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I would like to encourage anyone who reads the stories in the general area to ask Marty to create a place for the new writers to post their stories. Not everyone has access to the club section yet, and writing stories is a good way to get enough posts to gain access.

I have sent Marty a message asking for this, and as has been pointed out, not everyone wants to read the stories. I personally don't check out the videos that are posted, but do appreciate all the people who do post them and the effort it takes to find them.

There have been so many people posting stories lately that I am going to make one post to cover them all.

Thank you to everyone that has added to their stories or started a new one. I know how much effort it takes to create the stories.

I have fallen behind in adding them to TheArchive and I am working to reduce the number of chapters I am behind. It is a very nice problem to have.

To everyone who reads the stories, a brief comment about something you enjoyed in one of the stories is always appreciated.

If anyone is thinking of writing a story, go ahead and do it. Everyone who is writing a story now started at the same place, at the beginning of their first story. Don't worry about being good enough, your first story probably won't be your best and you will get better as you write more.

Happy holidays, everyone.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has posted a story or a chapter to a story. I know how much effort and time it takes to write and I appreciate what you have done.

To those who have commented on the stories, thank you for your comments, they mean more than you know to the story writers. A simple kind comment goes a long way to helping create the stories we enjoy.

To everyone who has used TheArchive, thank you for using it, it makes what I do worthwhile. TheArchive wouldn't be what it is without the contributions of everyone who writes a story. It means a lot to me when I see someone mention having read something I have added to the collection or have used it to find a story they thought they had lost.

And a Merry Christmas to you all from me too! I'm currently taking a break with family...

A couple of years ago, I got a bit disheartened because I wrote stories, and no one ever commented. But then I realised that quite a lot of people DO read my stories (you may have spotted that more recently there's a number at the bottom of each post... that lets me capture number of views, and number if posts. The first seems to be quite big, the second quite small... and I'm ok with that!)

My stories are not braces stories, they are stories that, every so often, include braces, and many of you are ok with that, so the stories will continue. What you don't realise is that the number of crazy ideas I get for, for example,  the CJDL girls, is big, they get to do quite a few things you never read about. Like did you realise that at some point in the next couple of years of the CJDL timeline, Linda has a kid, who got adopted, and in 18 years time, she will meet with her, and perform with her. Like I said, probably won't get written....

So why do I post them HERE rather than in the stories section? Simply because it lets more people enjoy them. I too suggested to Marty why not set up a more public story topic, but he obviously decided not to. And he's not yet stopped me posing my stories.

So let me go back a few years. I can't write stories, I can do technical writeup and that sort of stuff, but not fiction. Then I had a simple idea for a braces story... boy meets girl at party, she wears retainers... I suddenly discovered that I could write simple stories, and enjoyed sharing my love of braces.

So, have a great holiday. If you are new here, then (a) do read some of the older stories in this topic, but more important, do contribute because (b) there's a whole load more braces stories to read over in the Club area. Then (c) dont be scared to write a simple story yourself. Base it on your own knowledge and experiences, and braces interests. Don't worry, your story WILL get read and enjoyed by many!

At some point I’d like to find time to continue and somehow finish my ‘Holly’ story…


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