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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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What an awesome next chapter... Love it. And the treatment plan is such the way i want to get really much. This would be a dream come true

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Epic chapter! That's a dream treatment for sure... if only photos could accompany!

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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The next chapter will not be so much about braces, but it will be a great revelation for Sara, which will change her life, wait for it.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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What a cliffhanger... can't wait which life changing moment this could be

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 7.

 As soon as Eduardo got home, he went to make dinner, he made chicken soup, he didn't get complicated with dinner since he wanted to eat with the elastics.  Bad idea, quite uncomfortable, and although the spoon fit perfectly in his mouth, it was uncomfortable to take it out and put it in and from time to time the elastics would get entangled with the shredded chicken, a show that even though Eduardo liked it, he thought it would.  I would rarely.  He went to the bathroom to brush, and he thought about the possibility of cheating with the elastics, that is, using them a lesser amount of time so that his treatment lasts longer, he was thinking that for 15 minutes until he made the decision not to do it for two reasons  .  The first is that he didn't like to disappoint people, and although it was something that was only going to affect him, it still seemed like a bad idea to him.  And the second is for Sara, she is going to undergo a more complicated treatment and I cannot disappoint her by doing something like that, she is so committed to hers, and that would be unfair to her.  So she put them on and went to sleep.

 Sara for her part, has gotten along well with her Activator, as she uses it alone at home, she has no problem with it other than speech and not being able to eat with it.  Today she made an appointment with the gynecologist and since she had that incident at work, they gave her permission without any problem.

 S: Good morning, I have an appointment at 10.

 Receptionist: Your name?

 S: Sara Guzmán.

 E: Yes, of course, go ahead, the gynecologist is waiting for you.

 S thanks.

 S: Good morning.

 G: Good morning.  Please sit down and tell me about your problem.

 S: Yes, you see, how do I tell you.  Okay.  What happens is that lately I'm "getting wet", if you understand me?

 G: How old are you?

 S: 22.

 G: Well, you are old enough to get “wet”, and since when do you get wet?

 S: About 2 months ago more or less.

 G: So it's recent.

 S: Yes, I don't know what to do anymore, I even wear a diaper because the feminine pads don't give me enough.

 G: [surprised] Isn't it incontinence?

 S: No, I'm sure of that, it's not urine.

 G: I see, when was the first time that happened to you?

 S: The first time, I think it was while I was sleeping.

 G: Maybe the dream has something to do with it, please, what is the dream about?

 S: Well, I dreamed of my teeth filled with metal but I liked being like that, like, I dreamed of my new office since I am studying dentistry, but I also dreamed that I took them off but still, I used as a retainer with braces or  something like that and other devices and went out to the street with Eduardo.

 G: [Interrupts] Who is Eduardo ?.

 S: A very dear friend of mine, kind, handsome, especially with his braces, I love that mouth full of metal, in fact, he did me the favor of paying for my orthodontic treatment.

 G: Ah, is he paying for your treatment?

 S: Yes, so cute, and sensual.

 G: [with WTF face] Well, keep on telling me.

 S: What was I doing? Oh yes, well, I went to places that have never been with those devices on and I felt happy and full of pleasure as if wearing braces, beautiful and spectacular braces made me feel happy,  until my mother woke me up saying that I had gotten wet.

 G: Wow, and tell me, since when do you feel that attraction for Eduardo?

 S: It's been a long time, but I don't know, when they put their braces on it, it kind of made me stand out.

 G: And isn't it that you are actually attracted to her braces only?

 S: No, I already had feelings for him long before.

 G: Ok, but you tell me it's not the only time that happens to you, is it?

 S: Right, because every time I see braces it automatically generates pleasure, as if they tickled me there, but there came a point where I saw a whole family with braces, the father, the mother, the children, from adolescents to  7-year-olds with braces to correct their teeth since childhood, and at that time I had wet my pants like a little girl from being very nervous.  Although when I went to my first consultation I could bear, of course, to a certain extent, since I also got wet but little, tell me what problem I have and what medication I need so that it no longer happens to me?

 G: No Sara, your problem is not a hormonal affectation or something like that, what you have is a fetish with braces.

 S: What? No, it's crazy.

 G: Yes, it's true, every time you see braces it gives you great pleasure, isn't it?

 S: Yes, well no, well I have no idea, I just know that every time I see them it causes something in my body.

 G: You see, you confessed it yourself, but there is nothing wrong, it is normal to have fetishes, I have them, not with braces but I have them and everyone has them, but there is a great taboo with them.  What happens is that until now it is manifesting itself, when it should have manifested when you were a teenager, but with the passage of time those extreme things will no longer happen to you but you will continue to like them.

 S: But how did it happen?

 G: Come on, you are going to do a treatment, you are studying dentistry and I suppose that your specialization will be to be an orthodontist.

 S: Well, suppose, [crying] well, I don't know what to do, it has always been my dream to have perfect teeth, and to study, I can't believe this is all thanks to a fetish.

 G: Well maybe this you genuinely want but it excites you, it's just a fluke.

 S: Do you really believe it?

 D: I guess, I'm not a psychologist.

 S: [Calming down] Maybe he's right.

 D: I am going to prescribe you some medications to reduce your hormone production, it is not ideal for your age, but due to your problems I am going to prescribe them, one pill every 8 hours, after a week, one every 12, and  then another, one every 18 hours and then one every day for the last week.  This is so that this does not happen to you, what's more, I recommend that you take a pill now, I will give you a glass of water.  But that does not mean that your fetish will disappear, it will only control you, for the moment, and it is for you to get used to it, since it was very hard for your fetish to manifest itself, but the abuse of these medications can cause health problems.  , but the ideal is that you take the recommended dose.

 S: Well, to learn to live with this.  Thank you.

 G: Easy, go, calm down and if you have a problem, call me.

 When Sara left the office, she went to a store to buy a bottle of water and a client with braces arrived, a 30-year-old man, 1.70 black braces, brown hair, muscular, Sara in her mind called too much attention,  but her body did not manifest itself thanks to the pill, she was very happy because those extremes were never going to happen to her anymore.  But later she realized that the fetish was not going to go away with a pill.

 Sara sitting in a place thinking: What am I going to do? Should I tell Eduardo? No, if I do, maybe I will remove his support and that is what I least want, apart, he can treat me as strange, and I am  , but I don't want her to know, should I tell the doctor? No, if I do, maybe she won't treat me anymore and one way or another, I want to have my beautiful and perfect teeth, should I tell my mother  ? Maybe, you may understand me, but I have to think about how to tell you.  So for now, I'm not going to tell anyone, at least until I have a way to at least tell my mother.  And at last I can take off this diaper, it was about time, it is comfortable but it limits my closet a lot.

 As soon as Sara left the site, she went home telling her mother that it was a hormonal problem but with the pills, she will get better.  Days later she went to work and it was as if nothing had happened, her mind was thinking about braces but now her body was not doing it and that for Sara was more than enough.  Meanwhile Eduardo was like nothing, I just work and talk to Sara from time to time, a quiet week until they go out somewhere again.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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This story is going very well.  I'm enjoying it.  You originally mentioned that English was not your first language.  Your English is very good.  One thing I always enjoy about a story written by a person with English as a second language is how some of the uncommon or slightly incorrect ways such authors use the language help to emphasize the difference in the setting from a country where English is the main language.  You have so few of these but I do enjoy them.  For example I like how in many countries people would say, "I wear braces.", where as in Spanish and Portuguese countries one so often hears them saying, "I use braces."  Don't change anything.

I'm so glad you went ahead and wrote and posted the story, and in English.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 8.

 This time we would go to the metropolitan park to have a picnic, she came dressed in leggings, a red blouse and was wearing tennis shoes, simple but something good to enjoy this sunny day after 4 consecutive days of rain.  I picked her up at her house at noon and we left, we had a great day, first we ate a roast meat that I prepared and cooked there, delicious although I had to eat 4 times slower, and Sara was supportive with me and ate at the same speed  that I, in the middle of the meal and everything was cold, but even so, we enjoyed it a lot, after that, we were riding a bicycle, I had not ridden one in years but apparently she never forgets, although Sara had problems with hers  , since the pedals were very hard, so we changed, but I fell because I did not pedal well, he asked me if my teeth were good, I said yes, since it was only a very soft scrape on my knees, but I even  She opened her mouth to see if they were okay, it seemed weird but very cute, and I wanted to make her confess but it was not the time, then we played soccer with some strangers, she did not know she played so well, very funny, until the bipolar climate of Bogotá  He played against us and it started to rain, we looked for a  roof on which to cover ourselves but since the park is huge, we ended up wet, and we ended up playing in the rain.  After half an hour, the sun came out, we bought clothes and changed in the bathrooms of the Olympic pools, we went to the botanical garden, I am not a big fan of plants unlike Sara, but it was entertaining, getting out of there, I saw  Sara in front of a dental office, I asked her what was happening and she told me that nothing was wrong, she did not give me an excuse or anything like that, she only told me that nothing was wrong, I left the subject for dead but first she asked me by surprise.

