Author Topic: Fake retainer and missing tooth  (Read 446 times)

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Fake retainer and missing tooth
« on: 18. August 2022, 23:03:52 PM »
I have asked this question before but there was no reply from anyone at the time....

My current retainers etc are out of date because I had a molar extracted some time ago.
Its not the back tooth but its the next one to it.
I have already asked the Braces shop if they can make a new retainer with a tooth on it. They say its no problem but I am just wondering if anyone else here has had a fake retainer or other appliance made which also fills a gap where a molar is missing ?

Also I wonder if its best to get the 'wrap around' style or a standard Hawley style. I have had standard hawleys till now for regular wear, plus a few other things.

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Re: Fake retainer and missing tooth
« Reply #1 on: 19. August 2022, 00:30:37 AM »
I remember seeing (on FB) a place in Thailand - or near - that made fake braces, mainly for kids, and there were plenty of pics there of hawleys / braces (on a plate) that had false teeth (ie baby teeth gone, adult teeth not there yet))

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Re: Fake retainer and missing tooth
« Reply #2 on: 19. August 2022, 03:12:46 AM »
I had a retainer with a fake tooth on it (I have since gotten an implant)

This is absolutely a thing. It was pretty annoying to eat with it in but usually I did since I didn’t want to sometimes have a tooth there and sometimes not. With a back tooth I imagine it is less of an issue