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My Journey to Removable Braces

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I never knew they made them onsite. 2 days to make them is crazy quick! Although waiting 3 weeks for my retainers was too long for the anxiety levels so quicker is probably better! Had too much time to get worried about it. By the time I got to the practice I was so nervous!

Them having the lab on-site makes me glad I chose their practice instead of others. The removable braces production step itself is just 2 days. However, with all the appointments beforehand, I'm nervous since pretty much the beginning and didn't have a good night's sleep since close to 4 weeks now. So I already had plenty of time to get and be nervous and still have several days left.

@foobar That's exciting! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your appliance and progress

The detailed treatment plan mainly contains what was already discussed beforehand. The diagnosis sounds like my whole mouth is a construction site ;) Treatment plan is as expected, except that it doesn't mention anything regarding my wisdom teeth. Guess that'll be a question for tomorrow.

When I get my appliances on Thursday I'll absolutely post pictures of them!

Today I had my final non-braces appointment, where yet again, another set of impressions were taken. I asked her about fixing my wisdom teeth, which was left out in the detailed treatment plan. She said, that it might be fixable with buttons but is not related to the removable plates. She'll take another look at that when I receive my appliances in two days. I was also able to convince her to make the upper plate fill my whole palate instead of being horseshoe-like. So if everything goes according to plan, I may get beyond the treatment of my dreams (removable plates filling a lot of space), possibly having buttons and elastics as well (what else would you need buttons for)! :D


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