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Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Today at 07:17:55 »      adult glasses    adult?       late teen adult     teenie  getting on    late teen     getting on      getting off    adult     male      male     adult      adult      adult glasses     tongue crib        adult     adult    adult pretty   adult     once more         if you search "braces" you can find lots of such videos, she is cute but why short?
General / Re: story - Broken Arm
« Last post by Braceface2015 on Today at 02:42:32 »

I have to echo Sparkys comments. I am amazed that you are able to write your story in two languages at the same time and translate it so well.

The words that you chose to use adequately described that the device was doing, even if the choice was unusual.

I've been enjoying the stories that you write, and your use of the English language has improved as you write more. I find that and are useful for when I need to find the meaning of a word or to find different words to use to say the same thing.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories, whenever and whatever you give us.
Allgemein / Re: story - Der gebrochene Arm
« Last post by 8749 on Today at 01:10:43 »
Vielen Dank für die tolle Story!! Hat echt Spaß gemacht ☺️ Im EN Teil hast du ja über die nächsten Storys gesprochen… ich würde mir F means Headgear wünschen
General / Re: story - Broken Arm
« Last post by silver-moon-2000 on Yesterday at 22:18:21 »
Your English is very good... a couple of things I might have phrased slightly differently (the fabric bits of headgear I just call "straps", the padded bit on a cervical I guess is a "pad") but that just didn't matter, I could understand everything just fine.

Thanks for all that flattery ;D I try and if I'm not sure, there are still services like and deepl (imho with better quality, as it "flows" more naturally).
May I assume that you're an English native speaker? Otherwise I'd be SOOO jealous  >:D
My english got better over the course of the last couple years but I'm still ways off of obtaining that "natural flow" and phraseology.
I also try to vary a bit and not always use the same words and/or phrases. That's why sometimes I may use words inappropriately.
As long as I'm understood I can be happy though  ;D

I'm glad you came back to this story, and finished it, and let us read it...

Just a short clarification: I had written this story up to this point, before I lost interest in it. There are still ideas lined up to be written, however:
  - What will happen, when that lightning storm hits? Will there be lots of damage to our quaint little house?
  - While cleaning up the debris, Lea and her mom will discover some secret about this house, no one knew about. But what may that be?
For this reason - because I knew I would need it later on again - I had introduced the house the way I did.
Those ideas exist, but only in bullet-list form. I couldn't be bothered to return to this story and actually develop those ideas into a coherent form.
And still I have no interest in doing so. Maybe sometime later, maybe never  :-X

Right now I'm captivated by a "slighty longer" ;D story (145 pages as of now and not even a 1/3 of it done)

What's the next one about?

Well, now that you've asked... You may choose between
- a 13 chapter long story called "F means Headgear" (I'm not 100% happy with parts of it but I'm loath to rewrite it)
- a 19 chapter long story called "The new girl's secret" (I need to rework the english translation a bit, as I changed the german version without mirroring that to the english version)
- a collection of 4 (1-chapter) short-stories called "Short and awkward" (a collection of individual "images" that I liked to transform into written text but where there is not enough "meat" to develop into complete stories of their own)
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by cult on Yesterday at 22:17:01 » in the chair, got spacers, brackets & HG in near future
General / Re: Elida
« Last post by Sparky on Yesterday at 21:22:56 »
Another day in 'the loop': I think Elida is feeling very (mentally) refreshed today, after her rather 'extreme' day yesterday!


Day 35

"Hi there Tats!" said Elida as Tats answered her phone.

"Oh, hello there, Elida. Didn't expect to hear from you... You looking for Lilly?"

"No, it's you I wanted to talk to. Are you particularly busy today?". Elida already knew that she wasn't.

"Not really, what you wanting?"

"I was rather hoping you might be able to spend a couple of hours with me in the Dark Archive today, doing a bit of research"

"Oh, ok.... you know, I've heard about the Dark Archive, but I've never actually been there, so yes, why not? I might as well come straight over, if that's ok for you."

"Thank you Tats. Just one thing: probably best not to say anything about this to Lilly yet. I'll explain when you get here. I'll be at my desk....". Elida actually knew Tats more by reputation, than from spending time with her. It was Lilly who she had worked with, when tracking down 'the Dark Fairy' (aka Sebby!), and Elida hadn't been there when Tats turned up, right at the end.

Yes, they had met at that now 'famous' pub incident, and Tats had seen Elida in action there, first hand, so it was clear she knew about Elida. Sparkle actually knew Tats better, she had met her a few times before.

