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Part 58.

Dr. Sanders came back with a big smile on her face.  She handed us each a card that had our username and password handwritten on it.  As she did she said “this is exciting!  We can all track our wear time now!  Maybe we can make a competition of it since everybody in the office now has extraoral appliances of our own.  Who ever gets the most hours in each month gets a prize.”  She seemed to be talking to herself as she continued “maybe we could do it for all patients.  That would be fun.  And we are overdue for another Facebook contest.”  She seemed to catch herself and said “anyway, I will think about it over the weekend.  So, Haley and Britt, you both know how it works.  Rob, just log in there every day and put your wear time, your true and honest wear time, round to the nearest half hour.  And yes, you can round up the half hour.  Just don’t round up from 3 hours to 10 hours.”  She found this funny and laughed then continued “it only takes a minute or two, and you can do it on your computer or phone.  And if you forget a day or two you can fill in the time afterwards.  Just don’t fall behind more than a few days.  Then you will be in trouble.  And you don’t want that do you?”  I shook my head back and forth and responded “no ma’am.”  She responded “wonderful!  If you have any questions or issues, let me know.  But you are a smart guy and will figure it out.  So now, let’s get you fixed up Haley!”

Haley nervously sat down in the chair.  I sat on the stool beside her to offer moral support.  Dr. Sanders sat down on her stool and said “so Haley, you still have a tongue thrust.  Because of upper expansion, I can’t use a tongue crib like you had before.  I am sure that breaks your heart.  But, we can use some tongue spurs.  I am going to install a spur, some people call them spikes, on each of your top front six teeth.  They will serve as a reminder if you push your tongue against them.  And I know your tongue is already beat up from the six screws.  And this will beat it up more.  But we have to correct your habit.  So, I am going to go ahead and bond those on now.  And I am going to have the lab fabricate you a rake for your lowers.  I will install spacers for that now too.  And when the rake comes in we can install it as well.  Ok?”  Seeing how sad Haley’s facial expression had become while Dr. Sanders had been explaining this I had already taken her hand.  Dr. Sanders looked expectantly at Haley.  Haley weakly uttered “ok”.  I squeezed her hand, I didn’t know what else to do.

When Dr. Sanders returned she held up one of the spurs.  She explained “so Rob, you may not have seen one of these before.  They look like brackets, but instead of a slot for an archwire they each have these two little spikes on them.  I will bond them on the backside of Haley’s teeth.  They will serve as a reminder for her not to push on her teeth.  Even at night when she sleeps.”

I asked “won’t they hurt her?”  Dr. Sanders replied “not unless she pushes on them with her tongue.  And that is the whole point of them.”  I said “Dr. Sanders, I don’t even care if you hurt me.  But seeing Haley hurting rips me apart.  Is there any other option?”  Dr. Sanders replied “you are sweet.  And if I could stop Haley’s tongue thrusting by installing these in your mouth I would.  But Haley is the one who has to do it.  The myofunctional exercises she is working on will eventually break the habit.  But until then we still need an appliance.  So, until then she will need these spurs and the rake.  She will still be able to do her exercises with them.”

Haley must have noticed the pained look on my face.  She turned her head towards me and said “it will be ok baby.  I will be ok.”  I looked at her and felt horrible.  I knew how much she had hated the tongue crib and how tough it had been on her.  I told her “honey, you are so strong.”  And then, whether Dr. Sanders liked it or not, I bent over and gently kissed her on the lips.  Once I was finished Dr. Sanders said “that was sweet.  And I wish there were a better option.  But there isn’t.  So let me to ahead and gets these and her spacers installed and then we have just one more appliance to fit.”

As I watched Dr. Sanders work in Haley’s mouth I felt horrible.  Sick to my stomach.  Because I knew that this was going to hurt my baby.  And we weren’t even done.  What other appliance could Dr. Sanders possibly fit in her mouth?  I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Dr. Sanders finished the installation of the spurs and spacers and said “so Haley, we need to intrude your top teeth.  Just like I am doing.  But I don’t want to use TADS if possible.  I have had a really tough time with mine.  And I don’t want you to have to go through the same.  There is another orthodontist that is using a different method successfully.  I would like to try that with you.  It might seem and look like a lot, but I promise you it is much more comfortable than these screws.”  She stood and walked over to the cabinets.

I couldn’t see what she was getting, her body blocked my view.  But finally she had what she wanted and closed the door.  When she turned I immediately identified a shiny facebow and black highpull headgear strap in one hand, and a blue Petit facemask in the other.  She sat down and said “instead of using screws, I am going to use a combination of headgear and a facemask.  The highpull headgear will produce a force that is up and back.  We want the up, we don’t want the back.  So to counter this we will use four elastics instead of two.  Let me get you all fixed up.” 

