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Best in Show ****
« on: 16. April 2003, 02:36:57 AM »
Best in Show
Best in Show

USA  2000

Darsteller: Parker Posey (Meg Swan)

A young woman (Parker Posey) is in full metal braces playing opposite to a man (Michael Hitchcock) also in full metal braces. had this interview with Parker Posey: "I had braces put on," Posey admits. "I got real braces. I wanted to get braces. I wanted to see what that was like." For the record, her co-star, Michael Hitchcock, also sports braces in the film, the ones that, as he tells it, "pop out on a retainer." But that wasn't good enough for Posey. No, she wanted to look bad the whole length of shooting-and even beyond. "It was fun. I left them on for like, three, four weeks after we finished shooting. It was weird," she remembers. "I started blushing, I got really shy-a lot of things came out, and it was fun to kind of observe myself when I had them."

Quelle / Special Thanks: Mark Master

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