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Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
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Just looked at pictures of your braces again. They really are epic. How are you getting on with them?

The removable braces I had were all absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every last single bit with them. Unfortunately, I can't wear them anymore. Since I have the lower fixed retainer the bottom plate doesn't fit anymore. And I now have a button on my upper left first molar where the adams clasp of the upper removable plate is located, due to which it doesn't fit…

The ortho said that I could skip the last appointment if I still notice my bite actively settling. However, during the last week before the appointment I didn't notice any further major changes, so I went in.
After a short inspection and wax foil to check the bite, she decided that we should try out the next idea for fixing my bite: elastics. She placed a plastic button on my upper left first molar for elastics to my lower left first molar to close the vertical gap between those teeth of >1mm.
Standard procedure with cleaning, etching, cementing and curing. Etching hurt like hell as my teeth are very acid-sensitive. In fact that tooth is still sensitive to warmth and cold and I'll ask for fluoride varnish during my next appointment.
I was given a pack of 100 light elastics 3/16" (4.8mm) 2 OZ (60 g / cN) and told to wear them 18 hours per day between 26 and 36, switching them out daily.

All of which is to say: I'm now wearing elastics (well, technically just one elastic).

It feels weird. Whenever I put it back on, it feels weird all over again. First, it's as if my teeth are being forced together. After a few minutes, I feel my muscles starting to work against that force. A few more minutes later, I stop noticing the elastic as my muscles are fully compensating the additional force.

The first few days the elastic pinched my cheek and a blood blister developed. I started hanging the elastic twisting it 180°, making it cross in the middle. That helped and soon my check got used to it at which point I was able to put in the elastic normally again.
I didn't have much of a problem with the button. Its edges are a bit rough, but I only notice that when not wearing the elastic.
Especially during the first two weeks, I had an elastic snap pretty much daily on me. It's gotten better now, probably because my tongue plays less with them.
Due to the different force between my left and right muscles, and a slightly shifted lower jaw position, my TMJs are acting up again and are clicking every now and again.

The button and elastic are practically invisible, being so far back, even when I laugh. Though if the plan is to move forward with more elastics to close the gaps between all my premolars as well, the buttons on those will be quite visible even when just talking.

I've been wearing the elastic diligently. The ortho said that if I notice the gap being closed I can stop wearing the elastics. I took that as a good sign that things should be moving quickly. Of course, why would I be that lucky? In the last 5 weeks, the gap only got a little smaller, now being at around 0.9mm. However, I can't feel the teeth actually being extruded. Instead, I think they just tipped lingually which improved contact between them a little. I don't know if that was the plan or if it's just my luck again. Guess I'll find out during the next appointment in two days.
I also notice that my lower jaw is pulled a bit to the left, which affects my bite on the right slightly. Either that, or it's the way my left molars are lining up differently now. My left canines push into each other a bit now, which makes the upper one move out, opening up the gap between my upper canine and first premolar again. There's also more contact between my lower incisors and my upper left lateral incisor.

I can definitely say that the brackets, button and elastic don't have as much an effect on me as the removable braces. Here, it's more of a love-hate-relationship. It's still fun to experience quite a lot of different orthodontic appliances and measures, which most people won't all experience during a single treatment.

Last week was the 1.5 year mark since getting braces, which initially was the predicted latest point at which I should have finished treatment. Instead, we're still dabbling around trying to fix something which wasn't even a problem before beginning treatment. One friend suggested that the treatment might be considered malpractice. Although I don't think that's the case as the complications weren't due to anything the ortho directly or indirectly influenced, that statement started creating some small doubts for me. On the other hand it's not like I'm suffering. Quite contrary, I'm still enjoying every minute of the treatment and don't even want to think about the time where I'll be braces-free.