Author Topic: getting Braces at 40  (Read 5974 times)

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Re: getting Braces at 40
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Hi you all,

Same here. I'm having a bonded hyrax palatal expander in my upper jaw for posterior crossbite and front crowding. I will be having it for 6 months with a turn each week. After that I'll get a tpa in my upper jaw and fixed braces in both my upper and lower jaw combined with elastics. The whole procedure will take about 3 years and I'm 41. This is my second time in braces. The first time I was eleven and I had a severe over jet. They fixed that with metal braces in both my upper and lower jaw and a cervical headgear wich I had to wear for 18 ours a day.... Which off course I didn't because I was to embarrassed to wear it in public at that time. After that a had to wear a loose retainer for both my upper and lower jaw. I didn't get a wire glued to the back of my theet. Right now I'm dissapointed in myself for not being consequent in wearing my braces as I was younger although that orthodontic didn't do anything about the widenest of my upper jaw. Nevertheless now I decided to get the bonded hyrax to stay consequent to get the best result. Hang in there! Du schaffst Das schon :)