 S: Do you think I would look good with braces?

 E: Sure, why do you ask?

 S: I am going to wear braces in my mouth for years, and I don't know if I will continue to be attractive to other men.

 E: (I was a little disappointed to think that there would be nothing between us) Yes, of course, you are very beautiful, I doubt that a man does not love you.

 S: Because I want to get married and have a life, but apparently I won't be able to until I'm 29, it's a long time, but if a man wants me with all that metal in my mouth, I'll know he's the one.

 E: Well, let's hope you find it.

 After that rather disappointing conversation, they continued their day and each one went home.  For Sara, her two weeks happened without any news, until she found a forum about fetishes with braces on the internet (it is the same where Eduardo is), and she realized that she was not the only one who attracted her, however, she realized  She says that most of the users were from the United States or Europe, very few Latinos, that for her was not very attractive but even so, she continued looking and talking to many users about their treatments and fantasies.  Until she saw the HGBracesLA account (Eduardo's account), and could not believe that someone on this same forum was from Bogotá, and she looked at her posts, until she found some photos of her teeth with braces.  She was shocked, since the photos were precisely those colors, and they were precisely from those dates, she thought it was a very accidental coincidence, but if Eduardo was a fetishist like her, it would be like a dream come true, so,  She decided to investigate further and was almost sure that it was him, but precisely that almost, prevented her from asking, she was happy and at the same time with doubts about Eduardo and the reason why he helped her, since it may be merely sexual when in reality we  We know he has feelings for her.

 Meanwhile Eduardo was excited, since a friend from the Netherlands who he met on a trip and who was also on the forum and had been talking to her for a long time was coming to Bogotá to do these adventures with uncomfortable devices that were easy to  watch.  He picked her up at the airport, she came dressed in black leggings and a simple white blouse (she likes to fly comfortably), she's 1.60, green eyes, spectacular blonde, 24 years old and very attractive, and with a beautiful smile wearing fakes.  She used braces in her teens, she had those treatments that we love, the complicated ones with many devices, and when living with them and going out in public with them, she was fascinated to go out and receive all that attention, but she was more interested in doing it in a  country where extras are considered very rare.  Her name is Megan and she would only stay 2 nights.

 E: Hi.

 M: Hi, ready to put ourselves to shame in the world?

 E: Of course, but let's go to my house first, must you be tired?

 M: Yes, exhausting trip, and I traveled in Business Class.  What beautiful braces, I already wanted to see them live and direct.

 E: Good, but let's go so you can show your gadgets.

 We left the airport and arrived at my house, and she immediately showed me a briefcase in her suitcase.

 M: It was difficult for me to get them out and into the country but here they are.

 A suitcase full of unimaginable braces, from classic retainers to braces from the thunderous 1930s that you could only drink with.

 M: Do you like them?

 E: No, I love them, you have to tell me who made them so they can make some for me.

 M: I bought some of them at garage sales, like this appliance from the 30s, what they did was connect you like steel ligatures to each tooth and you had to go to the orthodontist every day to change the path of the cable, no  I can use it as I still can't figure out how to make it work with a retainer but I brought it for you to see.

 E: Wow, I imagine the torture for the person who had to use it, it must have been spectacular in front of people.

 M: Yes, I love it.  This is my favorite, the interlandi, I love the amount of elastics you can use with it, I could never use one in my treatment, I had to confirm with the common headgear, until I could make a fake, I use it at least 2  or 3 times a week, and even to sleep, and even once an elastic burst, it was horrible but the laughter was not lacking.

 We were watching gadgets for hours, until Sara called.

 E: Wait a minute Megan.

 E: Hi Sara.

 S: Hi, how is your day going?

 E: Good, very good, and yours?

 S: Anyway, I just wanted to know how you are and if you are wearing your elastics.

 E: Yes ma'am, I use them to the letter.

 S: Good, I'm leaving you because my boss is not long in coming, bye.

 E: Bye.

 M: It seems that it was someone special, who is it?

 E: It is a friend that I am paying for an orthodontic treatment.

 M: Really? Then pay me one [laughs].

 E: I do it because I want something with her, apart from having a worrying problem with her teeth, listen to this, "Face Mask with steel ligatures for 5 years".

 M: Wow, I already want to see it.

 E: You will have to wait because they have not put them on yet, now they wear a Van Beek activator for 12 hours.

 M: I guess he wears it at night only.

 E: You guess right.

 M: Damn, do you have a picture?

 I show him the photo with the assistant in the office.

 M: No wonder you paid her, she's beautiful, and even more so with that pink activator and the other girl is the assistant or the doctor.

 E: It's the assistant.

 M: Well, such delicious braces, I would kiss them with pleasure.

 E: Me too, by the way, I'm going to show you the places we are going to go, very discreet but crowded, they won't know who we are there.

 I show you the places we are going to go and how we are going to go, we will go to a city called Zipaquirá, we will go to the salt cathedral, a very crowded and touristy place, we will pass through a shopping center and through the town park where  there are the local government offices.  But first, we will go to the airport to rent a car, to avoid that they associate my car with a false treatment.  We had dinner and she put on her fakes for dinner, I do not do it with fakes since they can discover you, but since it is only the two of us, she did it without problems, we had tamales for dinner, she loved them and also thinks that it is a great meal to eat with  braces due to their soft mass, they were very dirty and we brushed together and went to sleep excited about the great day that will be tomorrow.

 We woke up, had eggs for breakfast, got dressed and went to the airport to rent the car with the suitcase with the braces, we parked nearby and went to rent it, a simple car and we drove until we were 10 km away, and immediately we put on our devices, she  she put on a face mask with steel ligatures that she made (it seemed like when she heard Sara's case) and her braces with at least 16 elastics, and she was not going to take them off for the world.  Meanwhile I would use the interlandi on the upper jaw and a cervical headgear on the lower jaw with 16 equal elastics.

 We arrived in the city and the first thing we did was go to the salt cathedral, we don't know what more photos were taken of, the cathedral or ourselves, we tried to lisp as much as we could, there were even people who asked us what we had  past, others ignored but were left with their mouths open when they saw two people with all that metal in their mouths.  Then we went to the mall but on the way we talked.

 M: This is wonderful, in Europe they see you and then leave, but here they look at us as if we were famous or aliens, the highest paid plane ticket of my life, I already want to finish my torture device from the 30s to use it here  It would even be on the news.

 E: I told you, here it is very rare to see extra devices.

 M: And I saw quite a few people with braces, but they only had braces and elastics, it's very sad, but that makes our adventure more fun.

 E: Exactly, our goal is to attract attention and we achieved it by far.

 We arrived at the mall and went into stores, the sellers were stunned, they did not know whether to ask or wait for us to come to the cashier to pay, we bought in all the stores and there was even a saleswoman who wore braces, Latina, 20 years old, black braces  , with 8 strong elastics, 1.65, thin, who wears a headgear for 10 hours and who wears it at night, said that if the orthodontist put the braces we used, he would not return, and Megan told him to use the headgear even if  very little time in the day, I was stopping her because she was going to give us away, and the saleswoman said she could try it, so Megan gave her her number and made some recommendations.  And we went to eat, we ordered the worst that someone with braces could ask for, an extra large hamburger, and we ate it in bites, it was crazy, it did not fit, and the little that went in was because the headgear could not bite, Megan loved it.  It was better but not much, he had to cut it in half to get it into his sexy mouth, an hour and a half, and I think there were even people recording and telling us that we are stupid for eating a hamburger with so much apparatus but that's the idea.  After 45 minutes cleaning our teeth in the men's bathroom because we both needed help and they wouldn't let me in the women's bathroom, and it was the first time that I really felt pain in my teeth, throughout the treatment the braces were like something that felt pressure  And now, I enjoyed it a lot, then we went to the movies and we were smiling in the most exaggerated way possible, our shirts got wet from so much saliva that we took out, thank goodness we came, with spare parts, we asked for popcorn, it was easy to eat it but now, another 45  minutes cleaning our teeth, it was 4 o'clock, so we decided to go to the town square taking pictures and we kissed, it was weird but spectacular and a dream come true (half because I wanted it but that we both used real braces) and  is that Megan is Bisexual but she is a little more attracted to women than men, but she still loves to see guys with braces, and we ate arepa with a chorizo, it was the only food that could fit in our mouths at all  After the day, although it was just as uncomfortable to eat, we finished, we brushed our teeth, this time it lasted 10 minutes, perhaps because there was little food or because of practice, who knows? We left, we took off the appliances, we returned the car  And we got to my house at night and had a tray of paisa dinner, although we ordered a lot of food, we actually ate less than half, so we were starving.  We finished dinner, and we went to sleep very happy for this unforgettable experience.

