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I had braces for nearly a year and had them taken off 4 months ago. I have been wearing my retainers every night but one tooth has moved slightly. I really want to have braces again. Will I have to pay for another round of treatment or will my orthodontist include it in my previous treatment?

I would say more likely than not that you'd have to pay again. If your orthodontist really believes that you've been wearing your retainer as much as you have been instructed, then maybe they'd charge less or include it in your previous treatment. That really depends on your orthodontist's specific policies.

It may just be that, with an adjustment to your existing retainers (assuming they are hawleys), or with a new retainer, a slight adjustment could be made. Yes, I'm guessing you'd need 24/7 wear for a bit, to move the tooth.

As ever, your ortho is the one who can advise you, and I'm sure there is an actual, or implied, warranty, that as long as you wear your retainers as advised, then your teeth shouldn't move.

(What sort of retainers do you have?)


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