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General / Re: A simple treatment
« Last post by Boheme on Today at 18:39:45 »
It's never simple really
Which country are you in?
Thanks for the info
General / Re: A simple treatment
« Last post by danfan209 on Today at 14:09:17 »
It's very simple indeed
I had these changes made for retainer with brackets:
- Green color
- The thick upper plate of the palate, covering the entire palate
- Bite plane added to the upper plate. I only took the upper device.
- Headgear tube and headgear cervical + highpull

I advise you to make the changes I made, you will not regret it.

I recommend that you also have the lower brace built and add the biteplane to it.

In the upper plate I suggest you put the toungue crib.

For the color, in my opinion, have the plaques made multicolored and put these colors on each plaque: blue, orange, purple, green.

You will see that you will be comfortable with this device.

You will have a little difficulty speaking because the upper plate will be thick, there will be the biteplane and there will be the grille to stop the tongue.

Once worn, you will feel like you have a fixed brace in your mouth.

I recommend that you try to wear it 16 hours a day.

Leave the house with the appliance do not be afraid, having the brackets they will think that you have a fixed appliance.

Sometimes try wearing the headgear as well and use it outside the house for a few hours.

At the moment I haven't tried it with rubber bands yet.

I have so many sachets at home with rubber bands I should try to use them.

I found the other orthodontic appliances you saw in the photos using the vinted website where clothes and more are sold.

I asked through an announcement on the vinted forum and many people contacted me privately.

I paid between 5 euros and 10 euros for the single people who sold me their disused orthodontic appliances.
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
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Videos (English or German) / Re: DVD samples from a japanese site
« Last post by otticars on Yesterday at 19:42:58 »
neues update


clear brackets ok uk, elastics, gaumenbogen, facemask/hg
General / Re: Story: Asian Braces 2 - Back in London!
« Last post by carking on Yesterday at 17:04:30 »
Great "hall pass"
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