"Hi there, Elida!" said Tats, as she arrived at Elida's desk. There was a certain amount of whispering around the office: it wasn't that often they got a visit from a real princess (strangely, noone really considered Sebby to be a princess - probably partly due to a lack of familiarity, and partly because what had happened when she was 'the Dark Fairy' had been massively played down), and certainly not one with the reputation that Tats was starting to get! (I guess I should add that it was a GOOD reputation she was getting: capable, but not someone you want to mess with).

"Oh, Tats, good to see you again!". More whispering... 'Elida KNOWS her?' sort of thing. "Lets go get a coffee...."

"Good morning, Elida" said the boss, as Elida walked into her office. "Oh, Tats, nice to see you again too! Looking for something downstairs, or you here to help Elida?"

"Well, I've never actually been into the Archive, only heard about it from Lilly, so when Elida called and asked if I could help her, it was very easy to say 'yes'. So where IS it then?" asked Tats.

"In the storeroom....". Elida walked over to the door, and opened it, showing Tats that it was indeed just a storeroom, then closed the door again. "Ok, boss, can you let us in please?". Elida opened the door, and Tats could see that the storeroom had been replaced by some stairs"

"Very nice" said Tats, "an excellent disguise!". Elida led the way downstairs. "So, 'old magic' in this room, 'dark magic' next door. At the end is 'historical stuff'."

"And that door?" asked Tats.

"Oh, the most important door of the four: it's the loo!" explained Elida, smiling. "Lets start in the old magic room....". As she opened the door, the light came on (not electric, it was magic). "Good morning books, I have another visitor with me today, a PRINCESS no less, but she likes to just be called 'Tats'!".

"You talk to the books?"

"Yeah, of course? How else do I find stuff? Ok, let's try this. Does anyone have anything about Princess Tatiana?". Elida looked around at the books near her. "Ok, if I can't see you, why don't you just gently come around to the table?"

Tats was amazed as one book flew from around the corner, and landed gently on the table. "Ok, who are you then?" Elida asked the book, which then opened it's front cover, to reveal it's title: 'An almanac of the Royal Family'.

"Ok," said Elida to Tats, "I guess it makes sense." She turned back to the book "So, what do you know about Princess Tatiana then?". The book opened towards the rear, to a page which had a part of the family tree that covered Tats' immediate family, with a short bit of detail for each member of the family. After they had both read the entries, Elida sent the book back to it's shelf, with a 'thank you'.

"You're very polite to them"

"Doesn't hurt to be polite - in return they do try to help me!"

"Ok, so you asked me to help you with some research, which is odd, as you hardly know me: I would have thought you would have asked Lilly"

"Correct, Lilly would be the obvious choice, but I know Lilly, I've searched with her down here before, when we were looking at stuff to stop Sebby being a Dark Fairy, and I know she wouldn't be able to help me. I have a feeling that your mind works differently to hers, so maybe you can help me. But first, I need to tell you a bit of a story. It's going to be a bit of a hard story for you to believe, but I promise you it's true. I've already spoken with Sir Donald and Lady Charlotte, and they have already been quite helpful." (She hadn't mentioned anything about Zia to Tats, as she probably knew nothing about her.) "I'm hoping you have a different set of knowledge and experience, that might help me...". Elida spent about 10 minutes explaining about the time loop, about Sparkle, and about needing to invent a teleportation spell.

"Clearly you can talk with Sparkle about things, but the others won't know anything about it - yet, although I can probably get Sir Donald or Lady Charlotte to 'authenticate' me." (by which she meant that she could invoke 'Constantinople' and the 'Feather Duster'!). The good news is that Tats was sensible enough to realise that Elida simply couldn't make this up.

"No, that's fine. So, how can I help you? I'm yours for as long as you need me, which I guess means all of today!"

Elida spent some time explaining about needing to combine a large number of spells together, to be able to teleport. "I've worked out some of the obvious bits, but I'm getting a bit stuck.... let me show you what I've worked out so far...."

The day was good in several ways. First of all, Tats had some VERY helpful ideas and suggestions, and they found several spells that could indeed be helpful to Elida. But more importantly, they got to know each other better: Elida's respect for Tats' abilities grew, and Tats started to see that Elida was actually far more than a mere 'young tooth fairy', and clearly understood what magic was about, and how she was indeed able to combine multiple magic spells to do some clever stuff. Shame she'd forget it all by tomorrow.

"Hey, Elida, how was your day" asked Sparkle, as she arrived there for dinner.