In just a few minutes she had the facebow fitted and the strap over her head connected to it.  It took her just a few more minutes to attach her facemask.  I noticed that Haley appeared to be on the edge of tears.  Dr. Sanders squeeled “this is sooo cool.  If this works as well as I think it is, I may ditch these screws myself.  Haley, will you be a dear, sit up and smile please?”  Before I knew what was happening Dr. Sanders took a picture of her.

I then realized that Dr. Sanders was planning to plaster this on facebook.  And I was not going to let that happen regardless of the consequences, or what Dr. Sanders had just earlier told me in her office, or whatever that paper I had signed said.  Hurt me? Fine.  Embarrass me?  Fine.  But Haley?  No, not fine.

I said forcefully “Dr. Sanders, DO NOT post that on Facebook.”  She looked up at me sharply.  I couldn’t read her eyes.  But if a fight is what she wanted, then this is the hill I was prepared to die on

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I'd rather like to have removables, because then I can decide when and how long to wear them. Also, they would'nt bother me when I am eating or at work.
General / Re: Calling all writers....
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I feel like I must throw in my try as well. With 2493 words I'm cutting it very close

Snakes and ladders

Alecia chuckles in glee as she puts the dice and game pieces back into the box. "Oh, dad, don't make such a face! One could almost think that you're not enjoying it anymore."

"Yes, I do", I shake my head. "It's just that losing five out of five games, THAT'S..."

She shrugs nonchalantly. "Is it MY fault that you're having such bad luck?" She grins broadly at me. Her silver smile reflects the light of the low sun.

I take one of the dice in my hand: "Are you sure that they are not tampered with?"

She puffs out her cheeks. "These are YOUR games. Besides, we use the same dice! How am I supposed to..."

"I wasn't being serious," I fend her off with a smile.

Then her grin turns sly. "So? Aren't you going to honor your betting debt?"

I sigh, "I should never have accepted. It was so clear I was going to lose."

"Then why did you agree?"

I don't answer directly. "Do you play with Susanne that much, too?"

Alecia nods. "Yes, I do. But mom wins about half. I don't have as an easy time with her as I do with you."

And really: Today my luck is worse than usual. But I take it sportsmanlike. After all, I don't see my daughter as often as I would like to anyway. So, every moment is precious. That's why I'm definitely not going to get upset over a lost board game!

"Okay, what did we bet on again?"

"You wanted to chop me a plate of fruit."

"And you shall have it," I make my way to the kitchen.

"But please cut the apple into small pieces, dad!"

"Are you always this demanding?"

"Ha, ha!", I can almost hear her 'pout'. "I went to the orthodontist today, didn't I tell you? My teeth are pretty sensitive by now. I can't bite anything hard at the moment."

"Should I skip the apples completely then?"

"No, as long as you cut them into small pieces, I'll be fine!"

A minute later, she appears in the doorway. "You know what I'd really like to do again sometime..."

"What?", I ask as I peel an orange.

Alecia hums and haws, not wanting to spill the beans at first. "That... that we might do something together again sometime. You know... like now... just with the three of us. Me and the BOTH of you..."

I lower the orange. "That's... »complicated«..."

She waves it off. "I know..." She regrets even bringing up the subject.

Three years ago, Susanne - my ex-wife - and I filed for divorce. 'Grown apart' is probably the term used for such situations. No 'bad blood', just different views.

As long as she was not yet of age, we both had custody of Alecia. But as the girl had decided to spend more time with her mother, we slowly drift further and further apart.

The fact that she continues to try to get us back together is.... well... 'bittersweet'. And she knows that herself. But at the same time, Alecia hasn't given up hope yet. And so it happens that soon after a grin appears on her features again.

She leans in the doorway with her arms crossed: "I told you that I'm looking for an apartment. I want my own place when university starts."

I nod; during her last visit she had complained about how expensive an apartment of her own would be. For now, I still want to keep it a secret, that she will receive a 'subsidy' from me.

Her grin widens: "As soon as I have my own four walls, I'll invite you BOTH to the housewarming. Then you MUST come and then... then we can do something together again!" Before I can reply, she turns around and disappears.

A short time later I enter the living room with the plate. Alecia takes a slice of apple and carefully bites into it. "Yes, that's OK. I can chew that."

"Did your orthodontist do anything special today that your teeth are so sensitive now?"

"Not really," she shakes her head. "It's just that..." She doesn't complete the sentence and instead shrugs.

"I confess I was quite surprised when you suddenly had braces half a year ago. After all, as a child you had fought tooth and nail to avoid them."

"Well yes," Alecia blushes slightly. "You know: I've since come to the realization that it's pretty stupid to be the only one to still have crooked teeth. But when I finally understood that, I was about to graduate. And then I wanted to wait that out." She shrugs. "Now school is done with, but in the mean-time I've become an adult. And the stupid thing is that I now have to pay for the treatment myself. I hadn't thought of that at all, otherwise I wouldn't have waited so long."

"But doesn't that have the [/i]'advantage'[/i] that you will now cooperate much better? If you let the treatment slide now, it's YOUR money you're throwing away..."

