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INXS - Beautiful Girl

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Martin Meier:
Ein "beautiful girl" mit fester Spange; 1 kurzes (aber schönes) close-up, ein oder zwei andere kurze Szenen

A "beautiful girl" with fixed braces; 1 short (but nice) close-up, one or two other short scenes

It has a close-up shot of red-lipsticked lips and mouth of metal braces biting on a stalk of celery.

There is also a girl with braces smiling along with others, but the detail isn't so good.

Sorry I'm not sure to understand.

This is a video clip ?

Martin Meier:
Of course, yes.

The song was released in 1992 on the "Welcome to Wherever You Are" album (and various Best Of's) and the director of the video is Mark Pellington.

The video also appeared on a Greatest Hits Video complation (VHS) called "INXS - The Great Video Experience" in 1994 (more info here).

Probably you can watch the video here: (but didn't work for me...)

It doesn't work for me too  :cry:


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