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The treatment of my dreams (History)
« on: 19. October 2020, 01:10:34 AM »
Before starting with the story, I want to clarify a few things.

 1. This is a story based on my comment in the publication "My dream treatment", and in it I said that I was not going to write a story since I am a bad writer, but after writing my comment, inspiration came to me and I couldn't  leave it like that, however, whoever wants to use my comment to make another story, can do so, since I could not miss the opportunity.

 2. I am going to do the complete story, I do not like that a story is written, and in the end it is left incomplete, of course, I am not blaming anything, much less, the people who leave their stories incomplete will have their reasons and totally valid  since they are yours, however, I do not like to do things and leave them incomplete, so you can be sure that this story will be completed.

 3. In this story, the protagonist is a boy, but I do not rule out making a version with a girl as the protagonist, with some corrections if there is an error in it, but that story will come to light, first, if I want to and secondly, if  I have the inspiration.

 4. I am not from an English speaking country, I am from Mexico, but I currently live in Colombia (And indeed, the story will take place in Colombia), and my English is disgusting to say the least, so I will use the translator from  Google, if there are any spelling errors, I apologize, and if there are any errors, do not be afraid to tell me.

 5. One more thing, the characters are just that, characters, so if I say a name, take into account that they are made up.

 Now the story.

 The treatment of my dreams.

 Chapter 1.

 Hello, my name is Eduardo, I am 23 years old and I am from Bogotá Colombia, I am an economist but I work from home, and you could say that I am a prodigy in my work, since in just one year of work I managed to get more than all my  ancestry together working all his life, and so I hardly ever leave home, more than just to the supermarket and to do my "special adventures."  And I'm going to confess something to you, and that is that I have fetishes and that is what my special adventures are about, basically abasofilia, I love everything related to women with crutches, walkers, neck brace, casts, wheelchairs, backbrace etc.  But there is one that has always caught my attention more than those covered by abasofilia, and that is the fetish with braces.  My first approach to them was when I was 8 years old when I went with my parents to the dentist for a checkup and they told me that I would need a retainer if I did not want to wear braces in the future, but it did not happen, I did not know why, but it just did not happen, but  he was too young to even think of an interest.  But my real interest started when I was 13 years old, I remember that day very well, my mother and I went to visit a friend of hers at a police station, and there was an office in front of it, I always wanted to go there and see what it was like,  I was already very young and curiosity killed me, but one day my mother and I went, like that, out of nowhere, and I saw the orthodontist, a lady of almost 40 years old, beautiful, for my standards, which are not very high.  The office looked from the 80s, dark, with a pistachio green chair, the waiting room was very small, only 4 chairs could fit, and there was no assistant, she was alone.

 My mother asked her if I needed braces, and she asked me to open my mouth and in less than 5 seconds she said yes, and my mother asked if it was only on the upper jaw and she said, no, it had to be up and  downstairs, as I listened, my heart began to beat at a great speed, as if it were running, and little by little I felt dizzy and my reproductive system began to “manifest” (what a censorship I just did), but it started  to lower the demonstration a bit when it gave the price for the treatment, about $ 1500 dollars at the time, and at that time it was a lot of money (technically it was not that much, since we talked about the past decade and that was not so much money), already  My mother divorced my stepfather, and at that time we had many financial difficulties, and also had no financing, for which my dream was postponed.  After leaving the office, we went to the house of a friend of hers, but I was pretty sick, and as soon as I got there I asked to borrow the bathroom to "cool off", when I came out I was red (also because it was hot as hell  ) but it was much better.  And that's when my interest in braces began, every time I saw a girl, the first thing I saw was her mouth and if she had braces, I wouldn't stop looking at her, what's more, one day to take some photos, (obviously that girl  I knew) in the end she discovered me but I denied everything and the worst thing is that she was a friend of my mother's friend, so I immediately deleted the photos (which were terrible by the way) and the next day I showed her my phone showing her that  There were not even photos, pure adrenaline.  Before it "manifested" just by seeing them, currently it is not so aggressive, now it is only if they talk about them or even read about them, but this interest or fetish makes me feel like a freak at the same time I love one  Another way.

 Since my teens I have wanted braces but have not been able to, due to three reasons.

 The first is that in almost all this time in which I have loved them there was no money to place them.

 And the second is that I am afraid that my interest will show too much, and that if I wanted to put them on, I always wanted to do it living alone, or at least, with someone who knew it, and 6 months ago I left my house.  mother, and now I live in a large section of the city, and I really enjoy my fakes, but I always wanted to feel the metal stick in my mouth and how it squeezes me.  But there is a drawback, and it is that my teeth are not that bad, and I made the decision to do several consultations online to know what to expect, and they told me that I was a perfect candidate for Invisalign, and not only that, they also told him  that if he wore metal braces he would only wear them for 1 year and he probably doesn't need elastics.  The disappointment was terrible for me because I was not going to have a more serious treatment.  But I did not give up, so I looked for orthodontists all over the city looking for one that was not bad, but that asked for unnecessary things or that extended the treatments.  And I found a small clinic in the south of the city, it is a recent graduate, although it gave good results, its lack of experience, would allow me to manipulate it a little so that it gives me a headgear even for about 8 hours, so I took my car,  and I drove to his office.

