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--- Quote ---Turkey's "Sensiz Olmuyor" (Won't Work Without You) told the story of Gönül and Arda. When the weekly series debuted on Show TV in January of 2005, Özlem Conker played Gönül (which means 'heart' in Turkish), the intelligent swan in ugly duckling clothing, and pop star Emre Altuğ appeared as her boss and love interest, Arda.
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--- Quote ---Greece is preparing its own version for the autumn of 2006, titled Maria, i Asximi (Μαρία, Η Άσχημη - Maria, The Ugly One). Maria exudes intelligence, humor, and kindness, but what she is missing is conventional beauty.
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Mundo de Feas (betty la fea) [4] (00:01:22) Headgear

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Provisorische Liste

o   01 Esti Ha'mechoeret אסתי המכוערת
o   02 Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin
o   03 Sensiz Olmuyor
o   04 Verliebt in Berlin
o   05 Ne Rodis' Krasivoy
o   06 La fea más bella
o   07 Lotte
o   08 Yo Soy Bea
o   09 Ugly Betty
o   10 Maria, i Asximi
o   11 Sara
o   12 Ne daj se, Nina
o   13 Ošklivka Katka
o   14 Tudo Por Amor
o   15 Chou Nu Wu Di - México 2008
o   16 Cô Gái Xấu Xí' - Vietnamese version
o   17 Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay - Philippines version
o   18 Brzydula - Poland's version


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