Author Topic: Would love some advice on what to order from the shop.  (Read 1176 times)

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Would love some advice on what to order from the shop.
« on: 22. July 2019, 19:19:35 PM »
Hey all,

I'm new here but have been a fan of braces since I had them over a decade ago as a teenager. My treatment at the time included a bite plate which I had to wear for over a year and the experience really made me fall in love with appliances. After I got my braces off, I wore my Hawleys religiously for many years until I foolishly and very sadly lost them in a move. Every since then, I have really missed having something in my mouth.

I've been inspired seeing some of the collections from the shop and hearing about the positive experiences.  I think it is finally time for me to get back in the braces game and most importantly fulfill some of the desires I never had in my real treatment. I am seeking an appliance which will maximally fill my mouth with acrylic and be compatible with headgear. I love the sensation of having my mouth completely full of plastic and metal and really want something which will push that to the extreme. With that in mind, here are the options I am contemplating at the shop, some of which I know are popular here:

  • Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope Appliance, potentially with tongue crib
    I know this is a popular appliance and it seems amazing!
  • Activator with Tongue Crib and Pelottes
  • Modified Activator with Pelottes
  • Stiff Activator

Would love to hear some thoughts as to which is recommended given the experience I am after. Any advice, feedback or experiences you've had with these appliances or others would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!