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My Braces Treatment
« on: 02. December 2006, 08:29:05 AM »
my name is bayley and when i started i was a sophomore and 15 years old and my mom married an orthodontist thats where it all began. after they got married he sat me down in his chair and started say all kinds of things that were wrong with my teeth. at first he said i would only have them for four years. after 2 months i didn't think it was to bad then i went to my appointment and he stuck this headgear on me and told me to wear it 24/7. i told him i wouldn't wear it and i didn't. two months later i went back and he said that i should have wore it and he started doing something with it and he told that now since i didn't wear it i would need braces for 7 years. i couldn't believe it. the next day at school i cried my eyes out because three girls Ashley,Caitlin,and Ashton and just a week ago i finally got the headgear off. now he said that he would wait a month before he started the heavy rubberbands part of the treatment. the next day at school the three girls walk up and said somethin but Caitlin didn't say anything and i found out she made fun of the wrong person and they pop her in her jaw and broke it she has to have her jaw wired shut for 6 months. well thats all i got and i will keep you updated


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Re: My Braces Treatment
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It was sad that what happened to you. But for a proper treatment you should follow orthodontist, otherwise the duration of that braces increases at the time passes.Now take proper treatment because smile is best thing of human nature, and for smiling our teeth play major role in it.
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