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Orthodontic Treatment / Second time having braces
« Last post by Alfster on 11. January 2019, 23:36:49 PM »
I am really worried about having braces for the second time so can I have some tips and tricks or anything to make me feel a bit happier thanks
Online Braces-Shop (German or English) / Re: Buying from braces shop
« Last post by xxxforce on 11. January 2019, 20:25:17 PM »
I've also done it and ordered the modified twinblock.. i Got the impression kit today but unfortunately they forgot the wax plate i asked for.. i wrote a note in the return package that i want the lower jaw being pushed forward. if they can do it without the wax bite okay if not they should send me some wax..  taking the impressions was a bit of pain.. first round i used way too much material so the tray didn't fit right.. second round i used right amount but not proper positioned.. third round finally was ok.. i hope the impressions are okay :)

So now the waiting process begins..
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by carking on 11. January 2019, 18:16:08 PM »   Male ceramic, off and hawleys    Male elastics     Getting off   Power chain    Male    Male elastics    Male   !!! Elastics up close and upper plate?     Slides      Male power chain and getting off     Elastics      Male power chain      Braces and expander   Male getting off     Elastics    Power chain, getting off and essix   Male power chain and getting off       10:50      Male
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on 11. January 2019, 08:46:26 AM »        getting on           adult        elastics, glasses        male, glasses        glasses          male          glasses           male         getting bottom on            male           not only slides          male in the chair            male         getting off        getting off, clear retainers         two         elastics           glasses       glasses           bottom tongue crib, adult          adult
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