 We got up, and went to visit Sara at work, Megan went without braces if they had any doubts.

 E: Hi Sara.

 S: Hello Eduardo, how are you? [Asking with jealousy] And who is she?

 E: She is Megan, she is a great friend from the Netherlands, she came to see the city and come by to greet me, she arrived on Wednesday but is leaving today in the afternoon.

 M: Nice to meet you.

 S: Same.  That smile is so pretty.

 M: Thank you, that smile cost me a lot but Eduardo told me that

 I: [Interrupts] And do you have classes today?

 S: Yes, but tomorrow I break from the university.

 M: And what are you studying?

 S: Dentistry but I want to be an orthodontist.

 M: Wow, when you graduate could you put me

 E: [Interrupts] Yes, but he is a long way from finishing the race, he just started.

 M: Ah, bad, but good, I wish you luck in your life and in your treatment.

 S: [grabs Eduardo] You told him I'm in treatment.

 E: Well, is that

 M: [interrupts] Don't worry, if it's a secret, it's safe with me, but you still look very beautiful, and if you were my partner I would go out with you without hesitation.

 S: Ehhh.

 E: Megan is quite reckless and apart from that she is bisexual.

 S: Ahhh, well, good luck on your trip and sorry for not accompanying you.

 M: Don't worry, I know the job is demanding, but when you go to Amsterdam, you are welcome in my home.

 S: Well thank you very much bye.

 M and E: Bye.

 Sara thinking: What a beautiful girl, will they have anything? What did they do yesterday? How was their treatment? Was it worse than mine? Would you pass me some photos? What nonsense I think.  Although I found her way of talking to me quite strange, it must be that she is a fetishist and therefore Eduardo, because she is from the Netherlands, and those from there use extra devices more frequently than in the rest of the world, well, now it is not  time to think about that.

 Megan and Eduardo in the parking lot.

 M: She is more beautiful in person, you are my hero.

 E: Don't overdo it.

 M: No, really, convincing someone to undergo that treatment is heroic.

 E: Well, I suspect that she is a fetishist, but I'm not sure.

 M: Why didn't you tell me before?

 E: Because if you would not open your mouth and regret your recklessness.

 M: Well, braces excite me.

 E: But you abuse.

 M: Well, invite me to eat, I have not eaten without braces for years.

 We went to a seafood restaurant, I did not complicate and ordered shrimp, Megan ordered fried fish with a coconut coating, she loved it, although she wanted to eat with braces but she couldn't believe that she missed eating without them, but that for her was like a  infidelity.  We drove around the city for a while and arrived at the airport to say goodbye.

 M: Well, the time has come, I'm going to miss you with those spectacular braces.

 E: I'm going to miss you too, with everything and you recklessness.

 M: [Laughs] Come to Amsterdam, I want to do the same but there with you and with your headgear on or else it doesn't count.

 I: Rest assured, and if Sara is what we want her to be, she will go with us.

 M: Don't hesitate, for me it is, and hurry up or I'll take it from you [laughs].

 E: Hey, it's mine, find yours [laughs].  By the way, will we upload the photos to the forum?

 M: Let's do this, what if we do it in a year, it will be like a memory that we want to share, now it would be very fresh.

 E: Well, it seems perfect to me.

 They hug and say goodbye.

 Well, it was very beautiful and a dream come true, but I want to do it with Sara, that would really be a dream come true to see him like this with me and enjoy it together.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 9.

 It's been two weeks since Megan left for her country, and things haven't changed much, each one at work, talking, going out at night very occasionally, could it be said that Sara and I are in a relationship?  ?, I don't know, but I think it's time to think about it seriously, today we have a consultation, so I picked up Sara at her house, she was wearing a flower dress, and tennis, curious but attractive, and of course with her Activator, when  We saw each other, he waved to me and gave me a note "If I want to talk, I'll write you on the phone", I thought it was good.  The road was quiet, although we listened to music, it was funny to see Sara trying to sing with the device, I still loved the idea.  We arrived and saw the assistant, this time the assistant wore silver power chains, she looks better with that color than with others, she asked us to sit down and wait.  10 minutes later the patient left the consultation.  She was a 60-year-old lady, although she looked 50, she wore metallic braces with pink garters and green elastic bands, very daring for a lady, honestly, I have always loved seeing older ladies with braces, it makes them look more vain and at the same time  It makes them look full of life, I love it.

 D: Hello, welcome.

 E: Hello, thank you very much.

 S: Hooooollllaaaaa.

 D: It is not necessary for you to speak Sara, if it is difficult for you to speak, do not try if you do not want to.

 S: Aaaajjjjaaaa.

 D: And speaking of Sara, why don't you go first.

 They pass by and Sara sits down, the Dr. checks her teeth and the appliance.

 D: I see that you are using the activator, congratulations, it seems that you are very committed to your treatment, but you have to keep using it, as this is only the beginning.

 S: Sure, I will do whatever it takes to complete my treatment no matter what devices I have to use.

 D: This is how they speak.

 After doing Sara's checkup, they give her a trowel and put the device back on, now it was Eduardo's turn.  He sits expecting praise for wearing his elastics to the letter and proud of himself for not cheating.  But the Dra. Looks at something very strange, Eduardo's teeth are still not moving a single millimeter, they were as if he had just put the braces on him, and she asks.

 D: Eduardo, have you put on your elastics?

 E: Yes, literally, why?  Is there a problem?

 D: Because it seems you haven't used them.

 E: I do not understand, I have used them and I have not failed a single day.

 D: [almost scolding tone] Well, never mind, I'll change the bow and give you the elastics.

 E: Ok.

 After the almost scolding, the Dra. Proceeds to change the bow, and this time tightens it to everything she can, it is more a little more and it bursts in Eduardo's mouth, and proceeds to put the garters on him, this time they will be colored  Dark green, after the brown color that Sara chose in the previous consultation, it no longer seemed such a good idea for her to choose, although she could not speak, so she could not choose, and if she tried, she was not going to let her.  And the Dr. proceeds to give her the elastics, this time they will be super strong, so that they really move.

 D: Well, I'm going to give you some stronger elastics, but I think you shouldn't have any problem, I'm going to put them on.

 She puts them on.

 D: How do you feel about them?

 E: Well, I find it hard to open my mouth but other than that, I feel good.

 D: Doesn't it hurt?

 E: No.

 D: You bear pain very well.  Please Eduardo, if you want to finish your treatment, put on the elastics.

 E: Dra. I have put them on, really, believe me.

 D: We'll see that. Well, we'll see you next month.

 Eduardo and Sara say goodbye to Dr. And arrive at the reception.

 Dr. Thinking: What is happening in Eduardo's teeth? I scolded her but I think it is not her fault, maybe there is a more serious problem with her teeth, or maybe she is just undisciplined with her elastics, but even if she is IDFiplined.  still her teeth would have moved even a little bit, I have to investigate further or it may be a problem.

 A: Let's see what color it is.

 E: (shows her teeth).

 A: That green looks a lot better on you than coffee.

 S: Sara texting Eduardo.

 E: She says: “hey, it was my mistake but it looked good”.

 A: Photo.

 They took the photo of rigor, and in the meantime, the girl I saw for the first time with the headgear arrived, she arrived with him as the Dr. requested, although Sara did not take her eyes off her, perhaps it was the first time that  I saw a headgear and at the same time the girl saw Sara and showed a face that said, I hope I never wear that thing.

