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excessive views
« on: 19. November 2007, 21:26:13 PM »
I've noticed whenever someone on youtube,flickr,etc posts with keyword braces, etc  there's a ton of views...  and some people are picking up on this fact.   it may be better if there was one person who copied the file elsewhere if possible than thousands of people hitting the image,video, etc.
just a thought.
just trying to help.

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Re: excessive views
« Reply #1 on: 21. November 2007, 12:53:16 PM »
Too true, and lots of photos and videos "disappear" (i.e. are taken off the net by the authors) because of that. The problem is that the posting of the material elsewhere is an outright violation of copyright - which is prohibited by (inter)national laws and consequently also by our forum rules. So, although your idea has merits: not possible!
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