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° House Bunny
« on: 15. September 2007, 20:22:09 PM »
aka 'I know what boys like'

New film, will be released in 2008, I found on german and french sites that Rumer Willis' character still wears braces even if she had not to wear them.
I didn't find any info about that in english, can you tell me what type of appliance Rumer Willis will wear: fixed or removable ?

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Re: House Bunny
« Reply #1 on: 17. September 2007, 18:41:45 PM »
The film is no longer known as house bunny.  The title, according to IMDB is "I know what boys like".  Rumer Willis wears a back brace, not orthodontic braces, in the film.

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Re: ° House Bunny
« Reply #3 on: 23. September 2016, 02:59:15 AM »
There is a very short segment at the beginning of the movie that shows a picture of  a young girl with braces. The rest of the movie has no braces in it. One of the girls in the sorority house has a body brace that she wears for 2/3 of the movie. This movie is actually worth watching even without it having any braces scenes in it.

This movie is a 1 star movie, but still worth watching.