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Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #09
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Today at 08:18:17 »       adult       glasses        adult       glasses         now off         two           adult glasses        glasses       glasses       boy glasses          adult getting off

[quote author=lavalamp link=topic=11385.msg114616#msg114616 date=1498386958 i was afraid of every appointment, already expecting the next humiliating appliance to make my life miserable. Oddly enough i find thinking about that kind of arousing nowadays... :D

I completely understand what you mean by this!^
It's like you are fearing the unexpected appliance that is going to ruin your social life, make eating and talking impossible and or something that cannot be hidden and draws attention. Totally understand
Allgemein / Re: Woher kommt ihr?
« Last post by lavalamp on Yesterday at 13:40:40 »
Schweiz  :)
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