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Videos (English or German) / Re: Headgear/facemask videos #02
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Sorry I make a mistake !! I've not noticed I was in video instead of pictures
General / Re: Tara’s Misaligned Jaw (or TMJ for short)
« Last post by mr_90proof on Yesterday at 18:10:04 »
Chapter Thirty Two:

The following Wednesday Dr. Brad sat on a stool watching intently as Dr. Morales and her assistant Mona fastened and adjusted the straps on Megan's new KAFOS.  It was amazing to watch he thought, all three women held securely and stiffly by their CTO braces.  Dr. Morales asked Megan "sho you she how we tightened those strapsh?  Make a note of how musch each ish tightened.  After awhile you will be able to do it by feel.  I want you to wear these all the time except while showering.  Swimming is also allowed, obvioushly remove them for that ash well.  It will take a couple of weeksh for them to feel normal, but most patientsh don't find them too musch of an inconveniencsh by the end of the firsht month." 

The assistant squatted down in front of Megan with one of Megan's tennis shoes in her hand.  She had already loosened the laces as much as she could and opened the shoe as wide as she could get it.  She slid it over Megan's foot and the attached plate the ran along the underside of her foot.  She quickly tied the laces and began to fit the other shoe.  As she did, Dr. Morales said "it ish best to stick to tennis shoes.  Especially at firsht.  I don't recommend heels at all.  There, it looks like Mona has you ready to take your first steps."

Mona stood and put her arm around Megan and helped her to a standing position.  As Megan stood Dr. Brad could see her mind spinning, comprehending all the new sensations.  Dr. Morales asked "do they fell ok?  Ish anything poking"?

Megan said through her locked jaw "tha ah show tight.  Ah they spose ta be thish tight?"

Dr. Morales replied "yesh, they need to be.  You will get ushed to the tightnessh.  Walk acrossh the room and back for me pleash."

Dr. Brad watched as Megan took her first uneasy, mechanical step.  Mona walked along beside her.  Mona said "ya are doin fine."  Dr. Brad noticed her mouth didn't open as she spoke.  Once back at the treatment table, Mona said "ya did sho well.  Sho musch better than mosht patientsh."

Dr. Brad added "baby, you did so good.  I am so proud of you." 

Out of habit, Megan replied "thank you shir."

Dr. Brad cocked his head at her as she realized her mistake.  She had broken one of their rules.  She said "thank you, shure feel resthrective."

Dr. Morales said "they do at firsht.  But in a week or two wearing them will feel completely normal.  So, any questionsh from either of you?"

Dr. Brad shook his head and said "no, not about the KAFOS.  You both did a wonderful job explaining them.  Mona, I do have a question for you.  Do you have your scopes locked?"

Mona said "yesh shir.  You toll me to keep them locked ash musch as posshible.  Sho I do."

Dr. Brad responded "oh my goodness Mona.  That is so incredible.  You are doing so well.  Maybe your dedication will rub off on Dr. Morales."

Dr. Morales eyed him as she responded "maybe Dr. Brad needs to be fitted for his own pair of KAFOS?"

Dr. Brad laughed before he said "touche!  Dr. Morales you are doing great too.  I am so happy to see you all taking such an active part in your treatments and wearing your appliances as instructed.  You will be in braces and then out of braces before you know it."  He looked at Megan and asked "baby, are you good?  Any questions?"

Megan said "no".

Dr. Morales said "than in that case, we are done.  You know how to find me."

Arriving back home, Dr. Brad helped Megan inside.  Dr. Brad's mother had volunteered to keep the baby for them, and as soon as they entered the house she rushed to Megan and gave her a hug.  She said "honey, how are you doing?"

Megan said "I am ok."

Brad's mother, Wanda, replied "I am so sorry this is all happening at once.  But I know between Brad and Dr. Morales, they will have you fixed up as good as new in no time.  I am going to stay with you the rest of the afternoon.  I insist."

Megan responded "thah ya.  How wash Chancsh?"

Wanda beamed as she said "he is an angel.  He didn't cry one time."

Dr. Brad said "I hate to run, but lunch is about over.  I have to get back to the office.  Mom, thank you so much."  He then hugged Megan.  Feeling the laces of her corset underneath her CTO would never grow old to him.  He said "baby, I am so proud of you.  You are such a trooper.  You are my inspiration and my rock."  By now, his mother had walked away to check on the baby.  Dr. Brad whispered "I will put your belt back on you this evening when I get home.  I know kitten must miss it.  I hope she is a good girl while I am away this afternoon."

