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Orthodontic Treatment / Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
« Last post by bracessd on Today at 16:54:27 »
Those look great!
General / Re: Story: Plain Jane
« Last post by Sparky on Today at 16:54:01 »
Chapter 13


Jane was not at all apprehensive as she boldly walked into her office, dressed in her goth outfit. Like last night, she was all in black, with dark eye-shadow, and heavy dark lipstick, not forgetting her old DMs. There were probably only 2 people in the office who would remember that Jane sometimes used to dress like that, and that was about 7 or 8 years ago: a lot of things had changed in that time!

Eyes turned to look at her, and the place went almost silent. Jane smiled back at them all.

"Respect, Jane, you look pretty amazing!" said one of the guys.

"Ah, going for the alternative look now you're a team leader, eh?" said another, very clearly joking.

"Jane, not seen you dressed like THAT for a few years" said Sarah. "It actually looks pretty good!"

"Probably the last time you'll see me like this too... it's time for a change, but I wanted to have a bit of fun first!" replied Jane. "Oh, by the way, what you and Simon doing on Saturday night?"

"Um, not sure, why?"

"My band is playing at the Anchor.."

"You kept that quiet!"

"It only got arranged last night, it was very much a last minute thing"

"You're in a band? I never knew that! And you're PLAYING at the Anchor? Cool! What's the band called?" asked Jim, one of her colleagues.

"It's odd, but we don't actually have a name.... and yeah, I play bass. Come along if you like rock stuff"

Jane was in the kitchen a few minutes later, making herself a coffee, when her boss Brian, walked in. Needless to say, he stared at Jane: he'd never seen her dressed quite like this before.

"Don't worry, Brian, it's just for the one day, something I need to get out of my system...." explained Jane.

"And there was I, thinking it was your new 'Team Leader look'!" joked Brian

"Hmm, don't tempt me" replied Jane. "Hey, Brian, you gonna be ok if I work short afternoons today and tomorrow?". Jane's company worked flexible hours, so it wasn't as if she was actually taking time off, she knew she had plenty of time banked. It was more out of politeness that she asked.

"Yeah, sure, that's fine...."

By leaving this afternoon at about 4, she would have an hour or so to go visit a hairdressers, and discuss what she could do with her hair. She also wanted to go and have a word with that girl about makeup tutorials.

You may be wondering why she's not spending that time looking for an orthodontist... well, whilst Jane is feeling quite a lot better about herself, she's not yet feel THAT much better. The idea of going to see an orthodontist still worries her. I don't know WHY, I guess it's like some people don't like going to the dentist. Or to school. Or to work for that matter!

Jane had done a bit of checking about the three main hairdressers in town. It was very clear that one was aimed much more at 'the older lady', and of the other two, one was getting good reviews. She rang them, and asked if it would be possible to come in and have a short chat about what she'd like doing with her hair: that was not a problem, and could she make about 4:15?

"Good afternoon, I'm Jane Smith, here to see Amber" said Jane to the receptionist, as she arrived at the hairdressers a few minutes early. We have to remember that Jane was dressed as a bit of a goth, but the receptionist didn't seem to care, clearly she had seen all sorts of looks in her time!

"Hi Jane, Amber is just finishing with a client, so please take a seat, and I'll let her know you are here"

"Hi Jane, I'm Amber, would you like to come with me?". She was lead to one of the cutting chairs, and Amber brought a chair over and sat next to her. "So, you are looking for a restyling then? Staying with the same look though?"

Jane explained that the goth thing was not her normal look, it was just for a day or two, that she needed to 'move on with her life', and felt that it was time that her waist-lenth hair was gone.

"So how short would you like to go?... hey, let me get a couple of books of pictures, to give you an idea". She opened the book that showed a model with very short hair, and passed it to Jane

"Oh, no, definitely not THAT short...".

"Ok, how about this then?" suggested Amber, showing her a couple of different bob cuts. "Ok, how about this one?": Amber showed her a cut that was just above the shoulders.

"Oh, yes, that's nice, yeah, that sort of length..."

"Ok" said Amber, picking up the other book, and turning to a page partway in. "Have a look at those, see if anything inspires you. Oh, you thinking about a fringe? There's several there with a fringe, if you're interested"

Jane took a look through the pictures. The idea of a fringe did appeal, but she was worried that it was a pretty drastic step: if she didn't like it, it would take a while to grow out again. While she looked through the pictures, Amber brushed Jane's hair, trying to feel what it was like.

