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Title: My treatment
Post by: slugbrace11 on 07. September 2006, 12:20:08 PM
At 15 I got dragged to the ortho.  And it all happen real fast.  The first appointment I had molds made and was sent next door for xrays. two weeks late I was back with spacers, then 1 week later my braces were placed.  It was kind of a surprise because all my ortho said was that I would be getting my bands next week.  I did not reallize that he called braces bands.  So In 3 weeks I went from 1st appointment to full metal braces.  I secretly liked them actually, not so much on me but especailly on others.  I got them off at 17.5 years old.  Now at age 32 my teeth have shifted, and look pretty bad.  I don't have the courage to get them at my age, but I sure like seeing them on other adults.  Thanks for this site and to all that add to it every day.
Title: Re: My treatment
Post by: Braces4Life on 03. February 2007, 05:42:32 AM
If you need them and have the money then I say go for it. Braces are cool. They are not a sign of abnormalty or anything like that. If I could have braces my whole life I actually would. I'm weird aren't I?  ^-^  :P
Title: Re: My treatment
Post by: -libtech- on 03. March 2010, 08:42:06 AM
Hey thats not weird. I have headgear and I love it. I dont know why but it is just so fun to wear. My significant other finds it sexy too so were al winners lol