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The best retainer movie

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1- Lolita !!!
2- Cape fear (juliet lewis is adorable)
3- Cherish
4- matchstick men (short scenes and harly visible for me)

3 others films not list, Nowhere and Virgin suicide (very short scene but pretty girl)

And (Dias de futebol/ football days) great lips .

For buy Dias de futebol/football days:

For buy Dias de futebol/football days:

--- Quote from: Marty on 23. August 2007, 11:54:19 AM ---I have both the spanish and the UK (also only in spanish) version of the movie Dias de Fubol, but the spanish version is more recommendable, because the movie quality is much better. In the uk version the bitrate is very low, because the main dvd and specials were added togehter on just one dvd.

Bei der UK Version hat man die Haupt-DVD und die Specials DVD auf eine einzige DVD gebracht, wodurch die Bitrate um 50% reduziert wurde. Da auch die englische Version, nur die spanische Tonspur hat, ist sie aufgrund der relativ schlechten Bildqualität nicht zu empfehlen.

translation by Trapper

--- End quote ---

Johnny Glamour:
If someone is interested in a short video from "Costa!", I have uploaded it on YT:
(I hope this is not against forum rules)

costa! and lolita the best.

any films with male retainer wearers?


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