 I was very kindly received by his assistant, who had braces, is my age (23 years old), short, black hair, a little chubby but very pretty, he saw her teeth with very beautiful pink power chains, next to her big braces  and metallic with latex elastics, his teeth looked straight so it seems that he was already finishing.  And the orthodontist arrives, Dr. María Luisa Martínez, a girl with black hair, tall about 25 years old, very pretty, and with a very beautiful smile, you could see that she was barely leaving the specialization and I even suspect that the assistant was her  patient in the practices for the time of her treatment, the office seemed all new but only had what was necessary, a sofa, several chairs, a medium television, some magazines and the assistant's desk, she greets me and begins to demonstrate but  As I was already prepared, it was hardly noticeable, I went in and sat in the only dentist chair I had (because I worked alone) and he asked me to show him my teeth and I did it and I also told him that I did not want extractions and he told me that I would need  braces and gave me an estimated cost that would change after the exams and asked me how many payments I was going to pay for my treatment, I told her, it would be in cash and she was surprised, perhaps because many of her clients pay with financing, although  I n  or it seems someone pays cash, perhaps for clothes, the truth is I am very humble in terms of clothing.  She asked me when we would start and I told her right now if possible.  So she made me the molds, but the X-rays and other tests would have to be done elsewhere, since she did not have the equipment, so I went to a nearby place and they did all the tests that she asked for, and she told me  He had a consultation in 10 minutes, so he told me that tomorrow he would have the budget.  So I told him that there is no problem, and I said goodbye, and the patient I was going to attend arrived, a little girl with her mother, about 9 years old with a headgear, I was very surprised since I had never seen one in person  , I only saw them in photos and videos and when I saw it for the first time I wanted to use one whatever (the first time since I discovered my fetish), before I probably saw one in a movie, but the closest thing was a face mask of a child  7-year-old who came to a pizzeria with his mother, and she asked if she could eat with the device, apparently they had barely put it on, and curiously, it was precisely at my 13 years when I saw it.  But that made me more hopeful of getting a headgear, so I went to my apartment.  I came home very excited and at the same time nervous, my dream would come true after so many years.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
« Reply #1 on: 19. October 2020, 16:41:40 PM »
Ayee Eduardo is my same age ;D can't wait to see where his treatment goes!

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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very nice story with a treatment all of us want´s to go through... i think  ;)

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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It's good that you liked it, the next chapter will be good, but I don't want to rush the story, but I don't want to slow it down either.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Episode 2.

 I got up at 8 in the morning as usual, because I start work at 9, but today I took the day for obvious reasons, I had breakfast, took a bath, got dressed and went to the office yearning for all that metal in my teeth.  I arrived at the office and waited, I was alone with the assistant and I very nervous asked her how the treatment is here, she replied that it is quite good, she does not have many patients but those she has, including her, are very happy with the results.  And I asked her if she needed anything other than the braces, she said that no one had asked her that, but she said that she used a cervical headgear for 10 hours during 1 year of the 2 years and 6 months that her treatment has lasted (confirming my theory of  that she was his patient in the specialization practices) but she always used it at night and it was because she did not want extractions like I did (apparently she knows my case) and she explained what it was (although I already knew it) and also  He said headgear was a possibility in my case if I didn't want extractions.  She also said that she is wearing elastics and that she used them throughout the treatment, but outside of there, nothing extraordinary, and that the braces would be removed in 6 months, and she was happy, I loved listening to her carefully and the headgear still moved me  plus.  Until Dr. Martínez came and greeted me and I went to the torture zone.  And she explained that she would need braces on both jaws, she asked me if I wanted extractions and she told me the advantages of them but I said no, but she told me to think about it and consider my options.

 She explained that my problem is that I only have crooked teeth, that I have no jaw problems and that I was a great candidate for Invisalign, but since she did not have the machines to make transparent molds, she asked me if I wanted metal or ceramic braces,  to which I replied almost immediately that I wanted metallic and explained that I would have to wear elastics and I said it was fine.

 The first was to take advantage of the space I had, which was not much, but what was necessary for my teeth to show well.  It would take two years and 6 months, but the results are not guaranteed, since with little space to move the teeth, they can return to their place with the help of the other teeth.

 And the second option, was to use a cervical headgear on the lower jaw for a year for at least 10 hours but I would not give it now, but for 6 months if the treatment goes correctly, and the duration is 2 years and  the result is guaranteed, of course, as long as I wear my retainers.

 I told her that I wanted the second option, because if you have to pay, you have to do it for something well done, and Dr. Said, perfect.  He showed me the brackets he had, I of course chose the thickest and most metallic there was.  And she asked me when I would wear them, and I told her that it is possible.  And he said, perfect, but in 10 minutes he had an appointment but the next two hours he would be free, so he told me to come back in an hour, and I told him that it was fine, as soon as I left, I signed the papers and gave him the money  To the assistant, and at that moment his patient arrived, a man of about 35 years old, wearing ceramic and elastic braces, a little yellowish, he must have been with them for a long time, apparently it was just one more appointment.

 Immediately I went for a walk nearby and I told myself to go get something to eat, since I would be a long time without closing my mouth.  So I went to a chicken restaurant near there, I ordered half a chicken and a soda, it was very good, before I left I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, after washing them, I looked at them in the mirror for the last time as they are, and I  I said with emotion, it will be incredible.  I paid the bill and left.  I arrived at the office 5 minutes early and the assistant greeted me and I also greeted her and wished me luck and thanked her and sat down to wait.  The man was already going out and indeed, it was one more date, he came out with a bag, I couldn't see what it was but I didn't care much (I'll leave it to your imagination).

 Dr. Martínez called me and I came in and asked if I was ready, to which I said that since he was a child, she asked me what, and I said, no, I'm ready, ah ok.

 And he started with the prophylaxis, it felt weird but it didn't last long, then he put the bands on me with tubes, I didn't need spacers since I had space in the teeth, that's why he agreed today to put the braces on me and proceeded to put the glue on me, I felt  as if a drop of liquid fell on my teeth, but instead of slipping, it stayed there and felt the urge to take it off.  And after that they put the braces on me, one by one, every time I put it on, I felt a pressure every time I put it on my tooth and glued them, I felt tremendous pleasure, and then I was removing the remains of the glue, that  It was the worst part, I felt like my teeth were scratching, I didn't like it, and lastly he put the two arches in the brackets, it was like placing the brackets themselves, instead of being one by one, it was almost everything together and  The truth is, I liked it better, and he proceeded to ask me, what color I wanted my braces, I saw the silver one and I chose it instantly and he proceeded to put on the garters, curious, it was like pulling my tooth and then returning it to its place, too  I liked it, after that I began to feel the pressure quite soft, thinking that maybe the bow is not tight, but I preferred to be quiet, I also loved the pressure but I thought it would be stronger.  I rinsed off and he began to explain to me what I need to deal with braces, you know, the routine, then we went to the bathroom so he could teach me how to brush and wax and while doing that, I looked at them in the mirror and almost cried  , but I told myself that I would admire them later.  After that, he made an appointment for the next month and I thanked him and left the room.  At the reception, the assistant told me to show my jewelry, and I did and she said, how beautiful, and she asked me which treatment I chose and I told her the second, and she said, well, I have a headgear partner, that's good  , and we took a picture together showing our beautiful metal smiles.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 3.