 Sara thinking: How lucky you are a girl, I would have loved to use it as a child and have photos of my headgear, but the good thing is that I'm going to use it, the bad thing, it will be in 5 years, so I will have to wait, what a shame.  We said goodbye and went to eat, since Sara said she was starving, since she has not taken it off since last night and it was almost noon, she sent me by message, as soon as we got to a cafeteria, she went to  bathroom to take off the appliance and reached the table.

 S: Have you really been so undisciplined with elastics?

 E: Of course not, you can be with me day and night and you will see me wearing them.

 S: Ok, calm down, I was just asking, (Could it be that he is cheating? If I were him, I would do it too, but, I see him and I feel that he tells the truth, but I'm thinking, I'm not sure if he is a fetishist or  no and now I'm assuring it, should I ask him? No, or what if I do it very discreetly).  Hey Eduardo, what do you think about braces?

 I: [nervous], why do you ask? What do you mean?

 S: You know, what do you think about how they look, on you, on others, if you like them.

 E: [sounds doubtful] Ok, I think they are fine, and in others they look good, and they seem good to me, I mean, they are braces, it is not like to speak wonders.  (This is very strange, thank goodness I already had a more or less rehearsed answer or if I don't end up giving myself away, is he suspicious? Because on the one hand it is good, since if he is also a fetishist, it would be a dream come true but if not,  then, I will have a serious problem).

 S: (Heck it didn't work, I see him nervous but his answers don't commit him to anything, I'm 99% sure that it is, but I can't be 100% sure, and if I keep asking him, I can generate a conflict, the best  is not to touch the subject anymore).  Ah good.

 The conversation was diverted almost automatically, we had breakfast eggs and a tamale with chocolate and coffee, delicious, and without complications, we brushed our teeth and I told Sara if she wanted to go to the center, but she said never with the device, so we better went  to my house and we spent the whole day there, we watched movies, we played video games, and before doing something to eat, I had to go buy some things, so I left Sara alone in my house, I hope she does not discover my full closet  of my guilty pleasures, but even if I find it, that is locked and only I have it.

 Sara at home: Ok, she left me alone, what if I check and find a fake? No, what if she arrives and discovers me, but the closest place where they sell meat is the supermarket and it is 20 minutes away so yes  I search fast, maybe I will find something.

 Sara started looking room by room, and she only found normal things, furniture, clothes, books but nothing to do with a fetish or something like that, until she entered her room that was always open for the laziness of looking for the key, and she  He enters and searches everywhere but finds nothing, and even enters his closet room and tries to search and finds nothing and was about to give up until he sees a door behind Eduardo's clothes the same color as the wall.  Meanwhile Eduardo had to drive for 15 minutes to find the butcher where they sell the meat he wanted and buy other things to make it with his special recipe and alcoholic beverages, it took a little longer but it was not a problem, he trusted Sara  .  Meanwhile Sara was trying to open the door, and when she saw that she couldn't find the keys, she grabs a small lever from her bag and tries to open it and says in her mind "How good I did that locksmith course at 16 years old",  and she opens it as if nothing had happened, as if she had not forced it and turned on the light in the closet and was shocked to see what is there, she sees only fake braces, such as headgear, retainers, bags with elastic bands, bite plates, cradles  tongue, activators, face mask, interlandi headgear, expanders, herbst, fakes with band braces, but also see Eduardo's other fetishes, neck brace, a huge pack of casts, crutches, canes, somi brace, halo brace,  different types of backbraces, walkers, kafo's and even two wheelchairs, in short a variety of devices, and he sees a PC, decides to turn it on and asks for a password until he hears the garage door of the building open, it was Eduardo entering and immediately turned it off  and try to lock and  sits on the couch.  She was stunned and shocked, this not only confirmed that she was a fetishist, but also had other fetishes, on the one hand, she saw Eduardo as a real patient for having so many devices, but after a few seconds it even seemed a bit sexy to think  What he did with all those devices but the ones that caught his attention the most were, What did he have on that PC? Maybe porn in industrial quantities or even stronger things.  For those who wonder, on that PC there is porn in industrial quantities as Sara thought, of course of her fetishes, and in the best possible quality, some are even videos of consultations from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's recorded and  with his corresponding file, and Eduardo is proud to be the person to have the most pornographic content that a person can have about fetishes, he even has videos of bracedlife requested by him and only for him in which, in some videos, he even appears  , Not even bracedlife has those videos because they deleted them at his request and that he would only publish them when he wanted if he wanted to, although if he enters once a week, it is a lot, since he searches for them only when he wants).

 Sara thinking: What if he wants me to record something with my devices? Because if he asks me, I would reject it outright, or who knows, maybe and I think about it, Sara, concentrate, stop being so perverted, although,  I wonder how I would see myself with so many devices trying to do something simple, SARA, that's not what matters but what.

 E: Hello, I came here, wait for me, I already make dinner, no, don't talk, you just take it off to eat.

 Sara thinking: No, I don't think so, it looks very normal, besides, he has never asked me, he hasn't even hinted at it, now I don't know what to do, now I know I know, but I don't know how to tell him, maybe I need to  an advice.  But I wonder, is it that orthotics also excite me? Or does it excite me that they excite him? Well, there is only one way to try it, and I'm thinking of an idea, but I don't know if I want to buy a neck brace  and try it at home, but if I like it, why not try it in public, it could be a test before they put my face mask on me, apart from that a neck brace is more common than a face mask, and although I don't like it, I think  A good idea, since at least something would come prepared before the attention that a face mask gives and I prefer to try with a neck brace rather than with the activator, since I can't talk with it and I'm not ready for too much attention, and just  I use it during the day out of obligation and on the day of consultation, so it would be a good start in the future with everyone's eyes.  Well, I have to think about it, there is no rush, and if I like it, perfect, and if not, I'll quit.  But Eduardo, oh Eduardo, I don't know what to do with you, I like the idea of ​​having a fetish boyfriend but I think you're too much for me.  I have to know how I tell you.

 E: The food is ready.

 Yes [takes off the device], it's about time, I'm very hungry.

 They prepare to eat Eduardo's special stew, It has cheese, potatoes, other types of meats, legumes and chili, Sara loved it, but I could hardly eat it, the meat felt a bit tough and the cheese only made it difficult to chew  , but it was not impossible.  After brushing our teeth almost like husband and wife, we were watching more movies that night, I took her home but before we ate some delicious empanadas that I could eat without problems and we got to her house, and we said goodbye but without first telling me that she had food  in the teeth, is what happens when you eat in a place that does not have a bathroom and we say goodbye.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 10.

 After Sara left Eduardo's house, she went home to think about how to act after knowing what is in Eduardo's house, after more than 3 hours thinking, she made several decisions.  The first is that he is not going to tell anyone, for the moment because he did not think of anything, come on, there is no simple way to say, “hey, I have a fetish with braces and I know you do too because I checked your  room ”, I could also say that she has it without saying about the room but it was not a guarantee for Eduardo to accept it, but above all it was out of fear of how uncomfortable the situation would be, not only with Eduardo, but also with his mother.

 Meanwhile Eduardo, after he got home, went to his room for a while and gave him to enter the closet, he enters and is willing to have a little fun until he sees something strange, black hair, this seemed very strange to him,  since it was a long hair, so it wasn't hers, but she thought she brought it with her shoes so she thought it was a minor issue and she didn't think it was Sara's.

 Several days passed and Sara thought it was a good idea to go out with a neck brace, for a while, she would do it after work and she would skip classes just to try.  He had already bought it online several days ago and tried to try it at home but his mother almost discovered it, so as soon as he left work, he went to a shopping center, came to the bathrooms and put it on and went for a walk,  It seemed curious to him, although he did not feel nearly the same as when he had the activator, he found it comfortable and he also liked how it feels.  Regarding attention, if she received it but not much, people looked and ignored, thought it would attract attention, until she thought about putting on the activator, just for a while, so she went to the bathroom, took it out of the bag and  He put it, people thought he was a totally different person with him, he attracted attention in an impressive way, people saw her and kept seeing her unlike when she wore the neck brace, they murmured and someone even took pictures of her, when she happened  account, she preferred to go back to the bathroom and take it off, it seemed too much for her (for the moment), so she came back and visited a store, went back to the bathroom, took it off and went home, an interesting day at least, she liked it  , and he wondered if he also had that fetish, but came to the conclusion that if Eduardo asked him, he would enjoy it but that it is nothing else a taste and not a fetish in itself, so he decided to keep the neck brace and hide it in  House.  As for the activator, he could not believe the attention he received, and more attention he would receive with the face mask and that it would be 24/7, he would have to bathe with it, eat with it, go out with it, study, work etc.  She does not know if she was ready for so much attention, so she decided to do this more often but in places much further away from her circle, this to get used to so much attention she would receive, but she could not do it at work or at school,  only in free time, which would have to reduce the outings with Eduardo at least once every 2 weeks, she was not too attracted to the idea, but it was better to be a little used to the attention of 5 years, and not to be caught by surprise  .

