Author Topic: Switching to Invisalign - worth it?  (Read 3661 times)


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Switching to Invisalign - worth it?
« on: 24. January 2015, 18:15:26 PM »
About 10 months ago I had braces fitted to fix a fairly severe underbite and some crookedness. I would have preferred Invisalign at the time, but was told underbite would have been too difficult to fix.

10 months on, the bite looks almost correct (now slightly over, rather than under), and my orthodontist estimates another 8-10 months for the rest of the treatment, which is mostly closing up gaps where I had teeth removed. At this point he says it would be feasible to fix with Invisalign, but would delay the treatment considerably and cost almost the price I originally paid again.

I don't feel comfortable with the braces I have, although they are the 'clear' type the white wires show more visibly than I'd expected, not favorable as I'm in my mid-20s. The thought of another 8+ months with them is difficult, and I'm worried it could become delayed and take longer. However, the thought of paying a large amount of money and extending my treatment considerably is also not an easy option.

I wondered if anyone else has switched to Invisalign halfway through a treatment, and if they can recommend doing so, or if it is more hassle (and money!) than it's worth?

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Re: Switching to Invisalign - worth it?
« Reply #1 on: 25. January 2015, 06:13:33 AM »
I debated whether to reply because my situation wasn't the same but I'll give you my two cents anyways.

I had regular braces as a teenager and Invisalign in my mid 30s.  Luckily I only had to pay for the Invisalign but both were significant investments.

In hindsight I would have done braces the second time around despite their visibility for two reasons:
1.  Food and drinks - I could never leisurely enjoy a meal or drinks because I always felt like I needed to put the trays back in to keep up with the hours.  I guess with braces or Invisalign brushing after meals is needed but with Invisalign it is more critical because the trays keep everything from naturally rinsing away with time.
2.  Refinements - After my Invisalign the first time things didn't end quite where the models predicted so I ended up needing a round of refinement trays that was actually longer than the initial treatment.  This may not be typical but the key point is that you have to go completely through the first round of trays before determining whether a round of refinement trays are needed.  With regular braces your ortho can adjust the course of treatment in the middle if needed.

Sorry if this was no help, good luck with your decision!

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Re: Switching to Invisalign - worth it?
« Reply #2 on: 26. January 2015, 10:15:43 AM »
Invisalign is a pain in the ass.  8 months is not that long, bear with it.  My honest opinion is that invisalign is a gimmick and not to be taken seriously

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Re: Switching to Invisalign - worth it?
« Reply #3 on: 26. January 2015, 16:34:28 PM »
Depending on your treatment the Invisalign could require post or blocks adhered to certain teeth reducing the invisible part, In my opinion the patient interaction is greater with Invisalign and if your not a consistant and disciplined to make the effort I would stay with fixed appliances, you are over half way with treatment why add cost to your treatment and not be satisfied with the outcome


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Re: Switching to Invisalign - worth it?
« Reply #4 on: 27. January 2015, 21:47:33 PM »
Thanks all for your replies. I hadn't taken into consideration how much more hassle it would be to eat with invisalign, or that there might be more work required. I guess it's not the easy way out I thought it might be, glad to have heard some second opinions before deciding against it  :)