 I say goodbye and leave the office, and get in my car, but I did not know where to go, so much so that I stayed 10 minutes in the car without moving an inch thinking where I am going, but in the end I decide to go home (go lost  time), and on the way while I was licking my braces all the time, I happen to upload some photos to a forum where I share my interests about beautiful braces.  I get home but I enter through the front door to show off and also to collect the receipts, I arrive and ask the doorman if he had anything for me, he said yes and he noticed my braces but didn't say anything, he gave me the receipts and I left  but just at that moment he said luck to me, and I said thank you, it was weird but I liked the attention.  I got to my house and the first thing I did was admire them in the mirror for a long time.  After that, I uploaded the photos to the forum, and of course they congratulated me and wished me the best, that is, that my treatment lasts twice as long and that I have all the devices available and to have (that they expected, that they told me that my treatment was simple  and short, please, it would go against our convictions).  After a while chatting on the internet, I got hungry and ordered a pizza, when it arrived, I opened the box and started eating, when I notice that a lot of food is getting stuck, I tried to unclog it with my tongue but it still stayed  In my braces a part, the good, I liked how you eat with them, the bad, it took me twice as long to eat, it is uncomfortable but I loved it.  I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and I couldn't believe the amount of food that was left on my teeth, so I cleaned myself with the things they gave me in the office, it took 10 minutes, but I knew that with practice it would last less,  Besides that it is enjoyable to see them in the mirror, when at that moment, I remember that they had told me that the braces start to hurt after a few hours, but 6 hours have passed and I feel nothing but pressure, but I said to myself that such  Maybe it's luck or that he didn't really press them well. I wanted to see Dr. Martínez by phone but it was already late, so I went to sleep.

 I got up the next day, and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, this time I lasted less but it is because I had not eaten anything, I bathed, I dressed in my work uniform (pijamas) and I went to make breakfast until  I saw that I had nothing to eat, so I ate the pizza that was left from yesterday (no need to repeat the experience), and I started working, I ordered the lunchtime meal and when I finished, I quickly dressed and went to the supermarket  I always go to, I grabbed the cart and started grabbing the usual things, until I got to the dental care part, and I was surprised that now I'm going to have to go to this part of the supermarket more often, and not only that.  , but I would have to take more things, while I remembered what I had to drink, a girl arrived, a teenager, about 16 years old, blonde, 1.60, thin but a little voluptuous, I did not see much but her braces had  black garters, and while she took what she needed, she was complaining about the pain  Or, that she looked ugly (but she looked very pretty), and that she wanted to remove those “braces” from her teeth, I wanted to say something to her, but it would be to get where they don't call me, but she asks me (I don't know what motivated her) how much  I've been with them, I told her that they were put on me yesterday, and she told me, I'm sorry, your torture is just beginning, I've been there for 4 months and I still have 5 years to go and I also have to put up with these horrible elastics, I get a smile  and I tell her that everything has gone well with my teeth and she told me that I had a nice smile, not like her that her smile is very ugly, and she tells me that she wanted Invisalign but her case could not be solved with that treatment, I tell her  On the contrary, that she has a very beautiful smile and that the braces make her look more beautiful, she thanked me for the compliment but told me that it was not necessary to lie, and I told her that I was telling her honestly, but she told me that her  ex-boyfriend thought otherwise, he thinks that braces are only for fools who are not able to accept  her horrible dentures and wanting to make them look more horrible with a railroad going from one tooth to the other, I asked her if she at least has straight teeth, and she saying, well, if my teeth are horrible, his are  worse, she cut me off 2 months ago for my railroad and the truth was, she felt horrible, and I asked her what she thought about her braces, or at least before I told her all that, she answered that when she saw them they thought  ugly, but it started with great enthusiasm since my teeth have been ugly, and that is why he has suffered from bullying, but he did not put them in before because not all his teeth had developed correctly and it would have been a waste of time if they were  She put them on before, and as the days went by she started to like how they looked, but when her boyfriend cut her off, she didn't think she looked so ugly, and I told her that her boyfriend is a jerk, and that she is very  beautiful and that many people think the same as me, those words lifted her spirits  and she asked me my name and I asked her, her name is Valeria and she gave me her number and I gave her mine, I was going to invite her to a coffee when her mother arrived, about 40 years old, just like her, blonde,  voluptuous but a little taller, she also wears ceramic braces, she had no elastics, apparently her daughter had more serious problems with her teeth than she did, she didn't think I was a rapist or anything like that because of my child's face  , and I saw it when she told Valeria that she had gotten a little friend, it bothered me since I am an adult in every sense of the word but since I was used to it, I let it pass, we said goodbye and I went to the box but  Mom found it strange that I went to the checkout alone and with many things in the cart, maybe she thought I was 18 years old or that they let me shop alone.