It goes without saying that Susanne will probably cover most of her daughter's treatment costs.

Alecia rolls her eyes. "Woah, you're always so 'reasonable'!" Then she shrugs. "But you're kind of right."

"So, are you happy with the results? Did you invest your money well?"

"What's that supposed to be when it's done?" she replies. Her voice sounds surprisingly sharp. "Why are you questioning me like this?"

"Can't I just be curious?", I return, surprised. "I only see you once every few weeks. I just want to stay in the loop. But if you don't want to talk about it..."

I half expected her to actually change the subject, but she brushes it off, "No, it's fine." Then she cocks her head. "Yeah, on the whole, I'm happy I guess."

"That sounds to me like there's a huge »BUT« to follow?"

"That's one way to put it." She sighs emphatically.

"So, what happened? Care to tell me?"

Alecia hesitates, but then gives in, "Did mom tell you what 'great idea' the orthodontist had in stock for me last time?"

"No, it's been a few weeks since we talked..."

"Headgear, dad!", she almost spits out that word. "Last time, the idiot actually had the glorious idea that I should wear one of those stupid silver bridles from now on!"

I nod understandingly, "NOW I understand where your [/i]'good mood'[/i] comes from. And why your teeth hurt more than usual."

She rolls her eyes. "Oh, stop it!"

"I didn't even know braces like that were still used. I thought they were relics of the '80s."

"You wish!" she exclaims. "During the last appointment, he suddenly had that metal bow in his hands and had succinctly said, »I guess this will come to you as a surprise...« How very funny!! I was dumbfounded when he strapped that thing around me."

"I can very well believe that. You didn't know beforehand that something like this was coming?"

"I knew NOTHING." Alecia shakes her head vehemently. "That's why I'm so upset.... He then only mentioned that he had already feared that my treatment might develop in that direction. And that I - now that this had come to pass - practically only have the choice between jaw-surgery and that effin' headgear..."

I grimace with pity, "Both alternatives sound less than desirable."

"You can say that out loud. But if he had already suspected that, why couldn't he have told me? Woah, that sucks. If I had known beforehand..."

"... then you would have at least had time to prepare for it," I suggest.

"... then I would have looked for another doctor," Alecia contradicts, smiling awkwardly.

"Do you think the results would have been different with another orthodontist?"

After a few seconds, she shakes her head.

"Is this new development so horrible to you?"

She stares at me as if she can't believe what she's hearing: "Dad! That's headgear! A darn bridle! First of all, that thing is incredibly uncomfortable. And second, it makes me look completely ridiculous!"

"I don't think so," I disagree.

It's clear she doesn't believe a word I say.

"But - if you don't mind me asking - how did you decide?"

"How? I already told you: I've been wearing this thing for a month now!" She scowls at me. "How am I supposed to decide when the doctor says there's no alternative? Because I don't want surgery."

"At least that warrants some serious thought!"

My daughter nods and lets a slice of apple wander through her fingers. "When Mom then took his side, it became completely hopeless."

"I'll have to come to Susanne's defense on that one," I remark. "If your orthodontist uses such a device on you, he will have good reasons for doing so. If I were you, I would at least try to..."

I can't complete the sentence.

"Woah, DAD! You too?" Alecia looks at me accusingly.

I shrug. "You said it yourself, kid: you don't want to be the only one with crooked teeth."

"Yeah, I don't... But... Woah, if the treatment hadn't been so expensive..." the girl begins.

I interrupt her: "You'd better put THAT thought out of your mind right away. You will definitely not stop your treatment just because..."

"»...just because I have to wear stupid headgear?«", she completes the sentence for me.

"... your treatment isn't going quite as smoothly as you had hoped," I correct.

"Woah, Dad, you have no idea how much that thing sucks. Let me tell you something: It really - REALLY! - sucks!"

Then she suddenly grins widely. "But I'll tell you something else: You and Mom: You're still alike. After all, she said the same thing as you: »Don't even thing about...« and so on."

A melancholy smile on my face. "Does it help, then, if we both say the same thing?"

Alecia rolls her eyes. "You mean: »Do I have even the slightest chance if...« Woah, that's going to suck SO bad!"

"Did the doctor say how long you have to wear that brace?"

"He can't tell yet. That was SO clear!" Alecia snorts. "Could be over in a matter of three months. But I may end up walking around with that thing still wrapped around me a year and a half from now."

"That's quite a long time-frame," I remark in astonishment. "But I imagine it also depends on your cooperation?"

She rolls her eyes. "Thanks, dad, for reminding me," her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Did you bring the thing with you?"

She nods "I had to wear it to the orthodontist earlier. Why do you ask?"

I smile, "Well, I just thought: If your cooperation really is that important, you might as well put the headgear back on now."

Alecia chokes on a piece of banana. "*cough*... No way... *cough* ... definit... *cough* definitely not... *cough* Where did you *cough* get THAT stupid *cough* idea?"

