Author Topic: Fake Braces ?  (Read 4391 times)


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Fake Braces ?
« on: 10. December 2011, 21:49:21 PM »
I would like to purchase fake upper and lower "fixed" braces.  Is it better to have the brackets mount on a Hawley type retainer or is it better to have the brackets attached to a Invisaline type aligner?  Which look the most realistic.  Will either work with headgear?

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Re: Fake Braces ?
« Reply #1 on: 10. December 2011, 23:41:36 PM »
Depends what you want to do. As for looks, both are roughly the same (about 85-90% realism). For talking/drinking/eating very soft foods the splint type is better. If you want headgear, go for the retainer type and a highpull configuration. On the splint types, the headgear is usually stronger than the glue of the bands, resulting in breakage.

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