 I get to the box and I touch Sara's box.  Sara could be said that she is my cashier par excellence, she is a girl with black hair, 22 years old, not very voluptuous but neither is she a board, 1.70, and beautiful lips but I have always wanted to see her with braces, she has crowded teeth  that make her mouth look very full, she would look very beautiful with her mouth full of metal, maybe she hasn't put them on because she doesn't have the money or she just doesn't want to.  She got to the box and she said hello as usual and I answered her and she was surprised the first time she saw me with braces, at first she didn't say anything and began to charge me, while she was doing it she told me "nice braces", I in  my mind could not believe that she told me that and I said thank you, and she told me that she wanted to put them in but she did not have the money, and that her treatment would be complicated and therefore expensive, since her treatment would involve many devices and that  It would take several years even with surgeries but that he would never enter the operating room since he has a great fear of surgeries (that explains why he has not put them on, since the braces have dropped a lot in price and today there are many facilities), but in  my mind wanted to tell her that I was willing to pay for the treatment just to see her with them, but because I'm just someone who by mere chance touches her box most of the time, she asked me how long I would use them and I  I told him, that I would use them for 2 years  Yes, and she told me, good luck, I thought about it very nervously but I asked her if she wanted to go for a coffee when she left work, she told me that she lives far away and that she leaves until 10 but we could do it another day, so  I gave her my number and she gave me hers, she charged me and we said goodbye and I went to the car, and in the car I said, what a day, the number of a girl and Sara and all thanks to the braces, now I still love them  plus.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Forum people. This post is a spoiler on what will happen in Chapter 4 of this story. If you have not read it yet or it has not yet been published and you want to know what will happen in the publication of the chapter, avoid reading this publication, but if you do not care or have no problem, read it since the future of this story will depend on you.

People of the forum, I want to ask you a question that will take the course of this story and it is. What treatment should Sara take with her teeth? Actually, I have no idea how her treatment should be and I ask you for help. Eduardo's treatment is clear to me, but Sara's is not and I would like to hear suggestions. I would like a complicated treatment, with many devices that benefit the bite, that is expensive and lasts a long time but less than Eduardo's, which will be 7 and a half years. Help the story and set the course. If I don't have an answer, I will have no choice but to ask a user to lend me a case of the thread "the treatment of my dreams" and it will be the one that seems appropriate to me. If you want the opportunity to influence history, comment on the case that Sara must take.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 4. I get to my house and accommodate things and I prepare dinner, macaroni with cheese, big mistake, cheese seemed elastic of everything that was stuck to the braces, since I add quadruple cheese, it was delicious but everything was all that Two weeks have passed and nothing extraordinary has passed in my life, except for a call from Valeria the next day, we do not talk about almost nothing, after the subject of the braces, we have nothing more in common, a call that went until uncomfortable, but hey, I hope it see it someday. He is calling me Sara:
E: Hello.
S: Hello Eduardo, how are you?
E: Well, and you?
S: The same, good. Sorry for calling you until today, but only rest two days a month and today my rest touches me, is that coffee still standing?
E: Sure, what time do we see each other and where?
S: What if we see ourselves in the Centro Mayor, do you know where it is?
E: Yes, if I know, what time?
S: If you want already.
E: Perfect, I'm in my house and it's a bit far, it'll take at least 1 hour, is there no problem?
S: Perfect, well, see you in an hour in the meal area.
E: OK, Chao.
I hung up, and I immediately went to change, I put all the lotion and I put my best rags and took my car. There was almost no traffic for what I arrived fast, and there I was, I used a simple white blouse and some jeans, went with straight hair and was wearing lipstick, I immediately saluted it and greeted me, we walked to the cafeteria on the first floor, we asked
E: Hey, I have an idea, what if I talk to my orthodontist to attend your case and may make a discount.
S: What a good idea, but still I could not afford it, I spent much of my savings in the registration and the semester of the university, and I could not pay the first fee of a complicated treatment like mine.
E: I lend you for the initial consultation, braces and extra devices if you need them and when you need them and you only pay the queries.
S: No, it's a lot of money and I'm barely known.
E: Quiet, I have a lot of money, what it is not necessary, it is not necessary, also it is not that you have known yesterday, we have been a long time to see us, of course, in a box of the supermarket and you charge me, but you already know.
S: I do not know if it's a good idea.
E: Come on, it's more, if you want to think about it, I have my first consultation in two weeks, if you accept, you look at how your mouth opens and you make the exams, what do you think?
S: I'm going to think about it.
After this talk, I was already doing my "Machiavellian" plan, so that Sara can have her so longed braces, meanwhile, we went to the movies, we ate popcorn and we took soda, I had been careful with my braces by eating them, it took the triple Then we went to eat at a Chinese food restaurant and while we waited for the food asked me.
S: How do you feel?
E: How?
S: No, nothing.
E: No, ask me with confidence.
S: How are the braces feel, when do you put them on? When you eat? While you sleep? You know.
E: Well, when they put them, you feel pressure.
S: How do I pressure?, Can you show me touching my teeth.
E: Here? S: Sure, nobody knows me and I do not care about what others think, or if?
E: OK. I began to touch his teeth until I felt as I feel the braces, there were not many people, but the little he had seen us with if we were rare (and we are). S: And do you feel that all the time?
E: Yes.
S: I do not know why, but I like that feeling.
E: When eating it is as if you would like to prevent food from touching the braces, but when chewing you feel more pressure but it did not simulate it.
S: [He laughs] Go, now it gives me more curiosity.
The alarm sounds for me to go for the food, and we ate several things that I did not know they were but they were delicious, and apparently Chinese food is more friendly with the braces that pizza or cheese macaroni, we walked a while, I bought a pink blouse
S: Is this your car?.
E: Yes. S: Wow, how beautiful.
She knew that I had money, since the supermarket where she works and where I go is in an exclusive area, but I did not think I had as much as to have this car. I took her home, she was close to the shopping center, and we said goodbye.
S: Well, see you another day.
E: Ok, ah wait, tomorrow I have to go to the supermarket, so see you tomorrow.
S: Well, the better, I really had a great time with you and I would like to see you again, so until tomorrow.
E: Chao.
I went to my house happy and wishing Sara to accept my offer. (This conversation was done between Sara and her mother, Eduardo has no knowledge of this conversation)
S: Hello Mom.
M: Hi, daughter, how did it go?
S: Very well, I left with a man, who, my God, was finally made.
M: What?
S: Go out with Eduardo.
M: Ah, the.
S: Yes, you know that for a long time I wanted to go out with him but I could not get closer to him because of my shyness before him, but I looked at him, I spoke to him, and I had invited me to a coffee, but because of my shyness, I had not accepted that day, but for another, and it took him that day
M: How beautiful
S: Yes, and took me home in your car.
M: Wow, the girl was awarded awarded.
S: Yes, and you remember me problem with my teeth.
M: As I'm not going to remember, I think that every day, and I want you to have your nice teeth so that you can see more beautiful than you are already. S: Well, he offered me to help me at what his orthodontist makes me a discount, by the way, he is wearing braces, they put them recently, I talked a little about the theme of my teeth and offered to help me, but I'm not sure, although I like it very much and I feel that it is.
M: Well, you do not lose anything with asking your dentist how much it costs and as it would be your treatment with her, apart from that you are studying that, so you would give you an idea of what it would be like.
S: True, I'm going to consult it with the pillow and I'll take a decision. She did the homework and lay down to sleep, dreamed of her teeth full of metal but loved her braces, like her, she dreamed of her new office, but she also dreamed that she was removing them but still, she used as a retainer with braces (a fake braces) and I was happy with Eduardo.
M: daughter, what's wrong with you.
S: Nothing, just that you woke up.
M: Sure, because I was hearing you making moans.
S: Groans?.
M: Yes and for what I see, you had an orgasm.
S: No, as you think [Look under the sheets], oh oh. Maybe I forgot to urinate and I could not stand and I did not want to get up in the bathroom either.
M: daughter, that's not urine, I can assure you.
S: Well, and that matters, I have to dress to go to work. She goes to work and during the work makes a decision and is willing to accept Eduardo's help to have beautiful teeth. Meanwhile Eduardo, he arrived at his house, and went to sleep.
When he woke up he called Dr. Martínez.
E: Good morning doctor.
D: Hello, with whom do I speak?
E: With Eduardo, your patient.
D: Oh, good morning, tell me, how do you go with your braces? Do you have any problems?
E: No, none, I called her for another topic. You see, I have a friend who wants to undergo an orthodontic treatment, but it is a complicated treatment, but she does not have the money to pay, however, I will cover the whole treatment, but she will not know, since she is very proud and wants to pay everything, For which, I wanted to ask you a favor, and it is that you make a false quote that will give it to it with a very small price, and the real one will give me to me for me to pay you and so will be the treatment, will charge a reduced number but it will be true
D: It's a bit complicated, since nobody had asked me that, and when would it be your appointment?.
E: after mine if possible.
D: Yes, I have a space at that time, so yes, I will do you the favor, bring it that day and if possible, that you have the same exams that I asked you to be faster.
E: Perfect, thank you very much doctor.
D: Thanks to you, and see you next date, Chao.
E: Chao.
This is already done, now, I only have to tell Sara that soon will have that beautiful mouth full of that beautiful and beautiful irons.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
« Reply #8 on: 21. October 2020, 22:35:35 PM »
Interesting story... What treatment Sarah will get? and will Eduardo involved in it?

