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At one time I had an fixed upper expander with springs pushing on the back of my front teeth, the expander was connected to a reverse pull headgear, the style that outline your face and lower metal braces. I was a terrible patient
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I like to where is going, keep up the good work.
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Chapter 4

When I woke up, I noticed that there was a new chapter posted. There was also an email from my online friend letting me know that he had posted a new chapter. This chapter was not what I had expected. It was about her getting ready for a date. As soon as I read the chapter, I knew that I had a decision to make. The chapter was very descriptive in what she was wearing, and I recognized the outfit from our store. He practically described which aisle each item was located in.

Doing my hair to match the female character was one thing, dressing like her was a whole different dimension. It also pretty much confirmed that my online friend and my co-worker were the same person. They were completely different when I talked to them. I wasn't ready to start thinking of him as my boyfriend yet, but the way things were going, it might not be long. Something else that was in the story was a scene with her standing in her bathroom looking at herself in the mirror. It described her smile as being pretty, but slightly imperfect.

While I was thinking about what to do about our date, I recorded the latest chapter and emailed it to my co-worker. After I sent it, I realized that I had made a mistake. I sent it to the wrong email address. I stared at the screen for a few seconds, then got up and went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The person looking back looked scared, and her teeth weren't that bad were they?

When I am stressed, I shop. I grabbed my phone, keys and purse, and was out the door. I had no plan of where to go, instinct took over and I drove to work. I began to walk up and down the aisles. There was the dress described in the latest chapter. I had to admit, it was very pretty. It wouldn't hurt to try it on.

When I looked in the mirror, something didn't look right. The dress was fine, it was the shoes that weren't working. So I changed my shoes to the pair described in the story. That looked better, but something still wasn't right. My legs were bare. The story described stockings, and not just any stockings, a particular colour and style. They were right where the story said they would be. The style of stocking couldn't be worn without the right lingerie, and that was right across the aisle from the stockings.

I looked at the lingerie that I was holding. I was almost at the point of no return. If I went back to the dressing room and put everything on, I would be right on the edge. Did I want to step over the edge?

My mind said, "No, Don't do it." My body said, "You want to do this. You haven't been on a date in a long time." My body won.

I stepped out of the dressing room and looked at myself in the mirror. Was the person in the mirror with the smile on her face really me. I could see that the description of her teeth was accurate, they weren't perfect and the slight imperfections were perfectly right for her face. Then I stepped over the edge. I took out my phone and sent a text to my hopefully soon to be boyfriend. "Can you meet me at the restaurant for pizza? I think we need to talk."

"One hour," was the reply.

I got there early and ordered a glass of wine to have something to do while I waited. I still hadn't finished it when he walked in. He had showered and changed into a nice outfit, casual and comfortable, and nice. I liked how he looked. A lot.

At first he didn't see me, so I stood up and waved. I waited to see what his reaction would be. I hadn't done much with my hair other than to pull it back and clip it out of my face, and my nails could have used a new coat of polish. My makeup had been freshened, but I knew that I could do better if I took the time. I put a brave smile on my face and said, "Let's get a table at the back where we can talk without being disturbed."

I led the way so that I didn't have to see what his expression was. It turned out that it was a good move. It gave him the opportunity to see me in the dress that he had described in his story. Before I could sit down, he reached past me and pulled out my chair, then waited to push it in for me as I sat down. It wasn't what I was expecting and took me by surprise.

Neither of us said anything for a while as I sat there with my wine glass. Finally I said, "I don't know where to start. Maybe you could help me out a little? Ask me something. What do you want to know first?"

His eyes dropped slightly, but not to where I am used to. His eyes dropped to my mouth. His first question took me completely by surprise. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

My mouth opened slightly and I tried to form an answer, but my mind was struggling to catch up. I smiled and nodded. It was a good start.

Our waiter arrived and asked if we were ready to order. My boyfriend asked him to give us a few more minutes to decide. That was just enough to break the tension I was feeling and I was able to begin to relax. We decided on a half-and-half pizza with some mutual toppings and a pitcher of Coke.

When the pizza came, the real conversation began. It turned out that he asked one question, which I would answer, then I would ask a question to be answered by him.

Once we got started, I found that he was much like his online personality. We already knew quite a bit about each other, so that made it much easier. Even though it was our first official date, it didn't have the awkwardness of one.

I was the one who finally brought up the subject of the story. It turned out that he liked writing stories and found that it was a good way to deal with his insecurities. He could place himself in a situation he would like to be in and explore the possibilities without the risk of being hurt.

The story had started out as one of those scenarios, but it had changed when I had started to talk to him at work. Then he had made a friend online and things changed again. He began to write about what was happening and began to add little things that he would like to happen. The character that I had created for my story attempt had appealed to him and he had used it in his story. At the same time, he had started to pay a little more attention to how I looked and saw a resemblance to my character, but didn't connect the two.

He liked to add things he found turned him on, to his stories, and hair was one of those things. When I started to do my hair the way that he was describing in his stories, he began to experiment with that.

He talked about some of the other stories that he had written, and what had happened in them. There were some that he had never posted because of the content. When I asked about them, he blushed and said, "I can't show them to you. They are just too embarrassing. They aren't realistic and could never happen."

I had to smile at that comment. "I don't know about that. Look what happened with your latest story." I stood up and gestured to what I was wearing. "You didn't do too bad with that one." I did a slow spin, not wanting the hem of my dress to rise too far. "How about we get out of here. I have something I want to show you at my place."