I try to look innocent. I don't know if I succeeded: "If it's so important for your treatment, it makes sense to actually wear your headgear. And the more you wear it, the faster you'll get used to it..."

I'm afraid my daughter's eyeballs are going to pop out of their sockets: "Whoa, dad. You're already just as bad as mom!"

I'm about to retort when she cuts me off, "This topic sucks. I don't want to talk about it anymore." She points to the stack of board games. "Come on, let's play another game instead."

"All right," I concede. After all, I don't want to annoy her any more than I absolutely have to. "How long do you actually plan to stay today?"

"You want to get rid of me already?" retorts Alecia, half amused and half nervous. Has her 'bad mood' perhaps caused me to have enough for today?

"Not at all. I just want to know if you're staying for dinner. Because I haven't got anything here. We'd have to order pizza."

"Sounds good. I'm in."

"Do you still like Hawaiian pizza? Then I'll order for later and you can pick a game in the meantime?"
That's the board game I'm talking of. I had this game as a child

When I return, she has already set up the playing field. "I don't even know THAT game."

"That's no surprise," I laugh. "You picked the oldest game in my collection. I've been playing that when I was a kid."

"Then it's ancient," she grins.

"Cheeky monkey!"

"Care to explain the rules?"

"You don't know »snakes and ladders«? It's actually quite simple," I begin. But then I get an idea: "What do you think, should we bet on the outcome again?"

"Really? YOU want to bet? After you've lost so many times?"

"I'll win sooner or later", I shrug.

"If you insist..." Alecia grins. "Let's see... If I win... then you have to look at apartments with me next weekend. Mom doesn't have time and I don't want to go alone."

"That's a big ask!" I protest. Not that I would ever refuse. And Alecia suspects as much.

She grins cheekily, "Don't chicken out Dad!"

"All right, then. And if I win, you put your headgear back on after the game and wear it until you leave."

My daughter's eyes get big. "Really now?"

"Didn't you see that coming?", I smile.

Sullenly, she shakes her head. "Won't do."

I smile, "Whatever happened to »Don't chicken out!« ?"

"Whoa, Dad!" she hisses at me angrily. A second later, she shrugs resignedly, "Whatever. You're not going to win anyway. So it doesn't matter!"

"I'm almost at the finish line," she triumphs fifteen minutes later. "A »2« or more and I've won."

"Or you'll crash down by thirty points if you roll a »1«...," I note.

"Fat chance," she laughs. And then scowls at the dice a second later, »1«. With an annoyed face, she pushes her figure down the ladder. "Don't you dare winning now, Dad!"

I roll the dice and... jump over the ladder to the goal with a mighty leap, laughing.

"Whoa! Really now? You can't be serious..."

"You think I cheated?"

"Of course not. But... But did you have to win NOW of all times?"

"You mean NOW of all times when the wager is uncomfortable for you for the first time?"

She just rolls her eyes in response.

I shamelessly savor my win, "What did you say earlier, kid? »Aren't you going to honor your betting debt?«"

For a moment, I'm afraid she's going to throw the game board at me. "Whoa, that sucks."

"Let me suggest something to calm things down: Even if you lost just now: If Susanne agrees, we can still meet up some time. What do you think?"

Alecia's mood improves abruptly. She rummages in her backpack and pulls out a flat pouch. "Now I can ALMOST forgive you for making me put on that stupid headgear!"

"Too kind!"

Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
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2 years ago, retainer after braces:
braces again may 2023:

Can someone translate what she says ??
Chapter 32

"Ok, so we're looking for 4 small stones, all hidden in plain sight?" asked Harper.

"Yep. So, Sarah, I see you wearing that brooch quite a lot, where did it come from? I mean, it must mean something special if you like wearing it?"

"My grandma gave it to me, before she died. It's simple, but I like it".

"Can you remove it, and put it onto the table please. Harper, do tell me about your ring..."

"Yes, it was given to me by my lovely grandma, it's been in the family for years.... On the table?"

"Please. Samantha, your bracelet?"

"It's nice, isn't it? It too is a family heirloom..." She removed it, and put it onto the table.

"Grandma gave me this when I was little," said Serena, holding her locket. "She made me promise to wear it, but also look after it, as if my life depended on it. I don't think she quite realised how true that was!" Serena removed her locket, holding it in her hand, and picking up the other 3 items. Yes, the shapes on the stones looked like they MIGHT match.

"Four plain stones, hidden in plain sight for generations, and somehow they got to us four. Here. Tonight. And seven stories about the four stones. Here. Tonight. The universe has clearly done a LOT of work to make this happen!" A shiver went down Serena's spine as she held the four items of jewellery in her hands. She held them closely together: nothing happened. She tried holding them next to the indentation in the sword: still nothing happened. She put all them back down on the table again.

"Ok, Wanda, how do we combine them again?"

"Well, they ARE magic stones, so you probably need to use some magic."

