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Re: rare braces videos #03 (e.g. elastics, herbst, headgear, facemask)
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Ob die das ohne wissen vom Kfo machen? die sind ja krass


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Bei 8:54: Was hat sie denn da an den seitlichen Zähnen für eine nette kleine Apparatur? Ist das eine Feder? Eine MARA-Apparatur? Vielleicht der Grund für ihr Lispeln.

Bei 2:00 Min sagt sie das sie ein MARA hat  ;)


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double j-hook headgear? yikes...


--- Quote from: Orthobraces on 15. July 2010, 23:11:04 PM ---double j-hook headgear? yikes...

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We have already seen some "normal upper jaw" j-hooks videos,
several weeks ago there was a video with j-hooks to the lower jaw (already deleted),
but that's the first time I see someone wearing 2 sets of j-hooks (or any type of headgear for that matter) with the exception of the obviously fake "Lara3" (odstudios) video of course.

Must be really tough on her.

But I always thought, wearing lower-jaw headgear was discouraged nowadays, because it would exert too much stress on the joint?

[edit] sorry for me rambling again


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