Author Topic: Back in braces at 35  (Read 5081 times)

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Back in braces at 35
« on: 18. April 2015, 03:39:48 AM »
Hi all I'm 35 and have just been put into full metal braces for the second time as an adult. I got braces put on at 28 and wore them for 3 Yeats and now 4 Yeats on I'm back in full metal braces and elastics for another 3-4 years. I couldn't  belive when I was told  I needed braces again and that I would be wearing them possibly longer than the first time.

My ortho insisted on metal brackets so once again I'm a total metal mouth, more so this time as she has used tie wires to secure my archwires. Wow - my braces look so much more co pllicaed than before. My elastics are in a triangle config  fro! Upper canine to lower and bicuspid so they are now impossible not see. Already I'm looking  like a bigger braceface than before. Even tho its pretty embarrassing its pretty exciting too to feel all the hardware on my teeth and the tightness and pressure again. Guess it sounds a bit weird but I found  that I came to like that the first time. After the initial pain I found myself again enjoying it this time.

Secretly I love my look,  I think it makes me look cute and girly and  younger looking. So nice to see a lot more women this time at my ortho,s  wearing braces , a lot with elastics too which is nice. A couple of patients I spoke to are expecting 3yrs+ in braces too so I'm a lot happier about my braces this time now there are so manyother s my age going thru this

Its nice getting so much attention for other women,  heaps have said how good I look which I like, a lot are curious and want to know what is like. I'm sure a lot find me attractive in braces too. I know now I like the look on women after I first got braces, before I had no idea that it was what I found attractive on some women. Pity guys aren't as accepting about braces, I tink I'll be single for awhile with all this hardware but I'm OK with it.

Would love to chat to others who are braced and like it.  I'm  so excited  about being  braced again  and  can't wait for all the surprises my ortho has is store me this time. 

Full braces Samantha
Back in braces after only 4 years
Full metal braces and 2 elastics
Getting more elastics for sure -  4 class 2 expecting to get (6 elastics wow  that will be sooooo tight :))
HG if required - omg 35 with hg- nice  :)
Braced for at least 3yrs with elastics fitted the whole time.

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Re: Back in braces at 35
« Reply #1 on: 18. April 2015, 17:53:01 PM »
why do you need them again?

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Re: Back in braces at 35
« Reply #2 on: 27. April 2015, 13:50:08 PM »
I'm sorry, I'm cynical, this sounds just too detailed to be real - this sounds like a fantasy.  A nice fantasy, but a fantasy none the less.

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Re: Back in braces at 35
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Re: Back in braces at 35
« Reply #4 on: 08. May 2015, 14:18:52 PM »
wow thats alot to wear, i dont feel so bad about what my ortho has fitted me with.

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Re: Back in braces at 35
« Reply #5 on: 15. November 2015, 03:37:42 AM »
stop people ith the hating people, gjve samantha the benifet, if she is telling truth n this may b only place she can speak how she feels now she would feel there is no where to chat about her treament #stopthedoubtgivesupport 
hope your treatment is going well
look forward to your next post