"You have nice hair, what's your natural colour then?"

"Ah, yes, I'm a browny-reddy colour. I just fancied going black for a bit, to go with my goth look - it's one of those 'lasts a week' ones"

"So, you wanting to reverting to your natural colour when I cut it? Or want to stay black?"

"I need to stay black for a couple more days - I'm playing a gig on Saturday, and I was planning on it being my last outing dressed like this!"

"Ok... so you decided about the fringe?"

"I really don't know, I mean, would it actually suit me?"

"Want a quick preview?"

"What do you mean?"

"I can pin your front hair back, and give you a sort-of fringe, so you can see what it looks like.... if you don't mind me trimming the hair a tiny bit"

"Ok....". Amber brushed her hair straight at the front, then took the front hair, and folded it and clipped it over the back of her head, using the ends to create a fringe, which she trimmed. Jane looked at herself in the mirror. "So, what do you think?" asked Amber.

Jane smiled: she actually liked the look. "Yeah, lets go for the fringe!". She spent a few more minutes looking at pictures and chatting with Amber before they worked out what Jane wanted doing. Then they walked over to reception together.

"Can you make 3pm tomorrow?" Amber asked jane, "I seem to have a nice slot just then"

"Yeah, why not, let's get this done!"

So, Jane left work on the Friday at just before 3, and went to have her hair cut: first a shampoo, then a wet cut, then a gentle blow-dry. She was dressed rather more normally, with very little makeup, as she wanted to be able see what it would look like normally, and she wasn't disappointed: her normally reddy-brown hair - currently still quite black - was now just above her shoulders, plus she had a fringe. With the weight removed from her hair, it now had a bit of a wave to it. Jane thought back: she'd not had hair this short since she was at primary school! And she'd never had a fringe before.

"You look happy with what I've done" said Amber

"Absolutely, and thanks! It's even better than I thought it would be!"

"I've tried to do it in a way that you should be able to do yourself" explained Amber. "Just give it a good brush out when you've washed it, and either let it dry naturally, or use a hairdryer whilst brushing it. You should find it a lot easier to look after now it's a lot shorter"

Jane was really pleased with her new look, and it had the added bonus that her hair felt so much lighter!

"Hey mum.." called Jane, when she got back home a little later.

"In the lounge" her mum replied. Jane walked in to the lounge, but said nothing. Her mum looked up at her... and stared, then a big smile appeared on her face. "Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting that.... but it actually looks rather nice on you. I bet it feels strange, you've had long hair for so long"

That night, Jane went to bed feeling good with herself. She had chatted with her mum and dad a bit more this evening, and she was taking small steps to allow herself to move on with her life. Once again, she was sufficiently relaxed that she didn't feel the need to bite her arm. If only the bad dreams would just go away, Jane could really start to move on with her life.

"I love you Peter!" she said as she closed her eyes. Moments later she was fast asleep....

Orthodontic Treatment / Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
« Last post by Embracer on Today at 15:26:16 »
PS  You probably now have space for two additional expansion screws.... :)
Orthodontic Treatment / Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
« Last post by Embracer on Today at 14:55:35 »
Wow that upper brace is now enormous with a very thick bite plate!  It is amazing that you can speak at all. I would say that the acrylic goes about twice as far back as that of my recent hawley ( I have no first premolars ) and it is at least double the thickness. And I thought my hawley was fairly bulky. Does the bite plate show beneath your incisors? Is there a danger of this bite plate allowing your molars to erupt further, leaving you with an anterior open bite? Presumably your ortho will be keeping an eye on this.

Fixed braces are very much the normal approach in Europe these days, but quite complex orthodontic work was done with removable braces maybe 40+ years ago so it is interesting to see your ortho having a go at it. If I were in your shoes, I would ask the ortho to finish off with fixed braces anything the removable ones can't  achieve so your teeth are as good as they possibly can be after all this effort. But kudos to you both for using removables.
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Today at 08:05:58 »
Thank you, Bracessd !   twelve  adult   expander, glasses   adult      male   adult glasses    adult bottom    adult glasses   adult bottom     adult      bottom   teenie     adult, glasses, must wait a bit   getting on           adult asmr   adult   adult glasses        adult clear     male    adult         in the chair     adult and not just ugly       adult      adult      eating asmr        adult, now off     adult, must wait      tongue crib     once more, better seen       adult      slides     adult       teenie      adult elastics        adult       adult
Orthodontic Treatment / Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
« Last post by foobar on Today at 02:47:28 »
The appointment two weeks ago where I got back the modified braces went exactly as I had hoped!

