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Getting braces @25
« on: 06. September 2019, 17:53:19 PM »
Hi all,

As long as I know I have "something" with braces.
When I was about 13 years old the dentist referred me to an local orthodontist because of some crookedness/crowding.
A few months later the appointment was made and an estimented treatmentplant came up:
Wearing a activator for about an year, after that I had to wear fixed braces for about 1,5 years and possible headgear as well.
My mom thought I had to make the decision myself, and my dad thought it was not necessary.
Unfortunately at the time I didn't had the courage to go through with treatment, even though I already had something with braces back then.

Fastforward to about 10 years, not much had change teethwise. Altough some wear and tear had occurred because of "teen sins"; bad hygiene and overconsumption of soda's.
This caused some cavities/fillings and some mild erosion later on as wel. At this point I realised that I should be more "protective" with my teeth.
I started brushing twice a day and started using toothpicks and floss as wel. Unfortunately some irreversible damage was already done.
I've also developed a habit of teethgrinding. Some months later on my halfyear appointment I've asked my dentist if I should be conserned and what the possible remedies where.
She came up with a splint. Much like an Invisalign tray, but thicker. I've also mentioned that my canines started to "grow out" as the are pushed out a bit,
and that my gums around those teeth sometimes are a bit irritated.
On that remark she reacted a that the only solution would be a set of braces, then quickly added somewhat negative that it would take problely two years to fix the problem.

For the next year the idea of getting my teeth fixed floated around in my head, when in december last year I've made an appointment with a orthodontist to get a consultation.
The verdict came up, Fixed braces for about a year and a half an problably a quad helix as wel for widening my upper jaw somewhat. All for a price of around €2500,-.
But I didn't had a good feeling with her and her office, since I didn't really felt personally treated. I've contacted another local orthodontist and had an appointment in May this year.
He was a very nice man who treated my very personal. He even was so honest to say that I didn't really need  braces, but that there was room for improvement.
Multiple options where mentioned including traditional braces and invisalign. Since Invisalign is about twice the price that wasn't really an option.
He said to think about it and if I wanted to proceed make an appointment for a second appointment.
I talked it over with my girlfriend and she said it was up to me, but if it was necessary that I should do it. In late July I've had an appointment for Photo's and Xrays,
they also made an 3D image of my teeth with an scanner. although this was a bulky device it's apparently way better than getting molds with a plaster like substance
The orthodontist decided to start with upper braces only since I have a bit of a deepbite. The cost is around €1700,- if I only get my upper jaw fixed, or around €2200,-
if I want the full package and get both jaws fixed. I probably get the lower teeth done as wel, since I really want a nice set of teeth. The estimated is about 1 1/2 years.

Last monday I've had an appointment with an oral hygienst, since the orthodontic photos showed some brownish discoloring on my (pre)molars.
Unfortunately this couldnt be removed as it where intrinsic stains. She complimented me on my good oral health as no plaque or other oral problems.
This was a big compliment for me, since I take real good care of my teeth nowadays.
Next thursday I am getting upper self ligating braces (probably In-Ovation R brackets)!

Here are some before pictures:

Upper jaw:* c e n s o r e d */wJrJhJh
Lower jaw:* c e n s o r e d */mSNyJDk
Side view:* c e n s o r e d */yQ9df85
front view:* c e n s o r e d */N6KdFcV
smile:* c e n s o r e d */WVFvzhq

If you got any questions feel free to ask or PM

P.S. English is not my native language

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #1 on: 13. September 2019, 01:07:23 AM »
Got them on today!

Got the Empowered brackets, not the In-Ovation R as mentioned earlier.
Had an appointment at 11:30 for the upper brackets, only took half an hour to put on. When the doctor removed the cheekretractor I was shocked how bulky those brackets felt and stil feel!
After that she did put in a very thin wire. Not sure which gauge, but TINY!
Altogether it was a pleasant experience.
When I got home my girlfriend was pretty interested, which I am happy about.
While typing this I have my braces for about 12 hours and no discomfort or regrets yet.
So far I am VERY happy with my braces!

If you have any questions/comments feel free to ask by PM or in this topic.

Here are some photo's:

front:* c e n s o r e d */f1PwyZP
Right side:* c e n s o r e d */VV9vyGz
Side profile:* c e n s o r e d */4Kp3Js4
Upper jaw:* c e n s o r e d */y6h8Bb8

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #2 on: 13. September 2019, 12:28:32 PM »
Lucky you!! Enjoy the experience.

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #3 on: 16. September 2019, 11:41:32 AM »
Thanks Hops, Definitely will do every day.
So far I've gotten only positive commentary from family and friends on my new silver smile. Still not much discomfort either. YAY FOR BRACES.

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #4 on: 16. September 2019, 12:43:39 PM »
Was bored, Got the DSLR out and made some pictures.
Turned out pretty decent I guess.


Teasing:* c e n s o r e d */9NwMbck
Smiling:* c e n s o r e d */Csq2kjY
Uppers:* c e n s o r e d */gjCkdFn

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #5 on: 16. September 2019, 16:37:17 PM »
Very nice. Looking forward to seeing your progress

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #6 on: 13. October 2019, 12:56:23 PM »
Update Time,

Last thursday I went back for a checkup. When I arrived I directly got assigned to an assistent. She put me in the chair and removed my old wire by clipping open the backets.
Then she put in a somewhat ticker wire (.016 niti), I believe that my old wire was .012 or .014. After she clipped the wire into the brackets en bend the wire ends to the inside she was done.
A few minutes later the orthodontist came for a check-up. He mentioned there was progress, altough I didn't see any over last month. He said I can get bottom braces in 2 months if I want to straighten out the lower jaw as well. Probably going for lowers as well.
I can definitely feel this wire doing his work, since i feel a constant pressure on my teeth now.
Saturday I was bored and decided to do an extra thorough cleaning of my teeth. I clipped my brackets open and took the wire out myself. The brackets feel extra sharp en bulky when there was no wire. After some thorough brushing I made some photos without the wire en put the wire back in. Was a fun little thing to do on a saturday.

New wire in:* c e n s o r e d */Q6qvHFd* c e n s o r e d */YfzzkkX* c e n s o r e d */qDzG0z6* c e n s o r e d */KwNRwZ5

Archwire removed myself for cleaning:* c e n s o r e d */KqzGKCx* c e n s o r e d */DbqSMfN

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Re: Getting braces @25
« Reply #7 on: 29. October 2019, 23:39:46 PM »
@ Braces-Fan
Gratulation for your hardihood and endurance to beginn the treatment.
The photos looks fine.

How long is probable your treatment?

I'm envious, that i dosn't have braces, too.