Author Topic: Significant other in braces, your experience?  (Read 2864 times)

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Significant other in braces, your experience?
« on: 11. December 2022, 02:31:10 AM »
Over the years I've had conversations with my significant other, she's on again and off again interested in getting braces to fix her teeth.  She never had them before, or needed them, but as we've aged her teeth have shifted.  She knows of my attraction but the decision is hers.  Not something that would happen anytime soon, if at all.

That being said, I've come to wonder what other people have experienced when their significant other has had braces.  I imagine it would be . . . distracting.  So I'll ask, what was it like to have your significant other in braces?  Any advice, thoughts, anecdotes, or tips?  I think it would be a good topic for the forum and might help myself and others if it ever happens.

Thanks to all who chime in.

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #1 on: 12. December 2022, 01:30:20 AM »
I know I have posted about this before on this forum but my husband had braces when I met him and they are the reason I started dating him. We were in college and he was the only person in the entire school who still had braces. I was a super, super, super late bloomer and it took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t just weirdly and intensely interested in braces, it was an attraction, and by the time I “got it” I was too old to be around many people who still had them. So even though I was not at all interested in getting into a relationship, for several reasons, I just found him completely irresistible. Fortunately he also turned out to be a great guy and we are still together after more than 20 years. I did have to confess my interest after a few dates because he was kind of self conscious about still having braces and kept apologizing about them, so I pretty much had to tell him. Lucky for me he didn’t think it was nearly as weird as I thought it was and it wasn’t a big deal between us.

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #2 on: 16. December 2022, 18:29:40 PM »
my wife had braces when she was a teenager, several years before I met her. She has told me that she had a 'plate' (not sure what she meant by that) and also headgear, which I think is partly what triggered my interest in braces. Frustratingly it's a difficult topic to bring up (she gets a bit weird talking about it) and I've never even seen a photo of her with braces. Maybe one day..! Her teeth have basically been perfect for years but I've noticed recently that her lower teeth are starting to overlap a bit. I'm kind of hoping that she decides to get it fixed, but I'm also conscious that is me sort of wishing her to become unhappy with her appearance and I'm afraid that makes me a bad person! So I'll keep dropping subtle hints about my own teeth and not push her about hers. Maybe somehow it will happen...

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #3 on: 16. December 2022, 18:38:24 PM »
My wife has never had braces but she needs them.  Every time we go to the dentist, he recommends that she schedule a consultation with an orthodontist, but she's just not interested.

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #4 on: 16. December 2022, 18:51:36 PM »
Take a different approach to getting them into braces. Express an interest in possibly fixing your teeth, then ask if they might be interested in joining you in investigating what might be involved.

Most orthos offer a free consultation, so if nothing else, you will get to find out what it would cost and you can get to see them in the orthos chair. If things go right, you may get them into braces, and if it interests you, you may get to go through it with them.

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #5 on: 23. December 2022, 19:06:46 PM »
I'm super into braces. My boyfriend introduced it to me and almost 2 years ago I got them in. Me and he is enjoying them. Love to show them off. My dream is coming true and he will be getting them in two weeks! My braces journey is almost over, the next appointment is to get them out. :(

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #6 on: 24. December 2022, 04:34:20 AM »
This just reminded me of my situation many years ago now.
I wouldnt say 'significant other' exactly but....
I advertised for someone to rent the second bedroom in my rented cottage and share expenses. I received an assortment of replies and, of course, some were instantly unsuitable but a couple were possibles. One male and one female.
After some thought, I phoned both of them and booked appointments for each of them to come round. I met the male applicant first but had some reservations, then the young lady, probably aged about 25 and a couple of years younger than me. She came to the door and the first thing I noticed was her wide smile and mouth full of fixed braces. (Just to be clear, I never have had much of a thing for fixed braces really. For me its much more about removables, all that plastic etc).
Anyway, and I swear it wasnt anything to do with the braces, (!) we instantly got on well. We discussed the possibility of sharing and asked if she was happy to share with a relatively unknown male and she was. (I may have a 'thing' for retainers etc but I like to think I am totally trustworthy).

All went well and I must admit to being more interested in the fixed braces than I thought, but, much as I tried, I couldnt find the right opportunity to bring up the subject of braces. I really began to wonder what it would be like not to be able to take them out and I also wondered if there was any chance she had anything hidden like some sort of expander as her speech was a little affected, but I still somehow couldnt find the right moment to ask. If it were now, I think I would have had much more confidence and would simply ask. I really dont think I would mind someone knowing I was interested in such things.
Then one day I had a standard dentist appointment for a checkup. When I got home she asked me how it had gone and I saw an opportunity. I Lied and told her that the dentist had commented that my teeth could do with some alignment.
Perhaps I was expecting some instant in-depth discussion about braces to start, but I was rather disappointed. She really only just accepted the comment and told me that she was hoping her braces would come off soon and hopefully she wouldnt need further treatment, but if i agreed with the dentist then perhaps I should go for it. I did manage to prolong the discussion by saying that I would prefer 'some sort of removable brace' but still no real reaction. I managed to continue by saying that I thought I would be prepared to wear a 'plate' for a time if it worked and I wondered what that would feel like....but then I had to stop before she noticed that I was pushing the conversation to far.
I can only really assume that she found her braces rather embarrassing and was hoping they would not be a major talking point.
Anyway, I would never find out if she went on to retainers or anything else, which I was secretly hoping for, of course, as she met someone at work and eventually moved in with him before there were any further developments.

Oh well, my fault for lack of confidence !!

Great to read other people's stories, I know I am on dangerous territory here and I am not trying to criticise but Brace_Face, its a little easier to say 'He and I are enjoying them'.

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Re: Significant other in braces, your experience?
« Reply #7 on: 24. December 2022, 17:04:44 PM »
I'm sure the thing that started my love of braces and headgear was a girl I knew in school we were 14 years old or there abouts  and Lisa had braces and headgear I loved Lisa we were good friends I don't think her mother approved of me because our relationship floundered it was a shame I really loved lisa