"Today has actually been a VERY good day. Tats came to the Archive, and she came up with some really helpful ideas: I'm starting to really believe that I WILL be able to teleport! Meaning that we MIGHT get out of this bloomin' time loop!"

"Sounds like you got on well with her"

"I did, she's very intelligent, like Lilly, but in a different way: I can see why the two of them work together so well! And I think that she understood that I'm quite able too...."

"Maybe you need another session with her again, maybe tomorrow?"

"Funnily enough, that's exactly what I was thinking!"

Elida and Sparkle had dinner, and spent the evening together again: they were becoming really good friends.
General / Re: story - Broken Arm
« Last post by Sparky on Yesterday at 21:18:03 »
Well, what can I say? I absolutely loved your story. It was a very different storyline from many, nicely highlighting the relationship between mum and daughter, built around some braces.

Your English is very good... a couple of things I might have phrased slightly differently (the fabric bits of headgear I just call "straps", the padded bit on a cervical I guess is a "pad") but that just didn't matter, I could understand everything just fine.

I'm glad you came back to this story, and finished it, and let us read it... What's the next one about?
Orthodontic Treatment / Re: My Journey to Removable Braces
« Last post by foobar on Yesterday at 18:40:21 »
Not even one hour after the last post, where I wrote that two out of the three ligatures fell off, the third one also parted with its buccal tube onto exploring my intestines.

The appointment today started with me explaining everything that happened during the last weeks. For the strong clenching resulting in soreness the ortho ordered a gel splint as temporary solution which I should wear in situations where I find myself clenching. She is going to fit it in a week. Regarding the TMJ clicking and pain I experienced, the ortho is starting to get a bit worried. With me already having mentioned grinding and clenching related problems during the last few appointments the situation seems to be deteriorating.

I asked her if she could modify the upper plate to fit again to alleviate those problems. She said that with my habit of pulling so much negative pressure, there would be too much risk of it negatively affecting my bite even further.
I explained that I looked online through different resources regarding tongue sucking and found that something like a tongue crib helped in some cases. I thought about mentioning this during the last few appointments already, not only because a tongue crib would probably be quite an interesting feeling, but also because it might actually help. But until today I've always chickened out. She said that there are tongue cribs, spikes and the similar, but those are usually used for treating tongue thrusting. In my case they will most likely just cause extreme discomfort and pain.

The ortho looked at my occlusion and didn't notice any major improvements. She looked at the lower incisors and stated that they look pretty much done. If I'm satisfied with how they are aligned, she can put in the fixed retainer and we're done with the lower plate. I stated that I still feel bumps lingually, as if the lower left central incisor still leans a bit to the front. She explained that labially it's aligned, and that's what's most important. Even when all incisors are aligned perfectly, they may not align on the inside, which is normal. If it bothers me, she can move it back further, but then it won't be aligned in the front anymore. However, the left outer incisor can still be rotated a bit inwards toward the canine and outwards toward the central incisor.
She adjusted the springs and labial bow accordingly. As I noticed a small gap forming between the left premolars and molars, she losened that holding clasp a little as well. In four weeks I have another appointment, at which we're going to retire the lower plate and I'll be getting a fixed bottom retainer. She discussed that she would not like to make an essix retainer for the bottom teeth until my occlusion is fixed, as that will lock all teeth in place. But if my joint pain increases even with the lower plate gone, we could consider it as a temporary option.

She noticed that my lower left wisdom tooth rotated back outwards a bit since she removed the bracket wire last appointment. She put in a new wire. Once the wisdom tooth is back in place, she could add a fixed retainer to the outside to retain it, but it's likely to brake off. Or I could keep the brackets for now until everything is finished and I can get an essix retainer or a bruxism guard which will retain the teeth. I don't like either option, as already after a few hours since the wire has been put back, my second molars don't fit well anymore. And those were the only teeth that improved occlusion-wise during the last weeks.

Before we parted, I asked her what the plan regarding the occlusion is. She said that initially the plan was to first fix the bite, then the lower incisors, and finally the upper incisors. She hoped that just the three bracktes would be enough for the bite to fix itself, which doesn't seem to be the case. Therefore, the plan has changed slightly. Now, first the lower incisors will be finished. Once the fixed retainer is placed, she wants to give my teeth another few weeks without removable braces to see if the bite fixes itself. If it doesn't, there is the option of adding transparent buttons to the "problem teeth" and pulling them together with triangle elastics. Which would be exactly what I predicted.
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