 Not much happened in those days, normal, I study and work, but Sara and Eduardo had wondered something, each one on their own, What are they? Are they dating, Are they dating? Are they friends, or are they very friends,  It was a doubt that they were awakened, on Sara's side, she thought that it was best for her to take the first step, because if he did it, it was as if he charged her, on the other hand if she did it, it would be more  genuine, but it would also be as if she paid something to him, but it would be easier on his side, since she is the one who takes the first step, it would not be 100% like that, and it would not be for that, she wants to  Eduardo in a genuine way.

 While on Eduardo's side, he was breaking his head to tell her how he feels about Sara without making it sound like he was charging him, he tried all day thinking, and couldn't find a way, he thought of a romantic date but it would be  Too obvious, with a letter it would be very strange and it would also be worse and not to mention that it was by a call or by a text message, I had to find a way but not telling him was not an option, but he thought about it and believes that the best way  It is waiting for them to put the face mask on, why wait so long? Because if he tells you what he feels, with the face mask on, it would be much more genuine or Sara would discover that he is attracted to braces and sees it as a  Weirdo, but better to think that he is charging (not very logical but at least there was already an idea).

 Sara didn't have classes today, so they decided to go to the movies, she picked her up at work, and she found Sara very neat, I would say too much, she wore a blue dress that looked like a party, along with heels of the same color, her hair ironed  And she was well made up, Eduardo did not understand why she was so arranged if it was just going to the movies, of course she tells him that she is very beautiful, while Sara was already clear about what she was going to do, as they say here, she goes to what  well, Eduardo is going to declare and but still she is a little nervous since it may be that she does not like him.  They leave and arrive at the cinema and he chooses (he always chooses Sara) the most romantic film he could find, Eduardo already thought it strange, since Sara has told him that he does not like romantic films very much since they are exaggerated and much rarer  That she chose such a romantic movie, but she accepted it, they went to the candy store and Sara only asks for a soda, when she normally asks for a combo for two people that she consumes alone and another one for him, this was already very rare, she chose a movie that  She would never see Sara and she only asks for a soda, and Eduardo asks her if something is wrong, to which, she says no, but Sara is so nervous that she doesn't feel like eating.  So they go to the cinema and start talking until the movie starts, Eduardo sees it as if nothing else, they are not his favorites, but he does not hate them either, on the contrary, Sara seemed bipolar, she was crying in seconds like nothing,  but in the scenes where he cries there is hardly any approach towards him, so he comes up with an idea.

 S: Oh, oh, something got in my eye.

 E: Where?

 Cinema: Ssshhhh.

 S: In the left eye, in the left.

 E: Don't worry, he'll take it away from you.

 S: Carefully, carefully.

 Suddenly, there was a great silence between the 2, although it was dark, they looked as if they were daytime, and as if this was not a coincidence or a written story, when approaching and seeing each other, while the protagonists kiss  At the same time, our protagonists kiss, it was a very passionate kiss, from Eduardo's side, this kiss was something I had never felt before, even kisses with the devices had not been as beautiful as this one.  And on Sara's side, that kiss was the best they had ever given her in her life, but after the first few seconds, she was rolling her tongue around Eduardo's devices, and when she realized it, she decided to stop and continue kissing to reduce  suspicions, and Eduardo at that moment was feeling him stand up while Sara ran her tongue over her braces and elastics, then they stopped suddenly and settled back as if nothing had happened.  They were still for all that was left of the movie, when they finished they left but were quiet, as if they had no words to tell each other what they feel after the kiss, until Sara released the first word.

 S: [Doubtful] Hey, do you like me?

 E: Yes, I'm not going to lie to you, I like you from the first time I saw you, in that box in the supermarket, and in my mind I said, "What a beautiful girl, am I talking to you or not talking to you?  I doubt that such a pretty girl is single ”, and you?

 S: Almost the same, the first time I saw you, I said to myself "What a handsome boy, but unless it's someone who works here or is passing through, he would never notice a cashier", but over time you went every  Once to buy and I became your cashier par excellence, but still, I thought that you would not notice me, until one day, I took courage and I spoke to you, and it was the best decision I could have made, because apparently, I like you  And not only that, but it is mutual.

 E: Exactly, so? Are we dating?

 S: Yes, but I didn't think this was that simple, [smiling], do your best.

 E: Ok Sara, I know that I am not the man you deserve, nor that I am the best person in the world, but you would praise me if you wanted to be my girlfriend.

 S: Very ornate, but yes, I do want to be your girlfriend.

 At that moment they kiss passionately again for 4 minutes (these if they wanted to).  Until they decide to go home, but first, Eduardo sees a very beautiful gold and diamond bracelet, so he decides to go in and Sara enters a little later since she had not realized that Eduardo had entered the jewelry store.

 E: Sara, try this bracelet on.

 S: [doubtful] ok.

 E: Wow, it looks beautiful.

 S: Yes, it is very beautiful.

 Saleswoman: That's right, it looks very good, its cost is 4 million pesos (1000 dollars).

 S: How much?

 E: (gives her card to the saleswoman).  Cash please.

 S: No, wait.  Eduardo, I cannot accept this, it is a lot of money, it is what I earn in 3 months, it is too much.

 I: 4 months really, but accept it, as a boyfriends gift, I want you to have something special, and this is nothing compared to everything you deserve.

 S: But it's a lot.

 E: And? For me that is nothing, buying this is like buying gum, please? Or are we going to fight after 12 minutes of dating?

 S: Okay, but I'm too attracted to the idea

 After paying, Sara put on the bracelet and they went to the car and during the car they talked.

 S: Eduardo, that now we are dating does not mean that I will always accept your expensive gifts, much less that you are going to give me things like my treatment, that I will pay, or if I don't finish you, that simple.

 E: Sara, let me help you.

 S: No, you have money but you cannot be spending millions on me, because if not, then they will say that I am for convenience with you.

 E: And what does the opinion of the people matter?

 S: Never mind, I've never been used to a life beyond the basics, and yet I still want to be an independent woman, earn a living without help from you or anyone else.

 E: Ok general.

 S: I'm not saying it the wrong way, but I'm with you because I love you, not for any other reason.

 E: But you can enjoy it.

 S: Let me assimilate that I have a boyfriend, and not only that, but that you are going to have a girlfriend with a huge face mask on her face and that you will not see her again with her clean face for 5 years, and that you will also have to kiss her  With two steel cables going in and out of his mouth, are you willing to have a girlfriend with a metal mouth and face?

 E: For me it is fine, apart from that you do it to be better, and I will never prevent you from being well, so you can't even speak.

 They arrived at Sara's house without first kissing each other and said goodbye.  Eduardo of course was very happy, and on Sara's side, he was in the clouds, so much so that he crashed into the door, opened it and saw his mother.

 S: Hi.

 M: Hello daughter, how about the cinema?

 S: Eduardo and I are dating.

 M: What?

 S: Yes, everything happened so fast, we were at the movies, we kissed and I told him.

 M: Good, it was about time.

 S: How was it time?

 M: Sure, it was obvious that you two liked each other and I'm glad, Eduardo is a great man, with a great future, not the skates you used to have for boyfriends.

 S: Well, they weren't so either, not if they're crap, so we are kidding ourselves.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'll try to scream like a girl after putting on the brace because it's about time.


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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 11.

