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Allgemein / Re: Erfahrungen
« Last post by libtech on Today at 14:42:36 »
Knight Mark,

Im stoked and looking forward to reading more!
I live close to a church with a park next to it and because i was feeling brave that day (4 days ago) walked to the church where i then strapped myself into my headgear and walked accross the parking lot to the park.  I few elderly in tge parking lot would look at me and some would smile but at the park was the best experience  and reaction! I was sitting on some bleechers just staring into my phone when all of the sudden a voice says to me "Sure is a beautiful day isnt it?" i panicked and wanted to pull my gear off but instead i turned to her flaunting every piece of my heavy duty headgear setup and replied to her "yes its gorgous day today!" with an orthodontically impaired speech. She apologized and said that she couldnt understand me so i apologized and told her "its been hard to speak clearly or even at all ever since i obtained 2 intraoral appliances and placed into the massive headgear", which i said fairly slow to pronounce everything.  That  experience gave me extreme butterflies in my stomach and a wonderful high kinda feeling :)
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
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My boyfriend has had braces as a teen, fairly simple treatment, but his teeth started to move back. So now he is considering to start a new treatment. Fingers crossed  ;D
Hallo, ich trage meinen Aktivator auch in der Öffentlichkeit, aber mehr als mal ein erstaunter Blick kam bisher nicht.
Hi, i have one Retainer and one Retainer with brakets
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