"Got anything specific in mind? I don't remember any 'combine 4 stones into one again' spells."

"What about the power of four? That's pretty strong magic, and I'm sure it will work out what needs to be done!"

"Ok, ladies, wands out!"

"Oh, hello Wanda... hello Ethel!"

"Hey, Madge, Yin and Yan!"

"Ok, ladies... yes, you four, please quieten down, you can catch up later, we have important work to do here." The other three wands spotted the four bits of jewellery.

"It's something to do with those, isn't it?"

"Yes, " replied Serena, "we need to remove the stones from the 4 bits of jewellery, recombine them into a single stone, and put it into my sword... any suggestions?" The 4 wands talked magic for about 30 seconds.

"The consensus is that we each need to pick up the stone related to us, then use the power of all 4 of us to recombine it and drop it into the sword." explained Wanda. When she put her mind to it, Wanda could be quite amazing. "So, point us to our bits of jewellery, and put your other hands together... ". With spectacular sparks, and zig-zags of electricity flowing in the air (and that was just between the 4 witches!), the wands removed the stones from the jewellery. Then they moved their wands together: more sparks, and bright lights, and a huge amount from the special effects budget just blown away, and the stone once again became one.

"Over to my sword..." said Serena. They moved their wands in unison, and placed the stone into the sword. As it embedded itself into the slight recess, the sword glowed very brightly, then dimmed down (but still remained gently glowing). The job all done, all the sparks and so on coming from the wands stopped.

"I believe our job is done," said Wanda.

"I think you need to pick up the sword, Serena!" said Elida.

"That's easy for you to say, you're not the one picking it up!"

"Half a second... Samantha... calming spell?". Samantha went over to Serena again, and cast a calming spell. "That feel better? You ready now?"

"Yes, thanks for that.... here goes!" Serena reached out, and nervously put her hand on the sword. As she touched its handle, it started to pulsate, and Serena herself was momentarily encased in a strange purple glow.

"Oh my goodness!!!! I can feel the magic... all the magic of all the realms!!! It's strangely amazing, yet it feels good, it feels.... RIGHT! And now I understand WHY they are trying to invade from the eighth realm: they want this stone!!!! Well they CAN'T HAVE IT!!! It belongs here, in our seven realms. Hey, Wanda, you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Hey, touch me onto the sword, let me have a word with that GORGEOUS hulk....". As Wanda touched the sword, there was a very pretty light dance between them.

"Hello, Serena, my name is 'Glimmer', I have waited a long time for this day!" said a very sexy male voice, coming from the sword. "I believe you need my help? I now contain 'The Stone of all Magic', the sum total of all the magic of the ten realms, which you may use for the purposes of good - which includes the defeat of evil. But I warn you, use me for anything evil, then that evil will come back at you ten-fold or more."

"Hello Glimmer, it's nice to meet you! Erm, did you just say TEN realms?"

"Yes! How many did you think there were?"

"Well, our 7 realms, plus the eighth that we're fighting... You're telling me that there's actually another TWO?"

"As I said, my stone contains the magic of all ten realms, and I can also be used to move easily and quickly between the realms..."

"I have a feeling that might be rather helpful... So, if we're trying to sort out an invasion from what we call the eighth realm, I'll now be able to use their own magic against them?"

"Indeed you will!"

"Ok... and, umm, is it just me that can use you?"

"Until now, in someone else's hands, I have been just an ordinary sword, but you have been able to allow them to use my abilities. With the 'Stone of all Magic', it's pretty much the same: if you allow someone to use me, then they can also access the  magic within me.... as long as they also have a pure mind and good intent. But heaven help anyone who is NOT of pure mind or has bad intentions that tries to use me!".

"Thank you Glimmer! You seem to have arrived at just the right time. Are you going to be safe in my scabbard?"

"Sounds like a pretty normal, safe and comfortable place for a sword to be..."

Now, normally Serena would use a tiny bit of simple magic, so that she could kinda throw her sword up in the air, and it would nicely drop into her scabbard, which she kept comfortably strapped to her back. So that's what she did tonight: however, it seems that Glimmer can be a bit of a show-off at times: a double loop and a triple spin later, and Glimmer landed perfectly into the scabbard!

The group talked together for some time: they were all happy to have contributed to something so amazing, and there was no doubt that tonight would be a night talked about for a long time. And so would tomorrow.

"I think we all need to rest, then early tomorrow, we'll finish this invasion, once and for all!" said Serena.


About 7am the next day Serena  turned up at the 'operations' tent. Whilst a certain amount of fighting had already started again outside, the 'generals' of the 7 realms were in the 'operations' tent planning what they could try next.

"Good morning everyone! I'm sure by now you may have heard the news: it looks like my sword has become super-charged with the magic of the ten realms..."

"TEN realms did you say?"