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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The truth is, I have no idea what Sara's treatment will be like, do you have any suggestions? And the idea is that yes, but it will take a while.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Because the Story called "treatment of my dreams" my suggestion a Van-Beek-Aktivator with combi HG and than a twin Block with thick plates to improve the speech inhabitant. As retention i prefer a positioner. It's only a dream treatment Fantasy.
Good to hear that he will become Part of the treatment

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Ooh, maybe Sara gets full bands, and a facebow wired in on both jaws?  ;D

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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For her treatment, it could be whatever you want! After all it is a made up story. Have you ever thought about what braces and appliances you'd want to see on another woman? That could be a good approach to coming up with Sara's treatment plan, though getting ideas and brainstorming with other people is also a cool idea, so long as everyone's ideas interest you too

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
« Reply #13 on: 25. October 2020, 19:05:40 PM »
Before starting, I want to comment on a few things.

 The reason why I did not publish chapter 5 for several days, was that it was blocked, I did not feel like writing anything at all, so you see to force my creativity and give them a bad chapter, I took several days, just because yes.

 That does not mean that I will not finish the story, on the contrary, even if I finished it in 2038, I will finish this story yes or yes, what also happens is I go a chapter ahead, for example, I already had the  Chapter 5 for several days, but I couldn't write 6, so I didn't publish it until today, it's a way of committing myself to keep writing, so chapter 6 is already written and I will probably put myself now with 7, but always  I'm going to go ahead, and if I have a chapter left over, I won't publish it until I write the next one.  The publications will be daily, as long as it has advanced chapters.  And if I don't publish anything, don't worry, I'll take up the story again, I'm not forgetting it, on the contrary, I wanted to write every day but it just wasn't born to me.  And besides, I want to thank you for supporting this story and I hope it continues like this until the last chapter, which will take a long time to come out since we are not even halfway through the story.  With nothing more to say, the chapter.

 Chapter 5.

 After the call, I went to work, getting dressed to go to the grocery store to buy things and to give Sara the good news.  I arrived, parked the car and bought what I wanted to buy.  I wanted to see if there was someone with braces but it was only the supermarket.  I got to the checkout and met Sara.

 E: Hi Sara.

 S: Hello Eduardo, how are you? How did you get home?

 E: I'm fine, and I got home fine.

 S: Good, hey, I was thinking about your offer and decided to accept it.

 E: Good.

 S: I just want to tell you various things.  The first is that this is all a loan, I am going to pay you, I just ask for your patience.

 E: There is no problem, you can pay me whenever you want.

 S: You don't need to be so lax, I just want time until I give you the first payment.  Second, I want to talk to your dentist first, is it a man or a woman?

 E: She is a woman, her name is María Luisa Martínez.

 S: Well, I want to talk to her on the phone and then go to her office.  And third, please, do not leave me with this debt that I am going to assume with you, I have already met men before who promise the sky and the stars and the next day I can not even make a call.

