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General / Re: Long term fakes
« Last post by retained on Yesterday at 22:18:25 »
What about overall time though, ie letting people think it was real treatment......days, months, (years !) ?

Obviously, if its fake retainers, the wearing infront of others can be flexible but what about if you have fake braces (brackets, wires etc) ?
 If you have worn them infront of others you would have to keep up the braced image.
General / Re: Which do you prefer?
« Last post by TonyBracesandSpecs on Yesterday at 11:52:09 »
Good question.

I voted for 'fixed braces, no headgear' because, on balance, it would probably be a better overall experience for the wearer :).

Fixed braces score maximum points for being permanent and giving a nice tactile feeling but not quite as high for visibility or embarrassment factor (although it is quite hard to effectively hide train tracks).

Headgear obviously scores maximum points for visibility and embarrassment. However, it lacks the tactile satisfaction of fixed braces, and, in the real world, it's not permanent. I suspect the experience of wearing headgear with bare teeth might be a bit boring compared to having brackets on every tooth. There is also a much greater risk of non-compliance unless you are the 'victim' of one of the stories on this site or a Braced Life model ;)

General / Re: Long term fakes
« Last post by TonyBracesandSpecs on Yesterday at 11:14:15 »

But continuously wearing without taking them out is maximum 12 hours...

My maximum time without taking them out would have been similar to yours. For practical reasons, I usually removed them to eat when I was at home. Apart from that, the idea was to behave as if I couldn't remove my braces.

Looking back, it was much more fun than my current real treatment. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Invisalign because I couldn't persuade any of the orthodontists I tried to give me fixed braces. The aligners feel nice and are doing a good job, but they aren't as tactile, and it is easy to forget they are there.
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Yesterday at 07:03:14 »      adult from who needs    adult glasses      teenie glasses + friend without glasses    adult glasses getting off     teenie getting on   adult     adult getting on again     male  adult, read the description   adult    adult?     teenie   adult pretty, elastics   adult getting off    adult  teenie getting off     adult in the chair    teenie      adult, miniscrew      adult    adult glasses, long videos  adult     late teen glasses    adult beauty     adult once more    adult, slight lisp     adult   adult, only bottoms    late teen, glasses    adult glasses adult   adult    adult  teenie, only bottom  adult    adult    adult  adult glasses    adult glasses adult

General / Re: CJDL on tour
« Last post by Sparky on 22. June 2024, 18:00:15 PM »
Chapter 1
Jenny walked into the music room carrying a strange shaped instrument case, along with a small folding metal stand.

"What on earth is that?" asked Linda.

"My sax."

"Your Sax? You have a saxophone?"

"Yeah... ah, right, it was probably before you actually joined us. Must be about a couple of years ago now, we worked with the music students at the college, challenging them to do something a bit different. We even got Mrs Davis, Mrs Robinson and Ms Smith to dress up in some of our costumes and sing one of our songs."

"Yes, I remember hearing about that!"

"Well, I mentioned to Mrs Davis that I had recently got a saxophone, and was trying to learn it, so she challenged me to play a song on the sax at the concert."

"So you can play sax?"

"Well... yes and no. Still learning: I ought to go and have some more lessons... but I was messing around on it at the weekend, and I was starting to get some ideas for a song in my head, and I need everyone's help, especially yours, to develop it..."

"Ok, sounds fun. So CJDL or 8 Girls?"

"Good question, and I don't know. Look, we've been working hard on stuff for the tour, I thought it would do us all a bit of good to maybe work on something different for a bit. Maybe we put aside a couple of hours each day?"

"Hey, a question: does having braces make it harder to play it?"

"It was strange at first, brackets digging into my lips a bit, but like when you first get them, and they dig into your cheeks, your lips toughen up and get used to them." As she spoke, she opened up the instrument case, and put the various 'bits' into the lid, then removed the body of the sax.

"Oh, nice and shiny. You get it new?"

"No, it was actually second hand, but I don't think it was used that much before. It's not an expensive one though - I'm still learning, and deciding if I want to take it further... maybe this song will persuade me one way or another!" she picked up bag containing the mouthpiece, with it's small piece of neck, took it out, and put the mouthpiece in her mouth, to wet the reed. Then, she found the neck-strap, put it around her neck, then clipped the sax to it. Next, she checked the alignment of the reed, and carefully connected the neck to the saxophone body.

"You're supposed to take the mouthpiece off the neck when you store it, but I was lazy and just left it on last night". Jenny put the mouthpiece to her lips, and played a few notes. "Hmm, need to wet the reed a bit more!" she said. She pulled the mouthpiece off the neck, put it into her mouth again, then opened up the stand, and put the sax into it. "Come on, I need coffee!"

When all eight of them had arrived, Jenny explained about wanting to write a song with the sax. She started by playing something she had started on from her tablet, then picked up the sax, and played part of the melody. "I'm afraid that's all I have so far. So, it's an alto sax, and I'm sure you all worked out that it's B-flat, although I might be able to transpose it if I really need to! Why don't I play it through a couple more times, get it onto your brains?"

"What range does it have?" asked Erin, after Jenny had finished playing.

"B-flat3 to F6, sounds like this..." Jenny played the lowest notes and then the highest. By the way, if anyone wants a go, feel free!" Jenny put the sax to her lips again, and started to play something.

"I recognise that... what is it?" asked Erin.

"It's from WAY back, 50s or 60s, called 'The Tequila Song'" replied Jenny.

"Yeah, I remember that! You could play that in a 'solo spot'!"

One of the things that they had already decided on doing on their tour was a 'solo spot', where one of them would play something solo. Yes, it might need some backing players too, like drums, or just a tambourine, and a bit of bass guitar, but the soloist would be doing the main bit of playing and singing. Mind you, if Jenny played her Sax, she wouldn't be able to sing at the same time, would she!

General / CJDL on tour
« Last post by Sparky on 22. June 2024, 17:58:36 PM »
Yes, another story about our intrepid lady musicians. We've had stories about Jenny, Dianne, Carol, and more recently, Linda: these four ladies are in their mid 20's, and together form the girl-band "CJDL", and this story is about all of them, as they prepare for, and go on tour.. Currently, they are all sporting a set of metal brackets. Not only that, they are joining up with a Canadian girl-band "Northern Girls" (who are a bit 'rockier' than CJDL) for a 3-month plus European tour: the members of Northern Girls are ALSO all braced.

Recently, both bands recorded new albums and singles, which will be released soon, in the lead up to their tour.

Whilst the tour is a joint - and very equal - tour, the story is mainly about CJDL. If you need any background reading, the "Linda" story is the one that leads into this on.

As ever, there will be braces, but not all the time. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading the story.
Orthodontic Treatment / Re: Fraenkel activators
« Last post by mr_90proof on 22. June 2024, 16:29:22 PM »
They are used on adults some.  There is one orthodontist in Ohio who uses them a lot.  For TMJ cases he will start the patient out in a removable bite splint.  Then after 6-12 months he will transition them to a Frankel which is supposed to be worn full time except when eating/hygiene.  Then after about 6 months he will move them into braces with lingual arches and elastics.  He continues to have them wear the Frankel at night and lip tape to keep the appliance in place.  Now that really is a mouthful.

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