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Movies that people might like
« on: 23. July 2017, 03:59:01 AM »
These moves seem relevant. I liked them maybe other people here will too.

I get the sense a lot of thought went into Tilda Swinton's braces.  Like it or not films like this set stereotypes. Tilda had crazy teeth in Snow Piercer too.

Ghost in the shell
Cyborg fetishism is a cousin of braces fetishism. The bar scene is great, it makes me think of this site.  It's an excuse for a sexy cyborg. Not as explicit as Bjork's all is full of love music video but it's close.  Cyborg fetishism is practically an epidemic in the visual effects business. The villeins have metal teeth, the hero has a metal and plastic body with white teeth. When can a synthetic body be sexy? The movie 'her' ask, also staring Scarlet Johansson, asks when can a synthetic mind can be sexy.

Songs my brother taught me
The woman in the lead role has braces. Some how, though some miracle of editing and camera work, the audience only sees her braces for a split second. Why bother? Are the braces a distraction? Or not fitting with her character? Are producers afraid their's films will be listed on sites like this?

13 Cameras
Great movie about creepiness and paranoia.

Presenting Princess Shaw
The lead of this documentary wears braces. It's a great story of you tube stardom and what is means to have a fanbase. But what should she think if she knew some of the views came from here? She has a youtube channel. Don't be creepy.

Captan Fantastic
One of the suburban kids wears braces as mark of societal corruption. Decent film.

He needs to wear a big plastic head because he is crazy. Great film.

Kinky Boots
He needs to wear and be seen in kinky boots because he's trans. Why do we need braces?

He's gay but needs to wear his grill because he doesn't want to be effeminate. Why do we need braces?

Talladega nights
To anyone watching this film to watching this just for a few frames of a kid in braces: please seek help.

Hard Candy
Hey SilverFan, you make me nervious. Maybe you should watch this.

Off the Rails
A documentary an intense interest in trains driven by mild autism. Is a fixation bad? What the difference between fixation and passion? Would the guy be here if he had an interest in braces?

Do I sound Gay
A documentary investigating the 'gay' accent. Is this related to the braces lisp?

The Overnight
What's the deal with breast pump infomercials?

Best in show
A neurotic LL Bean wearing yuppy couple have braces. It's funny.

Eyes wide shut
Taboos and secrets.

Neon Bull
Someone calls out a braces fetish on screen and in Brazil! "What's wrong with his teeth?" "Nothing" "I think they are cute" Oddly we never see his braces. . Great film. It's amazing what can be shown but cannot be said. In the end the guys meets a woman and that matters.

Lord of the Rings
Imagine Tolstoy had a thing for rings and posted Lord of the Rings as a story on a ring forum site. -It's more fun to watch it this way.

Berlin Syndrome
The hero wears braces.

it's about imperfect people. One them wants braces. Desperately. Why? Maybe he was stuck by lightning

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Campy musicals are not really my style. -Wearing fake braces is sort of like drag.

Some Freaks
This might be familiar

For the writers of stories section

[edit] I changed my mind on a few things

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Re: Movies that people might like
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thank you!