 E: Okay, I would never do something like that to you.

 S: Well, then I accept the offer, I don't have classes tomorrow but if I have to work, how about you pick me up at 6 and we call her.

 E: Perfect, then see you tomorrow.

 S: Perfect, then I'll charge you before my boss or some other client comes.

 She charged me and we said goodbye, while I put things in the trunk, she was leaving, so I suggested if I could take her somewhere, she accepted and I took her to the university that is quite close, we said goodbye and  went to his classes.

 During her classes, Sara was very excited that she is getting closer to having a prettier smile, so much so that at times she was not focused on her class.

 The next day it happened without any news for both of them, until Eduardo arrived at the agreed time.  But first, she bought some sodas for the two of them and went to her box, gave it to her and charged her for it, although Sara wanted to invite her, Eduardo refused.  She charged and gave the turn to her partner.

 S: And where are we going?

 E: How about my house, it's quite close to here, of course, if you want?

 S: Sounds good to me.

 They got in the car and went to Eduardo's house and got inside.

 S: Wow, what a nice apartment.

 E: Thanks, I really liked it a lot when I bought it.

 S: So it's yours, interesting.

 E: That's right, do you want something?

 S: No thanks, we better call my future orthodontist to talk to her.

 When she said "my future orthodontist" it filled me with life that she said that.  So we dialed and she answered.

 D: Hello ?.

 E: Good afternoon doctor, talk to Eduardo.

 D: How about Eduardo? How are your braces going?

 E: Well, very well, doctor, here I have the friend that I mentioned yesterday, she wants to talk to you, can I pass it to her?

 D: Yes, sure, I have time, so pass it to me.

 E: Ok.

 S: Hi.

 D: Hello, could you tell me, What is your name? Eduardo didn't tell me.

 S: Eduardo didn't tell you my name.  You talk about me without saying my name [she smiles].  My name is Sara.

 D: Ok Sara, tell me your age and what are you looking for in your treatment.

 S: I am 22 years old, and what I am looking for is that my teeth are perfect, I have had that illusion for a long time, unfortunately my case is not easy, I have gone to orthodontists looking for a moderately accessible budget, and I have had exams and  I have been told that a treatment like mine costs a lot of money, so I asked Eduardo to get me a treatment at a more affordable price with you.

 D: Ok, you see Sara, I normally don't do that, but since Eduardo is a great patient of mine, I will make an exception but I cannot give you a quote without first seeing how your teeth are and the paths that I can offer you, Eduardo also spoke to me  You don't want surgery but first I have to see if a treatment is possible without surgery and for that I need some tests, but I ask you, when was the last time you had those tests done?

 S: It was 8 months ago.

 D: I see, in that case, I need new exams, as it has been a long time since your last exams, and there may have been some change in your teeth.

 S: I understand, can my date be after Eduardo's?

 D: Yes, of course, I have free time, it's more here I have your appointment noted.

 S: Perfect, so see you in 2 weeks.

 D: Ok bye.

 S: Bye.

 S: The doctor is very nice, now I want her to be the one to put my braces on me.

 E: Good that it inspired you confidence.

 We stayed at home to watch television and I also invited her to dinner, we had ramen for dinner, I don't know if she found it funny or exciting to see me eat ramen with braces, she seemed to laugh but it also seemed as if she took pleasure in watching me eat.

 Sara thought: Look how those noodles go through that rich metal mouth, oh my God, what am I thinking, this is very strange, although it seems funny to me, it is as if I had a thousand elastic bands and I tried to put them all at once [  hehe], oh, I help you put the elastics one by one with my braces while they get stuck next to your sexy mouth, no, no, no, what am I thinking.

 S: Eduardo, can I borrow the bathroom please.

 E: Of course, in the bottom right, oh these braces, everything gets stuck [shows teeth].

 S: [laughs] and goes to the bathroom.  What is happening to me, because I feel so horny to see that mouth full of that metal considered a torture machine, no no, Sara, concentrate, he is a friend of yours who is going to help you make your dream come true, calm down.  Why does it excite me so much? I know, I'll wash my face, I'm going to calm down and I won't see her mouth, her sexy, and, metallic mouth, Sara, stop thinking about that beautiful metal and that I would like her to suck me with it  down there, [he is surprised], it can't be, thank goodness, I bring anti-fluid towels because otherwise I'd be in trouble.  I better change and don't think about anything else.  After changing, she comes to the living room and Eduardo asks.

 S: I already came.

 E: But it was fast.

 S: No no, what happens is that I needed to change my towel.

 E: Ah, good.

 They finish watching television, and Eduardo took his home.

 S: Do you want to come in? So you can meet my mom.

 E: Sure ?.

 S: Sure, leave it parked and let's go to my house.

 S: Hi Mom.

 M: Hello daughter, and he is ?.

 S: This is Eduardo, the friend I told you about.

 E: Nice to meet you, ma'am.

 M: Likewise, my daughter has told me a lot about you.

 E: I hope they are good things.

 [Everyone laughs].

 M: Yes, they are good things, but come on, can I offer you something to drink?

 E: No thanks so I'm fine.

 M: Young man, I want to thank you for what you are doing for my daughter.

 E: Don't worry, it's no hassle.

 M: No, please, thanks to you my daughter will have the smile that she always wanted but could never give her.  I have made a great effort for her to study and be a professional, but it has been very difficult, because I am a widow, my husband died when Sara was 15 years old and I had to support her alone and what she only worked was to maintain the house and when Sara  She started working, she chose to pay for her degree because that would give her a better future, but it was at the cost of her not being able to smile with confidence any longer, for that I want to thank her.

 E: It is nothing madam, for me it is not a bother to help Sara.

 They talked for almost an hour until Eduardo said he had to go home, they all said goodbye.

 M: What an educated boy, how old did you say he is?

 S: 23 years old.

 M: Is he older than you? He looks much younger than he is, and apparently he is doing well in life.

