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The Killing
« on: 13. September 2013, 22:20:18 PM »
TV-Series 2011-

I didn't found any part of the series names "Ladies in the Water"

On the top of the website is shown "E02", but in the link is shown "the-killing-season-3-episode-3"

Out on the streets, Reddick broke the news to Holder that Linden had shtupped Skinner, suggesting that her connection to the boss meant she was getting preferential treatment. They were sniping over whether she got pension when Holder spotted a young hooker "bobbing for apples" (TM Holder 2013) with a john in a nearby car. They busted up the good times, and the girl put in her retainer while stonewalling Holder; once he threatened to lock her up, she suggested he look at the overpass on Front Street.

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Re: The Killing
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Very short scene