"Yes, Glimmer was quite clear about that! So, I'll be honest, I didn't ACTUALLY get a lot of sleep last night, I was 'playing with my new toy', finding out what magic I can do with him, plus reading a few books. I can confidently say that that I'm going to sort things out today, once and for all!. My plan, if you all agree, is to use my 'team', plus Elida and Poppy, I want to be ready for pretty much anything..."

"Serena," said one of the 'generals', "we have absolute trust in you: the prophecy says that it is YOU that will sort this out. Go with our blessing, and do what you believe needs to be done!"

"Thank you! I need to talk with the fairy team, and my team, but the rest of you probably want to listen in too.... I don't suppose there's any coffee left is there?"

One of the generals brought Serena a coffee, and the fairies and witches all sat down: the only 'person' missing was Poppy. Around them were people like Captain Hughes, and the senior members from the other 5 realms.

"So, let me introduce Glimmer to you:" She held out her hand, and cast a simple spell. Glimmer rose out of Serena's scabbard, gently came over her head, and landed softly in her hands, at which point it started to glow once more. "Glimmer, good morning!"

"Good morning, Mighty Serena!"

"And I think we 4 should all have our wands visibly out, they may need to get involved with what we do today, so need to know what's going on. So, good morning Wanda!".

Wanda appeared, and yawned loudly. "Oh, it's FAR to early to start work! Just dip me in your coffee for a moment, will you?"

"So, I'm planning on shutting down that rift, and stopping those invaders once and for all. My plan is simple, but I believe it's going to need a combination of magic from Glimmer along with some dark witch magic, which I hope Glimmer is ok with me using?"

"Oh, you're ok if you use your OWN dark magic, just not anyone else's, unless you want it coming back at you!" replied Glimmer.

"Excellent. So I'm seeing two things that *I* need to do, and one that's going to be up to the fairy team. What I do is likely to hit me hard, so Lilly, I need you to find your best couple of fairies who can do recuperation spells, and get them here to help - I may need them later."

"No problems!" said Lilly.

"And Samantha, can you ask your mum to join you as well? I have a feeling I'm gonna need a lot of help."

"Ok..." replied Samantha.

"So, you said TWO things you need to do, you've only mentioned one so far." said Harper.

"Yes. So, before I actually close the rift, I'm going to give the invaders a few minutes warning to get back to their own realm: not only is that the decent thing to do, but we don't REALLY want to have to deal with a load of them stuck in our realms as prisoners. But THAT doesn't REALLY fix the problem. The eighth realm will STILL be wanting to attack us! Now, if they are anything like most of the other realms, they will have a king - or someone similar - who calls the shots. And history shows that whilst kings get power hungry, there's also a load of people, some very close to the king, who actually oppose what they are doing. I'm going to make their king wish that he'd never met me. I'm going to humiliate him so much that he'll be scared to return to his realm! Oh, I'll be letting them all hear what I do as well, give them all some encouragement to 'do what is right'!"

"Sounds like you're planning on using some nasty magic there..." said Samantha.

"Well, yes.... and I'm going to need a 'tablet-assist'.. in fact, I was planning on taking a couple of tablets, make sure I REALLY have the POWER I need. Now, Tats, you need to get Sebby, and take her to see the old palace, it's going to be her last chance..."

"What do you mean?" asked Tats.

"Well, we all thought that it was sheer coincidence that the invasion happened here, but it turns out that your old Fairy Palace has been some sort of beacon that the invaders have used, plus it created a bit of a 'weak spot' between realms. So I'm afraid that your old Palace needs to be destroyed. Flattened. Blasted out of existence, and stripped of all its magic: Elida, I'm hoping that you and Poppy will be able to do that?"

"Give us an hour to check up on the magic we'll need, I'm sure it can't be THAT hard. Where IS Poppy by the way?"

"I told her to get some rest after last night, so she's fresh and can help you. As for the rest of you, you guys all need to keep these invaders occupied, but don't let them know that something is going on. I need to go out and do a bit of a recce, work out where to do the magic from: Captain Hughes, I'd appreciate your thoughts on that."

"Are we going to need the 'power of four' for this?" asked Harper?

"I'm thinking not, but it would be good to have you nearby, just in case we need to."

"You sure you're going to be safe doing this? I mean, I don't want you.... killing yourself..." said Sarah, sounding slightly worried.

"Sarah, have faith in the prophecy: it hasn't been wrong so far! It clearly says I'm gonna defeat these creatures, and if this doesn't work, then I'm clearly going to need to remain alive to try something else!"

They discussed a few more details.

"Ok" said Serena looking at her watch. "Elida, go get Poppy and start working out the magic you'll need to pulverise your old palace - you know, I'm so sorry you're gonna have to do that, I know it will hit Sebby hard. Tats, sounds like you have about an hour or so to spend with Sebby and the Palace. How about we all meet back here at.. 09:00? That ok for everyone?"

As with any sort of counter-offensive, making sure everything is in place is essential, which is why Serena wasn't rushing into things too quickly. Samantha came and had a chat with Serena.

