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Braces and bone structure.
« on: 14. March 2015, 17:34:40 PM »
I had a type 2 malocclusion and some crooked teeth,
braces 'till this august, lower teeths arch been pushed forward, upper one a little inward.
Results: teeths are near perfectly aligned and the smile looks straight.
The problem is in the cheek, zygome, and jaw area, it's something about the bone structure, wider jaw, somehow retrusion of cheekbones, area around lips protruding a little bit.
So here is the subject's question.. Considering the fact that there are now advanced orthognatic studies,
I was wondering how braces affect the bone structure of the zygomatic area and jaw's.
I wonder if brace can cause cheekbones retrusion, and if so, in the same way, if it's possible that braces could also solve cheekbone retrusion,
by pushing upper arch forward or somehow.