my butt hits the chair, I instantly remember the embarrassing ordeal in the Orthodontic chair, when the assistant had forced me to use the now warm diaper pressed against me. EMBARRASSING!

But I made it! I'm here! I'm having coffee with Sophie!

She hasn't taken her eyes off of me since I sat down. I instinctively fiddle with my overalls, wishing I knew why I had lost control of my bladder during the installation. Was it the cups of liquid they insisted I drink?

"So, what's your name?"

The question catches me off guard.

"What's your name?"

"Sthamsthun.." OH SHIT I HAVE A LISP

She smirks.

"mm... Sshhamsthun..."


I nod.

"Okay Samson, when did you get your braces?"

Straight to the point then.
"Ten Minusth ago..."

She strangles a laugh.
"You just got them?"

I meekly nod again.

"Man, what'd you do?"

I struggle to explain my perfect plan through lisps and drooling. I quickly discover an acquired tic where I involuntarily suck back saliva with a jolt through my entire body, my shoulders shooting up, and wincing to show my braces, all in one quick slurp as I unconsciously try to keep my drool from escaping my lips. Sophie finds it endearing, and as she realizes I intentionally got into trouble for her, her face quickly grows red. It stays red as our coffee arrives and she continues asking me various questions about how my braces feel, what else they did to me while I was in the chair, until it dawns on her.

"Wait, you haven't seen how you look yet?"

I shake my head.

She reaches her hand across to take mine. Her eyes are drilling into me. I feel like a rabbit being eyed by a starving, feral cat.
"Come on. I'll show you how they look."

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #11 on: 18. February 2023, 06:52:36 AM »
Great story, once again.

Can't wait for his reaction to his new looks. And to how Sophie will console him. Maybe she doesn't think he is nerdy enough yet?

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #12 on: 18. February 2023, 19:47:49 PM »
I agree this us a good story I can imagine we would all like to attend that university and of course we would all break the rules just a bit!

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #13 on: 20. February 2023, 19:14:21 PM »
Wow, nice work!

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Re: Story - I Only Date Nerds
« Reply #14 on: 18. June 2023, 14:08:47 PM »
Any new chapter?