"Two ecstasy tabs? You sure you can cope?"

"I hope so. I spoke with Wanda, and my braces, and we all came to the same conclusion: the magic I'm going to be doing simply HAS to work. Wanda has seen me a few times now when I've done magic with just one tablet, and we both think I should do the two, just to be on the safe side. That's why I need you and your mum, and the fairies there: I don't expect to be in a very good state afterwards, I'm probably gonna need help from the lot of you!"

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Good job! Holly certainly had a nice treatment!
Congrats @ineedbraces25 on being in full braces! Will you be sharing progress pics?
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Part 57.

Dr. Sanders sat down behind her desk.  She sat there in silence steepling her hands.  I couldn't take the silence and again apologized "Dr. Sanders, again I am sorry.  I really didn't know.  I hope you aren't upset."

She looked at me and said "I am upset.  But I am upset at myself, not you.  I feel I have not been professional with your treatment.  I haven't explained my rules.  I haven't had you sign a treatment contract.  None of my normal protocol.  It is almost like boom, you were just in treatment one day.  But, in my defense, you are the first case I have had like this; a husband, well significant other, of an employee starting treatment.  So this is new territory for me.  No, I am not mad at you.  But let's get you started with a real treatment plan."   She got up and walked over to a filing cabinet.  She opened it and removed a stapled packet and laid it down on her desk in front of me.  She sat in the chair beside me. 

She said "this is my standard treatment contract.  Please read through it.  I do want you to sign one."  As I read through it she explained some of the high points.  Dr. Sanders said "so, this explains the financials.  If you fall behind on payment, treatment will be suspended until payment is made current.  It also outlines the expectations you can expect from this office.  We will provide you with the best treatment plan to achieve your treatment goals.  In the office I will offer a professional doctor/patient relationship.  That doesn't mean we can't be friends outside the office.  But in here, I am the doctor and you are the patient.  It also outlines what is expected of you, the patient.  You will be on time for your appointments.  You will bring all your appliances with you to all appointments.  Even better is if you just wear them.  You will agree to follow the treatment plan and instructions of the doctors and staff.  It outlines my three strike policy.  This really revolves around removable appliances.  If you do not wear them as prescribed, on the third strike the appliance will be made fixed through the duration of treatment or until the appliance is no longer needed.  It also explains my wear tracking system, I have a website set up so patients have their own log in.  This site allows patients, or parents in the case of our younger patients, to track their wear time.  This is a tool for patients to track their time to make sure they are getting in their required time.  And it is a way for me to monitor patients.  And yes, patients can lie.  But, if I catch a patient lying to me, that is automatically three strikes.  Period, no questions asked.  I am honest and upfront with patients, and I expect them to return the same courtesy to me.  I promise it is much better to be honest and say "sorry, I just haven't been wearing it" than to lie about it.  I have not been having employees use the system.  But, thanks to you, I am now.  Including myself.  It is just the right thing to do.  Like I have said before, I can't expect patients to do something that we ourselves are not willing to do."

Dr. Sanders went silent as I finished scanning through the contract.  Once done I lifted my head.  She looked at me and asked "are you ok with this?  If not, we can stop treatment now and I will hold no ill will. Again, it is all my fault that I did not go over this with you at the beginning."  I said "if you will hand me a pen, I will sign this.  I did not bring one.  I must have left it with my facemask and protraction brace."  Dr. Sanders laughed.  She said "Wonderful!  And you are a funny and charming guy.  I am so happy we can continue on this journey together.  And thank you.  Are we still friends?"  I smiled at her and said "of course we are."  She looked at me and stuck her hand out.  I shook it.  She said "I will give you a hug outside.  But remember, in here I have to keep it strictly professional."  I looked at her smiling and said "yes ma'am Dr. Sanders."  She said "thank you.  Also, and this is not because you have been a bad patient, I want to start scheduling your appointments during our standard operating hours.  This is mainly just because now that everyone in the office is in treatment, it is a struggle to get all of our appointments administered in three hours each Friday.  I hope that isn't a problem."  I looked at her and said "nope, not a problem at all.  Though I hope you will still let me sit with Haley during her appointments."  She said "absolutely!  What, do you think I am some kind of monster" and laughed.  I let out a sigh of relief.  I was not really in trouble.

Dr. Sanders looked at me and said "again, thank you.  Now, let's go get you, Haley and Britt fixed up!"  I followed behind her into the treatment area.  Haley and Britt were over at the sink sorting through tools and organizing a big slotted tray full of brackets.  I walked up behind Haley without her noticing and wrapped my arms around her.  As I did I said "they were right, all the pretty girls hang out here."  She turned in my arms and said "hey babe, fancy meeting you here" and hugged me back.  Dr. Sanders said "hey you lovebirds, let's get this show started.  I am ready to go home."