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« Last post by Braceface2015 on Yesterday at 13:01:02 »
Chapter 3

Each time that a new chapter was posted, I recorded it and sent it to my online friend. I still refused to tell him where they were coming from, but that I hinted that he might be able to find out. I noticed that his female character had changed herself slightly to be more like my character. And as a consequence, more like me. Some of the situations that they were in began to sound familiar.

As my hair grew longer, I did more with it, sometimes adding curls, other times a ponytail or braids. Then I began to copy what she did with her hair. If a chapter had her with pigtails, so did I. Some of the other people at work commented on my hair and I liked their comments, but really enjoyed it when my co-worker said something about my appearance. Our coffee-dates became more frequent, and each time I sent my online friend a new recording, I got a copy from the guy at work. Some of the other people in the chatroom obtained copies as well, so I couldn’t be sure where my co-worker was getting them.

I decided that it was time to take a risk. The next time that a chapter was posted, I recorded it and kept it until our next coffee-date. At the last minute, I chickened out and sent it to my online friend just before the end of our shift. My co-worker stopped on the way out and said he was going to be a few minutes late and to get us our usual table if I could. He also said that he would pick up our coffees when he arrived.

After he had given me the first chapter of the audiobook, I had told him that I found it interesting and we had discussed some of the new chapters after I had a chance to listen to them. I hadn’t told him that I was changing my hairstyle to match the character in the story and he hadn’t mentioned it either, but I knew he had noticed it.

Each chapter was fairly short and didn’t take very long to listen to. When he arrived at our table, he was smiling a little and had more than just our coffee on the tray. In the latest chapter of the story, the female character had her hair braided with a red ribbon running through it and I had copied that before going to work. As he sat down, he said that he had received a copy of the latest chapter of the audiobook.

There was no way that he could have gotten that unless he received it from my online friend or was that friend. There was no way that I could have known to braid my hair with the red ribbon unless I had read the story or heard the audiobook. Since he was the one that always gave me the audiobook, I couldn’t have listened to it yet. I knew it was a risk to braid the ribbon into my hair, but I figured it was worth it. As we started to talk, I said, “I have to confess something to you. I have been reading the stories for a while already. I peeked at your tablet a long time ago and copied the website that you were on. You aren’t mad at me are you?”

I waited for him to process the information I had just dropped on him, not quite sure what was going to happen. He sipped at his coffee, his expression changing several times. Finally he smiled at me and said, “That explains how you knew to braid a ribbon into your hair. It’s very nice, by the way.” I was so relieved that I had gotten away with the ribbon, and that he wasn’t mad at me for invading his privacy the way that I had. He still transferred the audiobook to my phone as we were talking.

From time to time, he seemed to get distracted by his thoughts. Finally, he pushed the muffin in my direction and asked me, “Can I ask you something personal?” When I nod, he continues, “Do you think it would be okay if I asked you on a real date? I know that we have been having coffee together for quite a long time, but this isn’t really a date, is it?”

I did something that I had wanted to do for a long time but had hesitated to do. I placed my hand on top of his and wrapped my fingers around it. “‘Yes’ to your first question. You can ask me a personal question whenever you want to, but I might not answer it. ‘Yes’ to your second question. You can ask me out on a date anytime you want to. And as for your last almost question. I don’t know how to answer that. If two people go out for coffee and one pays for everything, wouldn’t that be a date?”

He nibbled on his muffin, then sipped at his coffee, thinking about what I had just said. “If you look at it that way, I guess it would be a date.” A big smile appeared on his face. “Wow, I’ve been dating a hot girl for quite a while. Wow.”

We sat there for a while, nibbling on the muffins and sipping our coffee. I wasn’t sure what to say. He called me hot, something that I was not prepared for. “How about I take you out for supper at a restaurant. Nothing expense, maybe pizza?” He waited for me to answer.

I smiled at him. “Sure, but can we wait a couple of days? I’m not quite ready for our relationship to change yet.” I noticed his eyes had shifted to my mouth. I was used to people’s eyes dropping to my chest, but not my mouth, especially when I have a couple of buttons undone. After a little more discussion, we agreed to wait a week before talking about our pizza-date.

By the time that I drove home and logged onto the chatroom, the latest audio version of the story was spreading through the group, thanks to one of the tech guys setting up a cloud-share account. One of the big topics of discussion was where the audio versions were coming from. Everyone knew who was writing the story and that the author was also one of the first to receive the audio copy, but he wasn’t telling, or didn’t know, who was making them. Just for the fun of it, I suggested that it was some old guy living in a basement somewhere, changing his voice to make it sound different. After I hit enter, I realized that much of it was actually not that far off from the truth. I wasn’t old and I didn’t live in a basement, but I was changing my voice to make it sound different.

One popular idea was that it was a couple who were making the audio copies. There were two voices and they were always the same two, so it made sense. There were other theories, some pretty wild. Just about everyone agreed that it was a human doing the recording, there was just too much emotion in it to be computer-generated.

I was too tired to stay awake, so I went to bed.

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I agree that the way some people write is hard to read. I am trying to write this story in the past tense and still find myself switching to the present tense too often. I have gone back and corrected that several times already.

I hold my writing to a higher standard because I have commented on things like that in the past. I also have the largest collection of braces stories on the internet and have seen some very bad writing since I started my collection. I have to walk the walk if I want to talk the talk.

I use three spellcheckers when I write. Most of my writing is done on Google Docs with the Grammarly add-on. Then I transfer it to the Grammarly app itself and do a second check. The final check is done using OpenOffice. All of them are free for the basic program and they catch most of the errors I make. Even then, I usually find something that has to be fixed when I go back to a story and read it again.

If someone finds an error in my stories, I am always willing to hear about it. I try not to be too critical of other writers writing habits, but sometimes I do have to say something.
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