 After this exciting day, each one continued with their daily activities during the week, with the difference that now they were talking three times as much and of course, much more caramelized, but now, Eduardo would take Sara to college every day to  spend more time with her, and even go out at noon to buy anything just to see her.  New date, but this time as official boyfriends and as they wanted something special they decided to go to a city where there are swimming pools called Girardot (Bogotá is a cold city while Girardot is a hot city and close to Bogotá), they left on Friday night (  Sara missed classes) and on Saturday they were ready to enjoy the whole weekend (Monday was a holiday and they gave it to her too but they would use it to return).  But tonight would be a special experience for Eduardo, he would finally see Sara with the activator on for more than an hour and followed, he had to put it on the road.  When he got to the hotel he had to speak, and we don't know what the receptionist was doing, if he was checking us in or seeing Sara, who by the way, the receptionist wore ceramic braces, with blue power chains and green elastics, I don't understand why they wear braces  ceramics if you are going to see them in any way with the garters and apart from the fact that they always end up turning yellow over time, I was a brunette with black hair and had a face of "I would not use that crazy", and just to annoy the receptionist I gave him  A kiss to Sara and the receptionist was shocked to see that an activator kiss worked so well, I had never kissed her with the activator before, and it felt fantastic, I wonder what Sara felt with that kiss?

 S: Wow, I loved feeling Eduardo's braces with the activator, I felt them on my lips and felt his tongue, it was as if he tried to absorb my mouth and put the activator from my mouth, I loved it, and the receptionist with  her face of madness, but, should I tell her not to kiss me so she does not suspect? Nor crazy, I want more of these kisses, it will be uncomfortable but I do not care.

 She checked us in and we went to sleep.  Did I tell you that Sara painted her hair blonde? Well, it looks spectacular, I don't know why she did it but it looks very good, and I used to say that blondes were overrated, until I became an adult and regretted thinking  that.

 We woke up and I went to the bathroom to take off my elastics, Sara saw me change them in a very "horny" way, it hurts that taking off the activator wasn't so fun, but I still liked it a lot, we brushed and went to breakfast and then  I put them on again, breakfast, eggs, coffee, oh, and I asked for pancakes, and the honey would stick to my braces, and that was little, one day I make at home and put them  liters of honey to feel that sensation, after that, we went to the Magdalena River and got on a boat to travel it, we took many photos, especially kissing, I think we are addicted to our kisses, after that we went to eat river fish,  delicious and the thorns helped my braces to be clean, since I forgot the cleaning kit in the car, we played soccer with some children and some people who came with us for a good time, until it was 4 in the afternoon  and it was time to go back, we took more photos but now of  other side and you suppose well, kissing us, the children were disgusted but when they were grown up they would enjoy it.

 We got to the hotel and went to play billiards, Sara is terrific, out of 10 games, she beat me 9 and I think the one I won I let myself win, and there we felt we should do something and she wanted me to take the initiative but I decided not to do it.  , because it would be very disrespectful to do it so soon, they will tell me grandfather but I prefer to wait for a lawsuit for harassment, although I know that Sara would never do that to me.  So we watched TV and went to sleep.

 S: Why didn't he penetrate me? He's too respectful, but I want respect, I want you to penetrate me to the inside, but hey, I'm not going to do it, he'll think I'm an urgency.

 We wake up and have a heated breakfast (this is what remains of a paisa tray from the previous day, the tray consists of powdered meat, egg, rice, avocado, chorizo, pork rinds, banana, arepa and beans, the heated one is the same, just  that everything is scrambled and does not have meat, avocado, chorizo ​​or pork rinds).  Nor am I going to tell you much more, it is a rice, problems I doubt I have.

 And we were in the hotel pool all day, Sara looked very good in a bikini, some even looked at her very carefully, I already want her to come out with a face mask or the activator, I would do it and I will, that's a  In fact, that white skin in Bogotá was tanning for a while.And guess who put the bronzer on it? This boy, there were children and adults in it and the lifeguard wore metal braces with black garters, he was quite tall, 1.90 and he was black skin  , thin but not a stick, after that, we played water polo and relaxed in the hotel jacuzzi talking, then kissing, then talking again for 20 seconds and kissing again while we finished the hotel bar, we arrived drunk to  the room and I had to take off her swimsuit and bathe her, I was also drunk but I was sane, we had to get in together because she in that state was not going to do well, and I put her pajamas, by pajamas I mean a  Very sexy babydoll, this confided to me  I was asking if he wanted to do it with me but I didn't, because I was drunk, and if being sane I didn't do it, less drunk, and the best part came, putting him on activator so he could sleep, I had a lot of fun in every sense of the word,  In the course of putting her pajamas on, she said to me:

 S: Show those braces, oh yes, they are beautiful, oh, you don't know how good it would be if you gave me oral sex in my vagina with them and they get stuck in it, I already want mine to feel that metal in my mouth, tasty and  smile at the world because I'm happy.

 I did not pay attention to her but I thought she was confessing to me that she is a fetishist but I did not pay attention to her since she was drunk and one can do things that one can regret, at that moment I put the straps on her, and even cooperated, I treated her  of putting the activator in his mouth and saying, "It's wrong" and changing position and making sure it was properly, but I think it was a pretext to fuck me while I was drunk thinking that I would dislike putting it on when it is the opposite,  It was the best part of the trip, and we fell asleep.

 We woke up and saw the effect of the alcohol from the night before, especially Sara who was bad, although the complaints are more about the activator that would not let her speak.

 Sara thinking: Oh, what a headache.

 E: Good morning.

 She was going to answer me but she felt the activator in her mouth and she took it off immediately.

 S: You put it on me?

 E: Yes, just because you were drunk doesn't mean you can't use the device.

 S: [Surprised] Well, thank you.

 E: We are going to have breakfast that we have to go out on the road.

 S: Nooooooooo, let's stay one day, not better a week, not better a year, this is horrible.

 E: Go to the bathroom, I'll wait for you.

 Sara got ready and we went out to breakfast, she asked for cereal because she wanted something light since she was still a little dizzy, I asked for eggs, it's really what I eat most at breakfast.  We packed up and went by road, and Sara came up with the idea of ​​putting on the activator to increase hours and that's how it was, until we got to a police checkpoint, she stopped us and asked us for the documents, Sara tried to hide but it was already  late and the policeman was blind or I can't explain why he asked Sara to remove the activator to recognize her with the photo of the identification, he told her on a piece of paper that he could not take it off, although he really could, perhaps not to lose  advance said that, until his partner if he could recognize her and we left, it did not seem so strange to find two adults in a Porsche of 20-something years, one with braces and a girl with an activator, maybe they already saw one before  .

 Sara thinking during the detention: I am not going to take it off, I love my device and identify me like that, that they will have to do it anyway in the future.

 Is it me or someone is taking photos of me? Well, you know that I will enjoy it, after all it is just sharing my beauty.

 We arrived in Bogotá and we found traffic jammed at the entrance, we spent 2 hours leaving the traffic in the area, and of course there were people who saw Sara from their cars surprised but hey, I think she got used to it, I even think  I would wear it at work if I didn't have to talk.

 We arrived at her house and said goodbye with a kiss, she wanted to remove the activator but preferred to do so with the position.

 And we continued with our daily activities without any news, until I saw something unprecedented, I saw a photo of Sara with the activator on the forum, and it was at her house, if it had been on the street, it would be the ideal thing since it has left  With him, little but he has gone out, but the photo is at his house, which confirms that she is a fetishist, he was excited and not only that, but he knew that he had an account in the forum, now I just had to make him confess,  But now I know that it is for sure and that excites me, after that, it took a couple of days until my appointment with Dr. Sara arrived. Unfortunately, she could not go with me since she had to work but I would accompany her tomorrow.  I got in my car and got to the office.

 A: Hi Eduardo.

 E: Hello, how are you?

 A: Fine, I'm fine.

 E: What nice garters, are they orange?


 E: They look beautiful.

 A: Good because I was doubtful about the color.  By the way, Dr. has a surprise for you that I don't know if you're going to like it or not, but it's there.

 E: [Surprised].  Ok, I better come in. Or is there someone?

 A: No, nobody, go on.

 Eduardo enters the office, greets the doctor and sits down, and begins to see her mouth and has 2 news that he keeps for her, one good and one bad, the good news is that his teeth finally moved, the bad news is  That was practically nothing, the Dra. She thought about what to do, whether to continue like this with Eduardo being undisciplined and charge more or tell him and scold him, but she was afraid of losing him as a patient, so she decides to keep quiet.  She begins to tighten the bow, as hard as she can obviously and puts orange garters on her since she wanted to try them.

 D: Eduardo.

 E: Yes?

 D: I'm coming, I'll give you something.

