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To be able to get unlocked stories boards, you must have at least 30 postings!

Everyone who tries to complete the 30 obligatory posts through nonsense, spam, or intentionally reposts will be banned!

Every new movie (no TV-serials or youtube clips) counts as much as 10 posts. These will only be given if I can validate your claim. It is not necessary to give proof yourself, but you may have to wait for the verification of your claim by someone else. Please use the search function and the Movie Index to find out, if the movie is already known. If you have found a new movie, please post it in the Movie section

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latest translation by simcaptain

Please?  Son many people scour the web constantly it is nearly impossible to discover new material.

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I always appreciate when people update their stories or start another one. I know that it takes quite a bit of time to write and that not everyone can find the time to do it.

We have quite a few talented writers here and I want to thank everyone who has contributed their effort in adding to the wide variety of good stories here. There are some writers who have been here a long time and have contributed many good stories. Thank you for that. I have seen just how much your writing has changed and improved.

For the new writers, you have made a good start and as you write more, you will see that your writing will change and improve. Thank you for taking the time to put your ideas into print for the rest of us to enjoy.

For everyone just wanting to read our stories, send a public note of appreciation to say what you think of the stories that are being posted. Even if you don't really care for the type of story being posted, it is still appreciated when we as writers get feedback on our story. I don't particularly care for stories about guys meeting other guys with braces, but I know that there are several members who do and they have every right to be able to read those stories. I encourage those members to write stories and post them here.

Not everyone has the ability to write and I can appreciate that. Everyone can send a nice comment and encourage others to keep writing.

One last comment. We are a group of people that have a variety of languages and we don't have enough stories in other languages. If there are any people that can and are willing to translate the stories, please try to do that.


Yeah, I totally agree. I'm posting a story that I wrote and English isn't my first language so I understand that it might be weird the way I write, but I'm only doing it because I want to share the story.

I'm not seeking praise, you can tell me if you don't like it but the feedback is important. My story has 3 parts and I'm posting the first but I'm not sure if you'd like me to keep posting, if you want the whole story (that now I guess it's bigger than I thought).

Again, feedback is important.


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