Author Topic: Power chain too early??  (Read 2541 times)

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Power chain too early??
« on: 28. July 2016, 13:05:25 PM »
Hey braces forum,

I have had my braces done around year ago, and I have been travelling and am away from where by orthodontist practices, hence was instructed to get my power chains changed by other orthos monthly. After consulting 2 different orthodontists, it was in their opinion that it was too early for power chains to be used on my teeth, and might lead to negative effects.

I was wondering if anybody knows that if the gaps are closed without my teeth being completely straight, would rectification by my orthodontist be possible, as I'm worried that by the time i return in October, my treatment would be affected.

Your opinions and comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Re: Power chain too early??
« Reply #1 on: 03. August 2017, 01:18:15 AM »
I realize this is an old post, but I'll just note that my wife got an upper power chain at her second adjustment, about 12 weeks into having braces. It closed up a small but noticeable gap between her front teeth very quickly. It's obviously situational.