The three of us gathered around the chair, and Dr. Sanders one by one examined each of our mouths and our expanders.  She gave us all a clean bill of health, and said it looked like our hygiene was good.  She then had us begin turning our expanders.  She had each of us turn them ourselves.  It took me the longest to get the wrench positioned on the expander.  After I did, I noticed that Haley and Britt already had theirs in position.  I noticed they were watching me, waiting on me to catch up.  We made our first turn in unison.  I thought this appropriate as we were all in this together.  As I turned mine, I couldn't get over how strange it felt.  It wasn't pain, though it bordered on the edge.  Instead it was just a feeling of pressure through my face I had never experienced before getting the expander.  After the first turn, we all made a second turn.  This one resulted in even more pressure.  Once we were done Dr. Sander's said "Yay!" as she clapped her hands together.  She continued "and now you are on your way.  It will get easier the more you do it.  Now, let's get on with the rest of it.  Britt, would you get back in the chair please."

Once she was in the chair Dr. Sanders said "so Britt, we need to make sure we keep that lower jaw of yours in sync with your upper maxila as we bring it forward. We could do that with a herbst.  But I think a better, more discreet method will be the use of a Mara appliance.  Those upper molar bands already have the bucal tubes I need.  We just need to get the lower bands with stops installed on you, and then place the elbows on the upper. I think I can manage even though you haven't had spacers on bottom." 

Dr. Sanders got up and went over to the cabinet and pulled out a tray.  She removed a couple of silver bands with large metal stoppers on them and a couple of stainless bent elbows.  I then realized that Bri was not here.  I asked Dr. Sanders "where's Bri, is she ok?"  Dr. Sanders looked over and said "yes, she is great.  She has an eye doctor appointment this afternoon.  But she is good.  But that leaves me as the orthodontist and assistant today." 

Once she returned she dabbed some cement on the bands and placed the bands over Britt's teeth.  Without spacers, Dr. Sanders had to really force them down over Britt's teeth.  As she did I noticed Britt was wincing.  Once done, she quickly cured the cement with the UV light.  She said "almost done".  She then inserted the bent elbows through the bucal tubes on Britt's upper molars, and bent them with a pair of pliers.  She said "and now we will keep your lower jaw forward Britt.  Be careful at first when you bite down so you don't bash the elbows against the stoppers. It won't hurt the appliance, but it won't feel good. At first, you will want to consciously make an effort to keep your lower mandible forward when you bite down.  But after a while your jaw will get used to it's new position and it will naturally close without hitting."  I watched as Britt opened and closed her mouth.  She looked at Dr. Sanders and said "yeah, this will take some getting used to."  Dr. Sanders replied "I bet you get used to it by Monday, the body is quick to adapt."  She looked at me and said "Rob, now it is your turn.  We need to do the same for you."  Oh shit I thought.  My premonition of getting more metal was correct.

I obediently sat in the chair without complaint.  Afterall, I had just signed a contract saying I would do exactly that.  Dr. Sanders repeated the process on me.  As she forced those molar bands on, it straight hurt.  She noticed my face and said "your teeth will ache for a few days, but it will go away."  After she had installed the metal elbows, I tentatively bit down.  And wow, did this thing keep my lower jaw forward.  There was no way for it to slide back.  I knew I just had to look like a bulldog.  As soon as Dr. Sanders proclaimed she was done, I got up and went and looked at myself in the mirror.  I did not look like a bulldog, but I did have a more defined jaw line with my mouth closed.  I opened my mouth to see how visible it was.  I saw that I couldn't really notice anything else in there, it blended in with all the other metal already there.  As I opened and closed my mouth I thought "this should be manageable."  Then I thought to myself "it better be, I don't have any other option other than quitting."  And I wasn't going to do that.  Because of Haley.

I returned to the chair.  Dr. Sanders looked at me and asked "you ok?"  I said "yes, I just wasn't expecting it."  She said "just remember what I told you earlier.  I have yet to have a patient tell me it wasn't all worth it in the end.  We are almost done!  Tonight, I need you all to start wearing your protraction devices for at least 14 hours a day.  Rob, now that you have that Mara you can just wear the facemask if you want.  Or you can wear the protraction brace.  It is completely up to you.  And girls, I made the decision just a bit earlier, we are all going to start using the wear tracking system we use with our patients.  I will get you all your log in and passwords now.  Let me go get them from my office."  As Dr. Sanders stood Britt objected "Dr. Sanders!  Doesn't Haley get any new accessories today?  Come on, this isn't fair!"  Dr. Sanders said "I said we were almost done, not that we are done.  I am saving the best for last.  Let me go get those logins and passwords first.  Then I will come back and get Haley all set up with her new gear."

As she walked away, I saw Haley's face turn white.  I walked over and wrapped my arm around her and said "I am sure it won't be bad baby!"  She gulped and leaned herself into me, like she was trying to hide.  I wrapped my other arm around her and stroked the back of her head and said "whatever it is, we will get through it."
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