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Invisalign-Removable brace videos #01 (e.g. aligners/clear retainer)

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Over time, there have been repeated suggestions or calls by users to split 'invisible' (Invisalign-type) aligners/retainers from classic 'wire'/acrylic removable braces.
I'd like to follow that suggestion, as it seems reasonable and well-founded. However, I don't want to cause unintended extra work to those who post the links, since they will have to shoulder the burden of the new system alone.
So the new split into two areas is entirely voluntary. It remains okay to post 'invisalign' into the original thread. If you do so, it would be very nice to mark the links. Please do not post 'wire' links into the 'invisalign' section, though.
Regards, Marty



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