Author Topic: How should movies be announced best ?  (Read 10198 times)

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How should movies be announced best ?
« on: 15. May 2007, 20:52:09 PM »
Information we would like to gather:

Is it an actor or an actress who is wearing braces, or is is an animated movie?

What kind of braces is the person wearing - fixed, removable/retainer, headgear, elastics?

Can you describe what exactly can be seen and how long the scenes with braces are - one short scene of only 5 sec or many scenes throughout the movie?

How do you rate the movie, on the basis of the relevant scenes?

* ==> Braces can hardly be noticed and/or very short scenes
** ==> Braces in one or more scenes, nothing special
*** ==> Braces in several scenes and/or good shots of braces
**** ==> Braces in many scenes, braces play an important part in the movie
***** ==> (series and serial films only) There are at least two parts with a four star rating each

What is the source of your information? Have you seen the whole movie or just a trailer? If you only read about it - where can we find the article?

Special thanks for translation, Mark Master

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Re: Comment les films doivent-ils être annoncés le mieux ?
« Reply #1 on: 19. September 2020, 02:25:23 AM »
It's a TV series played by two girls who are in college:

The first is Maya Erskine as Maya in the series. She wears a retainer throughout season 1, it is clearly visible in many scenes because she is one of the two main characters, I have not yet seen this series and the episodes in full so I have not yet specific scenes to be described for the moment. But it is rare to see a retainer so well and so often in a series.

The other character is Anna Konkle as Anna in the series, she wears fixed braces throughout season 1 as well ... as with the retainer there is a lot of scene with the appliance very visible.

For what I saw of this series it seems excellent to me, especially for the retainer.
 am a french fan of braces , and girls with retainer, headgear....

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 am a french fan of braces , and girls with retainer, headgear....