Megan said "kitten will be a good girl.  Ish she in trouble for saying shir today?"

Dr. Brad said "no, she is not.  I know she had so much running through her mind.  And she recovered so well.  I am proud of you.  You are a good kitten.  And good kittens get treats."

Dr. Brad let go of her as his demeanor changed.  He was making eye contact with her as he said "I do love you more than life itself.  And thank you.  Now, I've got to run."

Megan watched as the door closed before she turned to make her way to the baby's nursery.  As she took her first step, she wondered if she could really do this.  She loved Brad.  And she loved their relationship dynamic.  But this?  It was so much.  She tried to brush it from her mind.  For some reason, she thought of Emily.  She wondered if she had been wearing her facemask at work.  She thought 'if she only knew what some people had to wear'. 

Later that afternoon, Megan got thirsty.  She walked into the kitchen.  Looking in the refrigerator, she didn't see anything she really wanted.  She made a rash decision.  She walked stiffly into the nursery to find Wanda reading a book, sitting beside Chance who was napping.  Megan said "Mrsh. Miller, could I trouble you to go to Starbucksh?  I would love an iced vanilla latte."

Wanda looked up at Megan and said "of course honey.  I will be glad to go get you one if you think you are ok by yourself."

Megan said "thank you.  But I wash hoping we could go together.  I am going to have to face the world with my leg bracesh shome time."

Wanda looked at her uncertainly and asked "are you sure honey?  You just got them?  And you are wearing your CTO.  Do you want to  take it off?"

Megan said "I am shure.  I can do it.  And I don't want to take my CTO off".  She didn't mention to Wanda that she actually couldn't remove it with the hook covers closed.  She asked "Can you help me into my sling?"

Wanda said "are you sure you can manage the baby?  I will be more than happy to."

Megan said "yesh, I am.  And you have to drive."

Wanda looked at her.  She was clearly not convinced.  Finally she relented and said "ok.  It is just around the corner.  Here, let me help you."

Wanda walked closely beside Megan as they walked across the parking lot.  She said "you are doing so good honey.  And you are so brave.  I am so proud of you for facing this head on."

As she approached the register, she didn't see Emily.  She wondered if she was even working that day.  She did see the younger girl from her previous visit, Megan remembered her name was Kayleigh.  She had her back to them working on some drinks.  As she stepped to the counter stiffly, Emily emerged from around the corner.  Seeing Megan, her eyes grew huge. Emily stepped to the counter and said "welcome to Starbucks, can I take your order."  She thought for a moment and said "Megan." 

Megan said "you remembered my name Emily.  I would like a grande iced vanilla latte."  Wanda piped in "make that two."

After ringing it up, Wanda dug in her purse.  Emily looked at Megan and asked "are you ok?  Were you in an accident?"

Megan said "no, I have joint inshability.  This neck bracsh is part of my treatment.  Ash are my new leg bracesh.  This clear mask is for my protraction.  I wear it mosht of the time.  Not that daintly little mask I was wearing the other day.  Speaking of which, I wash hoping you would be wearing yoursh."

Wanda paid for their drinks with a card.  Emily seemed to not even notice.  She seemed stunned.  Unsure what to say.  She couldn't help but stare at the CTO that Megan was wearing.  She finally said "wow, you are so brave."

Megan said "you are too.  Going through treatment in college and all.  I sure do wish I had a little company in here though."

Emily said "ok."  She stepped away and said a word to Kayleigh.  When Kayleigh turned, she saw Megan.  Kayleigh's eyes got huge.

Shortly after, Emily emerged wearing her purple facemask.  Megan watched as Emily stopped and spoke with Kayleigh a few moments.  She couldn't hear what was said, but Kayleigh disappeared into the back.  Stepping back up to the counter, Emily said "your drinks will be ready in a moment.  We will bring them to you."

Megan smiled the best she could and said "thank you Emily."

Emily said "I can't believe I am doing this.  Again."

Megan said "you look so cute.  Again, thank you."

It had only been a minute or so, Megan was still trying to get comfortable in her seat as Wanda held Chance, when Megan heard Emily's voice say "here are your drinks."  Megan looked up.  She felt surprised.  In front was Emily holding an iced latte.  What surprised Megan though was Kayleigh who trailed along behind her, also holding an iced latte.  Megan's surprise wasn't simply that Kayleigh had brought one of the drinks out.  It was the fact that she was wearing headgear.  And not just a high pull headgear.  Instead, she had an intricate collection of blue straps running around her head, two white plastic c-shaped pieces running along in front of her ears, and a maze of elastics connecting the silver facebow emerging from her mouth.  Megan recognized it as an Interlandi headgear.

