Author Topic: Buying from braces shop  (Read 37567 times)

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Re: Buying from braces shop
« Reply #150 on: 12. May 2019, 19:49:14 PM »
@Twin Block Girl: Thank you. It feels great; it fits well and definitely is a mouthful and takes some getting use to but after a while it doesn't feel that big. The face bow came with the loops/stop, I think that's standard. It would be interesting with a habit crib, I haven't seen that done. What treatment have you had or what appliances do you have/want to get?
I bought a fake brace with headgear for my husband!!!
I Will buy a modified twin block with tongue crib (Or is too much?)

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Re: Buying from braces shop
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Oh cool. How does he like it? Is it just a retainer?