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My Journey to Removable Braces

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Thanks. I'm from Germany. Guess I can call myself lucky in my quest for removable braces being from a country where at least children are still somewhat regularly treated with them.

That sounds pretty cool

When I got my removables as a kid they made them in house so it was all really fast - probably all farmed out to labs now though.


--- Quote from: PlainJane on 12. February 2021, 11:53:29 AM ---When I got my removables as a kid they made them in house so it was all really fast - probably all farmed out to labs now though.

--- End quote ---

I'm interested in how long it'll take after I accept the treatment plan in two days until I get my braces. If it's made in-house I'd expect it to happen quite fast similar to your experience. But unfortunately I'm expecting it to be several more dreading weeks :S

I just realized that I haven't picked a color for my braces yet, even though I'll need to decide within the next days. Of course it'll depend on what's available. I'm thinking transparent dark blue, but that may be a bit boring?

Two days ago I had another appointment where the ortho presented me with an overview of my treatment. She acknowledged all of the small things I'd like to get corrected, but also mentioned some other things that she found. There are the known slight crowding, rotation and tilting, mainly in the front. But she also explained that my front teeth are close to an edge-to-edge bite, only having a slight overbite and overjet, less than the normal expected ones. Regarding my edge-to-edge wisdom teeth, the impressions unfortunately had an air bubble where my wisdom teeth are. They took new impressions, making sure that my wisdom teeth were included this time, to see if she might be able to partially correct them.

As treatment she plans removable plates with posterior bite planes for bruxism. Maybe, depending on the new impressions, she can use buttons on the wisdom teeth to correct them. Primarily, she wants to pull back my lower and upper front teeth to increase my too small overbite and overjet while also fixing the crowding, rotations and tilting. In the upper jaw I have enough space for all of those corrections, but the lower jaw will require IPR. For retention I'll get fixed retainers as well as hawley-style retainers, each for both jaws. All in all, the treatment will take roughly 1 - 1½ years.

I should get the detailed treatment plan today, which I'll sign and hand to them on Tuesday. At that appointment yet another set of impressions will be taken for the lab to construct the appliances from. The lab is part of their practice, so the braces will be done by Thursday already, where I'll finally get them!!!


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