Megan smiled and said "oh wow!  You girlsh look great!  Sho cute!  Thank you.  I don't feel like the only one.  Seriously Kayleigh, it ish cute."

Kayleigh laughed and said "huh, whatever.  I just got it this week.  It is horrible.  I thought my old one was bad.  This is worse.  But Emily said I should put it on."

Megan looked at Emily and said "Emily is correct.  You should put it on if you need it.  Just like Emily should wear hers.  Kayleigh, how much do you have to wear yours?  I am supposed to wear mine all the time."

Kayleigh animatedly replied "that is the worst part.  I am supposed to wear this 18 hours a day.  Dr. Blakeney wants me to wear it to school.  Never, I won't do it."

Megan said "Kayleigh, look at me.  Would you rather wear it now?   And fix everything?  Or have to do it when you are grown?  Like me.  I can tell you it is better to do it now."

Kayleigh said "I'd rather not have to wear it ever."  She went quiet a moment before adding "but I guess now is better."

Emily added "it is better than wearing it in college too."

Megan said "well, I guess that settles it.  You two are just going to have to wear them here at work."

Emily looked at Megan and asked "why do you care?  Really?"

Megan laughed and said "because mishery lovesh company?  No seriously, it ish because my hushband is an orthodontist.  He treatsh sho many adult patientsh.  It ish sho much harder on adultsh.  I mean, you two are, but you are still sho young.  The younger you are the eashier it ish.  I just don't want you to have to go through what I and so many other adult patientsh have to.  So, just wear it now.  Like you are supposhed to.  Will you?"

Emily looked at her silently.  Finally she said "I will try."  She turned to Kayleigh and asked "will you do it with me?  I know you were saying that if you don't, your ortho was going to move you to a non-compliance plan.  Whatever that is."
sieht eigentlich erstmal auch nicht anders aus als mit einzelnen Platten OK und UK. Man hat bloß durch die seitlichen Aufbisse eine Bisssperre, und das sieht man natürlich. Die Zunge ist bei dieser Spange schon ziemlich eingeengt, was sich auf die Sprache auswirkt. Mit Training wird die Aussprache zwar besser, aber ganz bekommt man den typischen "Spangenakzent" nicht weg.
Also, wie schon gesagt: Man sieht und hört es, dass man eine Klammer trägt.
Gruß Kf
Hut ab; dass Du da so konsequent bist! Für mich sieht das toll aus. Und wenn ich an meine Aussprache denke mit "einfachen Platten", hört sich das bei Dir garantiert noch ganz anders an!
Gruß der Quälgeist
Also, von Anfang an arrangiert ist nicht ganz richtig. Am Anfang hat mich die Klammer natürlich auch gestört und ich wollte sie nicht wie verordnet (ständig, außer zum Essen und beim Sport) tragen. Aber meine Eltern waren da sehr streng. Wenn ich ohne Spange erwischt wurde, gab es Strafen. Ich habe mich also mehr zwangsweise damit abgefunden. Man kann sich eben nur an eine Spange gewöhnen, wenn man sie auch trägt. Irgendwann merkt man es dann ja kaum noch, wobei natürlich die Gewöhnung bei einzelnen Platten für den OK und UK schneller geht als bei einer voluminösen Doppelspange.
Ja, der Federaktivator ist schon sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Man wird damit sofort als Träger einer Klammer erkannt, Versuche, es zu verbergen sind zwecklos. Und an der Sprache würde man es sowieso erkennen, auch wenn man es nicht sehen würde. Es ist schon ein großes Teil mit viel Plastik und Drähten im Mund, eben etwas für fortgeschrittene und erfahrene Spangenträger! Da hilft nur, offen damit umzugehen nach dem Motto "Keine Bange vor der Spange!"
Viele Grüße, Kf
Kieferorthopädische Behandlung / Re: Powerscope II Zahnspange
« Last post by Quälgeist on Yesterday at 08:53:37 »
Hallo Brace-Face,
dieser "Powerscope II" sieht ja ziemlich "hart" aus. Wie lange muss man so etwas tragen und wie hält man das sauber? Das Foto kann ich leider nicht sehen. Ich weiß nicht warum?
Grüße der Quälgeist
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