 Eduardo thinking: It's the surprise.

 D: Here it is, the headgear, what color do you want the strap?

 Eduardo thinking: [Surprised and excited] I can't believe it, my dream will finally come true.

 E: Dark blue is fine.

 At that moment the Dr. puts it on me and I can't believe the feeling, I have been using fakes but it makes me feel a real pressure since it was made to measure, I almost started to cry with emotion.

 D: Ok Eduardo, you will have to use it for 12 hours, at first I said 10, and I was going to deliver it to you in 3 months but as I see slow progress, the best thing is to give it to you now, and you have to leave with the position today, but  the usage time is up to you, no problem?

 Eduardo trying to lisp: There is no problem.

 D: Good, and you will continue to wear the elastics, the same as always, and without anything else to say, then see you in a month or tomorrow you will go with Sara.

 E: Tomorrow I will go with her.

 D: Perfect, well, thank you.

 E: To you.

 She leaves the office and the assistant sees her with her headgear and smiles at her.

 E: What a surprise.

 A: Look what I have so you don't feel alone.

 He takes out his headgear with its white strap and puts it on.

 A: We must take the photo of rigor with our headgears on.  Smile.

 They take the photo happily and peeling the braces of the same color.  Before I left, the next patient arrived.  A girl of about 20 years brown hair, 1.50 with metallic braces and metallic garters, they looked very good, the funny thing is that she was not surprised when she saw me with the headgear, maybe because they were going to put it on she did not care, worse  in that the assistant tells me that they will put a face mask like Sara's but with elastics and she will have to wear it for 18 hours, if she will use it at work, I wanted to say hello and even stay to see her, but it would be too strange but  greets us.

 Dora: Hi, how weird they look.

 E: It's all for straight teeth.

 D: That's right, my name is Dora.

 E: Eduardo.

 D: I have to wear but a face mask but for 18 hours for 2 years, crazy, how long will you use that metal bow.

 I: 12 hours and the idea was 6 months but apparently it will take longer.

 D: Wow, at least you can use it most of the time at home but I, I'll have to use it at university and with friends and to sleep, oh no, you know what, I better tell the doctor to take them off, no  I want straight teeth.

 I: Are you going to give up so quickly? If people don't like it, well, badly, we do this to see ourselves with beautiful teeth and people's opinion cannot influence your health, because this is also due to  Health.

 D: Oh no, you're right but people judge it ugly, but still, you know what, I'll do it, I'll put that face mask on and wear it with pride, so I raised glances and murmurs.

 E: This is how they speak.

 Dra: Dora, go ahead, come in.

 E: If you want, leave me your number and we'll talk.

 She gives her her number and Eduardo leaves the office excited.

 E: I already want to show it to Sara, as soon as she sees me, I will be irresistible to her and she will have no choice but to confess that she likes to see me with metal in my mouth and the more, the better, people look at me, but now I'm shocked,  because now I use it out of necessity and people look at me and although it is less people than in my adventures, I enjoy it more since there is "suffering" although I really love everything about the headgear, the feeling in my neck when having something put back, in  my molars, in my mouth all the way around the arch and the elastics make a combination made in heaven, and although it is not as exaggerated as in my adventures, the truth is, I love this much more being a real treatment, I am happy,  and I will go with Sara to share my happiness.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Beautiful story...

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 12

 Sorry for the delay, the truth is that I have been a bit busy, although I will not deny that I was a little tired of the story, now, almost a year later I will return to it, I will not publish with the same frequency as before, it is more, it may take weeks or months to write each chapter, but I made the promise that the story would end and that is how it will be, this chapter was already written months ago, it even had part of 13, but I just didn't finish it until today, But let you know that I never forgot this story, on the contrary, the chapter without so much filling.

 After Eduardo left the office, he thought about going to eat something, then going home and then picking up Sara to take her to the university with the headgear on.  He came to a Chinese restaurant and asked for rice, it was very good although with the headgear it costs more to put the spoon in, but I still enjoyed it, the people who were there (it was not many since it was not a weekend) were surprised when they saw Eduardo with his headgear, and even the waiter asked if he could eat with him and Eduardo said yes, because, come on, that's the intention.  After eating, he went home to show his photos to the forum and also that of the assistant with him and with the devices on, people were jumping for joy, some who lived in Latin America even wanted to go to the doctor's office but I had told them that she was very professional but I would only give them to them if they did not want extractions and that I am very happy.  After hours talking, the most awaited moment for Eduardo arrived, showing Sara that he would also use an extra oral device, he was excited and nervous at the same time but he got in the car and went to tell him the good news, they usually meet half an hour later and at the door but he wanted me to see it in the box, just like when they met.  He enters the door without Sara seeing that he entered and looked for something, anything to go to pay and be vigilant for when the box was alone, he took a bag of potatoes and immediately went to Sara's box and saying from that metal mouth.

 E: Surprise.

 Sara thinking: [Shocked].  Is that it? A headgear, in, Eduardo.

 Her heart started beating as if she had made a great effort, she turned red and was shaking until suddenly, Sara kisses Eduardo with the headgear on, it was a dream kiss for any fetishist, they are licking him to the esophagus of how passionate he was and Eduardo left himself without any problem until suddenly, Sara stops kissing him, and says.

 S: Oh no, oh no, we need to talk.

 E: Well, I'll wait for you in the car, but the potatoes.


 E: Ok, ok, I'm going now.

 Eduardo thinking: Yes, yes, yeeeeesssss, finally my big dream comes true, now I want a kiss with his headgear and his face mask, it must be beautiful.

 Sara thinking: I can't believe it, this must be a dream, yes, it must be, no, it's not a dream, I'm sure of that, and now what do I do? Besides, he is also, that I know for sure, obviously we are going to accept each other, BUT I AM AFRAID STILL, but there is no other option and it is time to face it.

 As soon as Sara finishes her shift, she goes to Eduardo's car and tells him to go to his house, and he told her that he had classes but he told her that classes don't matter, we have to talk about this and it is now .  They arrive at Eduardo's house:

 S: Ok, I need you to take off your headgear.

 E: Why?

 S: Please do.

 He takes it off and thinks "Could it be that I was wrong and that this cost me my relationship with Sara? We will find out."

 S: Ok, I have to tell you something very important, this is very difficult for me, I have very little with this secret but it has tormented me for months.

 E: Well, I hear you.  (He will say it, he will say it).

 S: My secret is that, I have a fetish with braces, to be exact, with your braces.  I have been in the last months since I related to you, my body and my mind have had some "changes", every time I saw you something in me made me feel, "hot, horny, even urged, I would say", every time I I saw you with the metal in your mouth, every time it generated more pleasure and I even had orgasms, to the point that I used a diaper, yes, a diaper so as not to give me away, it was very bad, but I went to my gynecologist and she told me that it that she had was a fetish and that she was barely showing thanks to you starting to wear braces, and I'm not saying it's your fault, it just detonated the fact that you now use that tasty metal in your sexy mouth.  And do not think that I only go out with you with the braces, because everything I told you the day we started dating is true, I already felt something for you before that but it was the braces that gave me the courage to talk to you. They recommended hormones so that I no longer have orgasms but I still love it every time I saw them, and I want you to accept me as I am and if not, then I will accept it but I will try to live with him and as I am

 E: Wow, just wow.  I also want to tell you something and that is that I am also a fetishist, and my greatest illusion is that you will wear braces with me, that's why I pay you the treatment, and of course, it goes without saying that everything I said that day was true, but I was excited to see you with your sexy mouth full of braces and elastics.  And so I guess you are the love of my life and I am yours.

 S: It seems so.  Shall we kiss ?, But put on the headgear I want to give you that kiss.

 Immediately they put it on, they look each other in the eye and they give each other that kiss that began quite shy but little by little it was very passionate, each one giving that kiss with everything, without being self-conscious so that the other does not suspect, if fear to lose each other, each using their lips and tongue in a way in which each appreciated the other's mouth and apparently it was time to make love and touch their skins against each other, taking off their clothes garment by garment, and Eduardo wonders about protection but Sara had already taken a contraceptive pill, so she told him to continue and they began to do the act for more than 10 hours (with breaks), when they finished, they went to bathe together and they realize that Sara didn't use her activator all night, she was so passionate that they had forgotten, but instead of looking tired, they looked like they had a massage after a 12 hour sleep, so they enlisted and went to Sara's house for her activator and  she put it on immediately and they stayed at home for a while, Eduardo was still wearing his headgear, Sara's mother was away but they had breakfast at home, Sara doesn't know how to cook, but with Eduardo's help they made some very good eggs and before that After going to Sara's consultation, Eduardo took off the device so that they would not see it with him, and they went to consult.

