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Yo soy Betty, la fea
aka Betty la fea
Colombia 1999

Original comment from former Mark Master's Braces Galleries:

--- Quote ---all episodes
The main character Ana María Orozco as Beatriz Aurora 'Betty' Pinzón Solano, a young woman, has full metal braces and glasses. Lots of close-ups.
--- End quote ---

English: I Am Betty, the Ugly
Deutsch frei übersetzt: Ich bin Betty, die Hässliche

[Ana María Orozco] as Beatriz Aurora 'Betty' Pinzón Solano  fixed braces

All Series based on 'Yo soy Betty la fea'

El amor no es como lo pintan (Mexico 2000) [Vanessa Acosta] no braces i think

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin (India 2003) [Mona Singh] fixed braces

Esti Ha'mechoeret (Israel 2003) [Riki Blich] no braces i think

Verliebt in Berlin (Germany 2005) [Alexandra Neidel] fixed braces

Ne rodis' krasivoy (Russia 2005) [Nelly Uvarova] fixed braces

La fea más bella (Mexico 2006) [Angelica Vale] fixed braces

Lotte (Netherlands 2006) [Nyncke Beekhuyzen] removable brace

Yo soy Bea (Spain 2006) [Ruth Núñez] fixed braces

Ugly Betty (USA 2006) [America Ferrera] fixed braces

Sensiz olmuyor (Turkey 2005) [Özlem Conker] fixed braces

Maria i ashimi (Greece 2007) [Glikia mou Asximi] fixed braces

Maybe Belgium and France version in planing


there are more pics of actresses from the series, but i have problems to set the links. use << >>



Here are the link to the Turkish Version. I can't Turkish, if 'Sensiz Olmuyor' the Title or Main Actress? There are some previews of her? Does she wearing braces?

About the greek vesion, i can't find infomaton, also.
"Μαρία η άσχημη"


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