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I need help choosing
« on: 26. February 2015, 19:21:02 PM »
Okay, this is going to sound odd, but I need advice.  I want to buy something, but I'm unsure as to what.  I've looked at the products in the store, and it gets a bit confusing at times as to what is suitable and what not.  Activators and Hansa plates and bionators and and and....

I am essentially looking for two things - one is almost the opposite of each other.

The first item I am looking for is something that will "fill my mouth". Top and bottom, and make it almost impossible to speak, and eating totally out of the question - drinking water will still be required, of course.  Something big and bulky that is obvious and will be visible when I'm wearing it.  This is my "extreme retainer" - this is a fetish item because sometimes I just need a mouth full of stuff!

the second item is a bit more "low key" - something like a normal Hawley retainer that I can wear but I need to be able to speak clearly and chew in it, for "long term" wear.  This is more legitimate than fetish/fun
I need headgear tubes on both of these, but I do not want fake brackets - it must be a "real" appliance.  If it's possible to wear elastics on either or both of these, it would be great, but not a necessity. 

So, anyone able to give any help?

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Re: I need help choosing
« Reply #4 on: 28. February 2015, 00:06:56 AM »
I found these photos on another brace forum //Marty: link deleted
One guy was selling entire collections of his braces. I several times contacted him with questions where did he buy them but without any response  :-[

I would like to have the same with HG tubes and hooks for facemask. It will completely full the mouth :)

It looks like combinatio of activator (green part) and Fraenkel (red part).

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Re: I need help choosing
« Reply #5 on: 01. March 2015, 16:17:50 PM »
@jojojojo: From the style of building, I would say that this red and green appliance was in fact made at the shop here.  :D

DemBones, regarding your first requirement, I'd guess some kind of activator would fill your needs best - preferably the 'Dutch' variety that spreads the jaws apart quite a lot. The further apart your jaws are, the smaller the opening at the front is, and the more plastic there is between your tongue and your lower (!) teeth, the harder it is to talk.  >:D  The shop will add headgear tubes to anything you ask them to. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from adding outer shields, as well. You name it, the technician will build it. Best supply a photo, though. Or, better still, a drawing!

Like so:

Or of course a classic Van Beek:

For your second request, something to eat and talk with, either go for the classic Hawleys (you can order them with headgear tubes) or a twin block, if you want something a little 'heavier'. You can talk and chew with either, given a little practice.

Removable appliances and elastics usually don't go together in real life... at the very least, retainers to support elastics wouzld have to have sturdy clasps to hold them in. Elastics have quite a bit of force to offer... ;-)

Hope this helps you chose!  8)

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