When I was called back into the treatment room, my models with the plates were already laying on the table. Taking a quick glance I was able to see that the upper plate does go back quite a bit and that the front is pretty thick. The ortho said that she can't imagine anyone liking a plate that fills the palate that much. I mentioned that I'll probably be fine with it if that stops the acrylic from digging into my gums. She mentioned that those marks are clearly visible in the impressions, so we can at least give it a try.

Before getting into more details, here are images of my new-ish plates:

When I sat down, the ortho first showed me the lower plate. The thick posterior bite plane has been removed, making the brace look quite delicate compared to before. The acrylic on the inside goes back further than before, stopping after my wisdom teeth. She explained that she had the tech incorporate a spring to derotate my 38. She also noticed that my 48 is rotated slightly, so another spring for that one was added as well. She inserted the lower brace into my mouth and it fit surprisingly well on the first try. There were a few rough corners and edges, which were fixed, and that was it for the lower plate.
Then came the upper brace. Upon inserting it, it hung quite low and didn't feel right. There was at least half a centimeter between it and the roof of my mouth (that's 0.000003 miles for the non-metric speakers). I tried to tell that to the ortho, but whichever sounds came out of my mouth were very far away from what I wanted to express. I just couldn't talk. I've never had such a strong lisp. Not even when I initially got the braces. Somehow the ortho was able to understand whatever I tried to say. After some grinding and me saying where the acrylic was poking into my gums, the plate fit better. It wasn't perfect and there was still a little gap between my palate and the acrylic, but it was good enough. The next step was to investigate the bite plate. She had me bite down several times and used marking foil to see where my teeth and the bottom plate were hitting the top plate. She removed some acrylic from the bottom plate and the right side of the bite plate to ensure that only my left canine touches, to intrude it.
After everything fitted and was done, I asked her if she could polish the plates to remove the roughness from the drill bit, which she did. No springs were activated as I should get used to the new braces first.
She stressed repeatedly, that if there is any problem or anything that bothers me, especially with the palatal coverage, I should call immediately and make an early appointment even though my next scheduled appointment will only be two weeks after.

Since then, I fully enjoyed the new braces. The upper plate almost entirely covers my hard palate except in the back middle, where it could go back slightly more for my liking. It is quite thick in some places, especially where it becomes the bite plate. The bite plate itself feels crazy huge in my mouth even though it doesn't look that large to me just looking at the brace. My tongue has very little room and needs to sit quite far back.
I expected the lower brace going back pretty far not to be much of a problem. Surprisingly, it does interfere with my tongue's normal resting position. My tongue now rests on top of the acrylic of the lower plate and in the vertical gap between my teeth created by the bite plate, making the space feel even more restrictive. The springs for my lower wisdom teeth poked my tongue in the first few days, but I got used to it.
Speaking is a whole different beast. It's similar to when I first got the braces, but even more severe. I've actively practiced talking and reading aloud. It's gotten better and I'm understandable, but I notice a strong lisp and quite some mumbling. In retrospect, while previously my mouth was very full, the "talking" areas weren't that inhibited and only few sounds were affected. The bite plate and full palatal coverage do interfere strongly with most sounds.

Due to my negative-pressure-sucking the upper brace seems to have deformed a bit and now fits snugly in the roof of my mouth. I can't feel or see any marks created by the acrylic in my gums, so that part seems to be working as I hoped it would. Unfortunately with my tongue not having much space, it presses into the expansion-screw slots, which hurts at times. I did think about these rough edges during the last appointment and wondered if I should have the ortho smoothen them. But I thought that maybe they won't be a problem this time. Welp, guess I'll ask her to smoothen the edges during my appointment tomorrow.
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by bracessd on Yesterday at 17:41:54 »
Nice job @acornjohn2001
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Yesterday at 07:39:48 »           glasses           adult             adult           adult, now off            two, both glasses             adult pretty             adult          adult             adult             getting off               male only bottom              adult?               adult getting on               teenie              getting on, glasses              teenie             glasses            getting on, elastics   adult             teenie             adult getting off             adult getting on              adult         male getting off           adult             male            adult              teenie             redhead            adult getting on               late teens           adult              adult              late teens            adult !!            adult?            teenie            adult missing incisors             teenie           in Czech           in Greek             adult             adult with headgear, short            adult
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