 S: Yes, he has a great job, but let's not talk about the one where I have to go to sleep.

 Two weeks have passed, Eduardo and Sara have dated little due to Sara's work and studies, however they have been communicated by phone every day, although the subject of braces has been discussed, especially after Sara made her  new exams and by the time Eduardo has given them to the doctor, there has been little commented on, especially by Sara when she saw his strange attitudes towards them, meanwhile Eduardo is almost certain that Sara has the same fetish as him, only that he  he wants me to confess it, but he doesn't know how.  Today is Eduardo's first appointment with the official orthodontist, and Sara is going to accompany him to give him support and also to take the exams herself and decide which path to take regarding her teeth.In the morning, Eduardo picks her up at his  House.  She came dressed in a red sweater, I don't know because many people don't like sweaters, I love them, they accentuate femininity a lot and a long flower skirt, it's a bit weird dress but it looked beautiful.

 Sara: I hope I don't know that I'm wearing a diaper, because the last time I only went out with a towel, I ended up wet from seeing a whole family with braces, I almost went crazy, I had to invent that I had incontinence, because I had wet my pants  in an incredible way, at least the skirt hides me

 S: Hello Eduardo.

 E: Hi Sara, are you ready for today's date?

 S: Since I was a child.

 E: How?

 S: Nothing, let's get in the car and go, I don't want you to be late.

 As soon as they arrived at the office the assistant greeted us, now she was wearing green power chains, the pink ones were better but those braces looked beautiful anyway.

 A: Hi, you must be Sara.

 S: Hello, how do you know my name?

 A: Ah, the doctor tells me about the cases and I have to meet all the patients, hi Eduardo, how are you?

 E: Fine, I'm fine.

 A: How about the braces?

 E: Good, all good.

 A: Good, sit down and wait in the room.

 S: Ok.  I thought it was a bigger clinic.

 E: No, what happens is that after seeing several, the doctor inspired confidence in me and that is why I opted for her.

 They waited 10 minutes until the doctor came out with a patient of hers, a black woman of about 30 years old, with curly hair, 1.90, voluptuous but thin, she wore braces with blue power chains and at least 12 elastic bands, they seemed like a lot but I know  I looked spectacular with them, what seemed a little strange to me was Sara, I was a little uneasy when I saw her, the assistant and me, I think I'm close to making her confess.

 D: Hello Eduardo, you must be Sara.

 S: Right, nice to meet you.  I can pass?

 D: Sure, if Eduardo doesn't mind.

 E: I have no problem.

 D: Okay, then come in and sit down, and show me those pearls.

 At first the doctor saw everything well, but she noticed an anomaly, Eduardo's teeth had not moved at all, this seemed very strange to her, so she began to check the arch after removing the garters and the arch was tight,  Of course, not like when he put it on, but it was tight and he asked Eduardo if he had felt pain, to which he answered no, that throughout the month, all he felt was pressure but nothing more.  At that moment the doctor decides to tighten the arch a little more, and makes the routine changes and the doctor makes a decision.  Meanwhile Sara wants to rape Eduardo, if she was horny at home before, now she is too hot, even if one saw her, they would realize that she was red and boiling, she borrowed the bathroom, relaxed, stopped thinking and  she put water on her face, and thought she couldn't take much longer but she would try for him.  When Sara left she was already talking to Eduardo about some things.

 D: What color do you want your garters?

 I: Why don't you decide Sara?

 S: {I know, I'm going to put the color I like the least, maybe that way I'll relax a bit}.  I choose coffee.

 E: Sure? Well, it will be coffee.

 At that moment, the doctor puts the brown garters on him, and Eduardo shows him his braces in the color Sara chose, he calmed down a bit, but not much, he was still hot but he controlled himself better.  After that the doctor brings the elastics that would now be stronger than she had planned.

 D: Well Eduardo, I want you to use 4 elastics, two per side, you are going to put them on and take photos of them so that you can put them on exactly, you will use them for 24 hours but you will change them every 4 hours while you are awake, they are  a bit strong but I think you can handle them if you endured the pain at the beginning of the treatment.

 Eduardo wasn't really feeling any pain, just a little more pressure and something that pulls her canines towards the center, but all right, meanwhile Sara looks morbidly at Eduardo's elastics but tries to look away.  After I gave her the elastic bands, it was Sara's turn to sit down, and Sara in her mind, well, here we go, she's just going to look at my teeth and make the molds for me, she's not going to put the braces on me yet, so calm down,  Eduardo immediately gave her a smile showing his braces and Sara's mental work went to waste.

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Re: The treatment of my dreams (History)
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Chapter 6.

 Sara sat down and felt "shocked" you could say, the Dr. began to see teeth live and direct (she had already seen but in the exams) and after a few minutes she began to make the molds.  After doing the whole process, and brushing her teeth, we went to her office.

 D: Ok Sara, I can only give you one way, since it is the only feasible one, you have a "worrisome" deep bite, to say the least, apart from that your teeth are anything but straight, so I'm going to give you an idea of  how would your treatment be.  Today I will give you a combined Van Beek Activator, I mean with double traction, I have never used it, since it is really strange that a person and especially an adult needs it, you will have it 12 hours for the next 3 months, after those 3 months I will put you  braces, elastic, at least 8 or 16, depending on the times and progress, 24 hours a day, oh and an expander for 4 years if things go well, after that comes the most complicated part for your social life, you will have  than to use a face mask with steel ligatures to obtain better traction and reduce the time of use in half, and at the same time that the patient does not fail to comply for at least 3 years, and in those 3 years, you would have to go to my office  Once a week to make adjustments.

 S: I couldn't go once a week, at work they only give me two days off a month.

 D: I see, so you most likely see that the treatment increases to 5 years, can you really only go twice a week?

 S: Yes, no way, it will be for 5 years.