 A: Hi.

 S and E: Hello, we are here.

 A: Yes, please wait for the Dr. to have a query.

 E: Ok.

 They give each other cuddles until Dr.'s patient comes out. A man of about 20 years old with blue metallic braces, 1.65 black hair, a little fat but he saw Sara as a strange creature. mine ”and Dr. calls us and we come by and Sara sits down and takes off the appliance and shows her teeth.

 D: Well, it shows that you have used your activator, if you continue like this, next month you will no longer have to use the activator and I would put the braces next to your expander.

 S: How nice that things are going the right way.

 The doctor puts the spacers on her to prepare her to place the expander.

 D: How do you feel?

 S: It's like she has a piece of meat between her teeth.

 D: Yes, it feels like that but you can't take them off or you would have to come back to have them put on again.

 S: I understand.

 D: Ok, I'll put the activator on you and you can go.

 S: Ok.

 She puts the activator on him and they say goodbye to Dr. and her assistant.  And before they go they see the next patient.  A girl of about 12 years with purple metallic braces and also a herbst, interesting, looks good on the girl.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Fantastic story, and fantastic to see you continue it!

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 13
 After leaving the office, we went to my house to continue with the "party" but this time with Sara's activator.  It was very entertaining, and we even tried to perform oral sex, Sara obviously couldn't, but I had a lot of fun, but for my part, Sara was fascinated that I did it to her, I pulled out two hairs, it hurt her but she enjoyed it and I asked her to go get something to eat while I got my collection of fakes out of my closet, and when she came back, she was Surprised (not really, she just faked it so Eduardo wouldn't know that she knows she has Disneyland for fetishists in her closet).
 I: Look what I have.
 S: Wow, is this all yours?
 E: Yes, and yours too, and if you want, I can buy fakes for you.
 S: This is beautiful, but I'd rather pay for them myself.
 E: A single one costs two months of your salary.
 S: So expensive? I'll make an exception.  Is this a herbst?
 I: Yes, do you like it?
 S: Wow, wearing one of these must be a lot of fun.
 I: A lot.
 S: A face mask.  Would you lend me a fake?
 E: Sure, but try if it suits you.
 He puts on the fake and says no.
 E: I can put fake braces on you.
 S: Really?
 E: Sure, but they wouldn't work, it would just be a decoration and it would make it simple, shall I?
 S: Where do I sit?
 She puts the braces on him in a simple way, just glue, the braces, the bow and the pink garters.
 S: So that's how they feel, I love it, it must feel beautiful that the feeling of them being squeezed.
 I: And it is.
 S: Do you have elastics? I want to use the face mask.
 E: A whole bag.
 S: Give them to me.
 Eduardo puts the elastics on Sara.
 S: I don't see much of the face mask, I go to see myself in the mirror.  [Surprised] I look beautiful, like the braces make me look younger, but I still like it and the sensation of feeling the elastics come out of my mouth is incredible and the feeling of how they pull me forward is beautiful, and the feeling of the plastic on my forehead and chin, it is as if I have a jewel that adorns my face.  I'll keep her in her arms until I leave.
 They spent the night together until Eduardo took her to work, of course, both of them happy at no longer having to hide their secret from each other, and they kept going out, let's not kid ourselves, every time they "went out" they didn't leave. the bed, that continued like this for the whole month until the appointment arrived in which Sara will finally get her braces.
 A: wow, look at the brace couple.
 Smiling the two Eduardo tells him.
 E: Ha ha ha, that's true, but you said it ugly.
 A: No offense, but I see you're wearing the headgear right now.
 E: Yes, I don't plan to stop using it.
 A: Sure, you want to finish your treatment as quickly as possible, and since you don't depend on a job where you have to be exposed to the public, you can take advantage of it.
 I: Sure, I guess.
 At the time, Eduardo was worried that if he kept wearing his headgear longer than prescribed, he might end his fun sooner.
 A: Sara, ready to join the braces club.
 S: More than ever.
 A: Before Sara comes in, Eduardo, you will have your appointment for tomorrow, the doctor had an inconvenience and will only be able to see Sara because this appointment was essential for her.
 The inconvenience was some tests that she secretly did to Eduardo because his teeth don't move, they said that the result would come out today but that she shouldn't do anything to her teeth until she was sure of what was happening.
 I: Ok, that sounds good to me.
 The happy assistant because they are finally a couple, and although they did not tell him, he already suspected that there was chemistry between them and also, that the couple did not deny it.
 The two enter the office.
 D: Sara please sit down and remove the activator, did you notice any difference in your teeth?
 S: Yes, not much but I did notice an improvement.
 D: And it hurt?
 S: Not at all, yes, it was ridiculously uncomfortable but pleasant, I mean comfortable.
 D: [Strangely] Ok, let's start.
 While Eduardo was stopped during Sara's consultation, the doctor proceeded to remove the spacers, and to do the prophylaxis, to later install the expander, to then place the bands on the molars, place the glue and install the bracket, Sara I was enjoying it like never before and Eduardo the same, when he finished placing the arch, the doctor asked him what color he wanted for the elastic, to which Sara asked Eduardo and he said Rosa, to which Sara said that she also thought the Same, they installed the elastic, and when they finished, Dr. Directly asked Sara if she wanted to have the talk about the care of the braces, to which she said that it was not necessary, she explained how the expander works and Afterwards they said goodbye to Dr. Who left the office and took the penultimate photo with her since she only has two months of treatment left.
 S: Finally.
 I: How are you?
 S: A dream, I want to go with my mom, she will be moved by this change.
 E: Your wishes are orders, but first a little kiss.
 They both kissed in the middle of the street, it didn't make such an impact, I suppose they were used to it, that there were no people on the street, it doesn't matter, we didn't even realize if there were people or not, there could be a million people by our side and we wouldn't mind at all.
 We got in the car and drove to his house.
 S: I already want to see her face.
 As Sara entered her house, Eduardo was thinking what to do, whether to cheat with the elastics and the headgear or continue the treatment in the same way, now that Sara knows everything, she would understand and would even be my accomplice, but Eduardo remembers as Sara called him so that he had his elastics at all times, so he thought of just telling him and asking for his opinion.
 S: Hi mom.
 M: Go girl, until you show up at the house, all the time it's "Eduardo invited me aside", "Today I'm staying at Eduardo's house", "I'll spend the weekend with Eduardo", I know that you want but you also have a mother.
 S: Sorry mom.
 M: I forgive you, let's see that mouth, finally.
 S: It will be a very long 8 years.
 M: But they will be worth it.
 S: Obvious.
 M: How?
 S: Nothing.
 M: And you won't have to use the activator anymore?
 S: No but I do have to use this expander.
 Shows you the expander.
 S: And you'll have to help me adjust it.
 M: Sure, and what does Eduardo think?
 S: What is he going to say? He loves it.
 M: How does he love it?
 S: Well, you know, that I'll have a better smile.
 M: [Doubtful] ok.
 Sara thinking: I have to be more careful, that Eduardo knows, it doesn't mean that mom does too, I have to be careful too, after talking for 10 minutes, Sara left with Eduardo for a while, so she said goodbye to her mother and went upstairs. to his car but with Eduardo without his headgear.
 S: Love, why aren't you wearing your headgear?
 E: I haven't realized that if I keep wearing the headgear like I do, it would be taken off in no time.
 S: Sure, I know that your treatment is not complicated at all, moreover, you could have done it without it, but it is not correct to cheat, so I promise not to pressure you, if you have to use it for only 12 hours, you will use it only that, I know that it would be worse for you to cheat or continue using it all day than to put it on at the indicated times, what's more, take it off and don't use it until you wake up and thus compensate a little for the fact that you were using it all month without rest .
 E: You're right, that's why I like you, you're very smart.
 S: I thought it was because of my braces [laughs].
 Eduardo and Sara went out to a shopping center for a while, they said goodbye and each one went home with the expectation, on Sara's part that now before work and university, she is a braces girl, while on Eduardo's, that tomorrow she can be a key day in your treatment, the day the lottery will be drawn.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Nice update