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Allgemein / Re: Zahnspangen fetisch
« Last post by Ingo on Yesterday at 19:31:05 »
gibt es auch kieferorthopäden die Zahnspangen einsetzen ohne Grund?

Bei dir sicher nicht, da du ja schon eine feste Spange hast:
Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bekomme am Dienstag meine feste Spange im Unterkiefer eingesetzt.
Allgemein / Re: Zahnspangen fetisch
« Last post by Foren on Yesterday at 17:24:32 »
Hmm da habe ich noch gar nicht dran gedacht. Muss ich mal reinschauen ????
Grundsätzlich geht es mir aber hauptsächlich um feste Spangen. Ich liebe dieses Metall Gefühl auf den Zähnen und vor allem dass man sie selbst nicht rausbekommt.
Und extra Anbauten wie gummizüge finde ich auch super ????????
General / Story - Nanite Technology
« Last post by Sparky on Yesterday at 17:12:51 »
Hi everyone, I'm Sparky, I've been writing stories over in the "hidden" stories area (hey, if you're an adult, and have 30 posts then you can ask to join that part of the forums - see*~-bracesstorys-~*~/). Anyway, I though I'd write a story that I would post more publicly, in here.

This story could be set now.... or maybe it's 10 years in the future. Who knows..... who really cares? When we look back 10 years, MOST things are pretty much the same as they were in 2010. We still don't have flying cars. We still use buses and trains. Supermarkets look pretty much the same. Ok, coffee shops have become more popular, for some strange reason.

The biggest change in the last ten years has been in technology. Smart TVs. Faster Internet. More powerful mobile phones and PCs. People using video to talk, rather than the phone.

This story is based upon bleeding edge technology, but technology we have seen in films a lot: nano technology, and nanites. Microscopic machines (well, I guess they could be custom programmed bio-technology) that can be injected into a body, and that can do very clever things. We're talking here about non-invasive surgery. But no reason this couldn't be applied to other fields, like dentistry..... or even .......

I'm not planning on making this a long story: I'll set up the basis of the story, and then a problem scenario that may occur (hey, it's not a story if things just go 100% right!), but I will leave it up to OTHERS to continue the story, if they want to.

So, on to the story - as with many of my stories, it's written in the first-person, which I know many of you seem to like.


Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Jacob, I'm 23, and I live in London... well, the northern suburbs of London.

I studied marketing at college, and have been with my company now for 2 years. I recently got a small promotion, which means I am earning a bit more money now, so can think of things I want that isn't just rent and food!

Now, I've been told that this story is to be about my teeth, so I'll try not to wander too much away from that topic.

So.... my teeth. Yes, I have teeth. My dentist tells me they are in good condition, so clearly I'm brushing correctly. As a teen they were pretty straight - I'm not saying that they were perfect, but good enough that no-one even considered suggesting I needed braces.

However, I have noticed that, over the last 5 years, both my top and bottom teeth have become slightly crooked, and a little out of place. The most annoying is one of my top front teeth seem to have rotated - I think it's because my top wisdom teeth came in about 4 years ago, and they must be pushing my teeth forwards.

So far, I've been ignoring the problem, but now that I have a small amount of available cash, I'm thinking about getting them fixed. I'm going to have to go for the cheapest option available, paid over a long period.... which will mean having visible metal braces on my teeth. Yes, I've already been looking things up online.

I found this "Orthodontics Worldwide" forum over on Discord... it's a strange, yet pleasant, mix of people that HAVE braces, and people that WANT braces (but don't really need them). And no, they are NOT just a bunch of weirdos. Who really cares anyway, because they've been able to tell me some useful information about braces.

Last night, when chatting, one of the "enthusiasts" gave me a link to a web page, which I think could be quite useful to me. It seems that there's a team at the "London University of Dentistry" who are looking for people under 30 (and preferably under 25) with mild orthodontic problems, to take part in a trial of some new orthodontic methods. Whilst it seems there will be some costs involved, it won't be a huge amount.

So I immediately filled in the application form, and took / uploaded a picture of my teeth, and hit the "submit" button.

I guess that it's just a matter of waiting now to see what happens....

Allgemein / Re: Zahnspangen fetisch
« Last post by glutexo on Yesterday at 13:56:07 »
Wie wäre es denn mit Fakes aus dem Bracesshop?

Wäre das eine alternative für dich?

Was fasziniert dich denn an Zahnspangen genau? Bezieht sich das nur auf festsitzende Spangen, oder auch auf lose?


Allgemein / Zahnspangen fetisch
« Last post by Foren on Yesterday at 13:52:06 »
 Hallo ihr Lieben.

Das ist jetzt wahrscheinlich ein ziemlich seltsamer fetisch, aber ich liebe Zahnspangen zu tragen. Hatte auch schon zwei mal aus medizinische Sicht eine.

Ich würde nun sehr gerne nochmal das Metall auf den Zähnen spüren, gibt es auch kieferorthopäden die Zahnspangen einsetzen ohne Grund? (Klar auf eigene Kosten)

Oder gibt es da noch andere Wege sich zu behelfen? ????

Liebe Grüße
General / Re: Story: Managing a Metal Mouth [Book 2] Cynthia
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Yesterday at 08:38:44 »
I like your story very much! Thank you for it!
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Yesterday at 08:36:20 »      bottom, now off      adult       male       adult      adult       adult, tattoo       adult      elastics       male     two, one elastics       male getting off, wife still has it         male      male        adult?       male         adult        reminiscence?         adult glasses        two          getting off         getting off         adult elastics        adult?        adult       in the chair         slides        cleaning        male       two         getting on      male       male getting on      adult ceramics         adult          glasses        male slides        glasses         adult headgear       adult

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