 D: There is a will and it shows, of course it would be 24/7, and you would have to do all your activities with the least sports, those are forbidden for you, unless it is running but of course very carefully, after that,  2 years with a combined headgear, the first year for 24 hours, connected and the other year only 12 hours, and after that the retainers, do you have any questions?

 S: Yes, when would they put the face mask on me?

 D: After three months with the braces, do you accept the treatment or do you want something more interventional like surgery?

 Sara was shocked and excited at the same time by the treatment that the doctor had told her, although she knew that this was milder than other treatments that have been proposed, it seemed incredible that she would spend the next 5 years with two wires coming out of  his mouth towards a face mask and without being able to remove them.

 S: No, it's fine, the treatment is fine.

 D: Wow, anyone would reject it the first time, but they told me that you had already gone to other orthodontists, I don't know what they proposed to you, but if you accepted this, it is that the other treatments were stronger.  So perfect, now you just have to sign the papers and do the activator, that takes about half an hour.

 After we left her office, we went to sign the papers and pay for her treatment, which will be something wonderful and spectacular.

 S: Eduardo, I'm going to pay you this, because what you are doing for me is something that I will thank you for all my life.

 E: Stop worrying about money, pay me when you can, what's more, if it were up to me, I won't charge you, but you're the one who insists.

 S: Sure, I'm not going to abuse your generosity.

 E: (I tried to make her confess) By the way, I saw you quite nervous, is something wrong?

 S: How will it not happen to me? If I am going to have to use two huge wires in my mouth that will come out towards a face mask, do you think I can't be nervous? So when I saw yours I said you were lucky, your treatment  it won't be as extreme as mine.

 I wanted to tell her that I would use a headgear in 5 months but I preferred to keep it as a surprise and thus share her suffering.

 E: Well, calm down, you'll be fine, besides, you look beautiful with or without braces.

 S thanks.

 D: Sara, your activator is ready, come in.

 We both passed.

 D: Ok, what color do you want your straps?

 S: Well, nobody is going to see me with him so pink is fine.

 D: Well Sara, as I said, you will use it 12 hours to the letter for 3 months, you can use it while you sleep, once you put it on, you cannot take it off for the world.  I want you to go out with it and not take it off, unless you are hungry, in that case, you take it off, eat and put it back on, just for today, then you decide when you put it on and when you take it off,  As long as it is for the 12 hours of rigor, Any questions ?.

 S: Why do I have to use it now?

 D: I like that the extra devices use them for a long time the first time, so that they become familiar with them, and it is easier to adapt to the routine.

 S: Ok.

 The doctor puts it on.

 D: How do you feel about him?

 S: Bbbbbiiiieeenn, hhhhaaaabbbbblllooo hhhooorrriiiiibbbbllllleeee.

 D: Good that you feel good with him, see you next month with the checkup of both ok.

 S: Ppppeeeeerrrrrrfffffeeeeecccccttttooo.

 E: Ok bye.

 After leaving the office, we spoke with the assistant.

 A: Wow, I have never seen a device like this, you will use it for 3 months right?

 S: Aaaajjjjaaaa.

 E: Yes.

 A: To see the irons?

 I show it to you.

 A: Coffee? Well, they still look good on you, it's not my favorite color but if you like it, that's fine.

 E: Sara chose it for me.

 S: Aaaaaa, sssiii, mmeeejoorr nnnoooo hhhhaaaabbbbblllooo.

 A: Yes, better, a photo?

 E: Good.

 We took a beautiful photo and left, we did not see any patients, but when they saw Sara in the street, people were shocked to see someone with such a strange gadget, I asked her if she wanted to go to eat, she said yes  nodding and we arrived at an Italian restaurant, the first thing Sara did was go to the bathroom to take off the appliance.

 Sara in the bathroom: This is uncomfortable, thank goodness I'm only going to use it at night, let's see if I got wet, yes, not much, fortunately, but it can take all night, ok, I brush and I  I will eat.

 E: Wow, I didn't even recognize you anymore.

 S: [sticks out tongue].

 I: How do you feel about him?

 S: Honestly, horrible, I can't speak one bit, I feel like my mouth wants to come out and I can't even bring my lips together.  But in order to fix this horror that I have in my mouth, I even use it all day, although I can't because of my work.

 E: Ah, good.  We order?

 We ordered a bottle of wine and a lasagna for the two of us, if you eat it in small pieces, you eat like nothing.  And I saw Sara a bit strange, she didn't look me in the eye at any moment, she seemed hungry because she didn't stop for a second.

 Sara Eating: Don't look at him, don't look at him eating, just eat as if nothing else and nothing will happen.

 After eating we asked for the bills and each one of us went to the bathroom, I was surprised that it took so little time, I guess it's practice, but Sara took longer, but women, it takes millennia in the bathroom and Sara is no exception.

 Sara in the bathroom: [Annoyed], I have to wear this, the good thing is that I did not see Eduardo at any time and I was calm, I think the best thing is to go to the gynecologist because this to get wet because yes, it is not normal,  I hope I'm fine

 E: Well, you see better

 S: [thumbs up then shows annoyed face].

 We left and got to his house and he waved goodbye, I was erect all the time, but I hide it very well, so I went home.

 Sara at home.

 S: Hhhhhhooooollllllaaaaa mmmmmaaaaammmmaa.

 M: Sara, what device is that?

 The appliance is removed.

 S: A Van Beek activator.

 M: What a strange device, and for how long are you going to have to use it?

 S: 12 hours for 3 months, then I will be braced with an expander for 4 years, only the expander, and meanwhile a face mask with steel ligatures for 5 years, and after that, a combined and connected headgear for 1  year and another the same but only for 12 hours and retention.

 M: Well, I imagined something worse, but 5 years with a face mask? And with steel ligatures?

 S: Actually there were only 3, but because of my work, they were increased to 5, and the steel ligatures are for me to comply and reduce my treatment to half the time, can you imagine 10 years with that but only with elastics?

 M: Obviously, it must be very strong.

 S: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm not going to speak for the next 12 hours.