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Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Today at 07:09:44 »    teenie      teenie    teenie, glasses     adult       late teen in the chair        adult elastics        teenie        adult        getting on       adult      adult       15 getting on       adult        male     teenie, glasses     adult         male         male facemask          male getting off      sweet little sixteen, elastics      adult missing incisors is finishing      late teen getting on      adult getting on       adult, short video         getting off, adult       teenie getting on      adult glasses       adult       teenie bottom       adult     Holly       teenie      adult      adult        adult beauty       adult glasses     adult      no braces, no retainers :'(

General / Re: ~*~ BracesStorys ~*~
« Last post by chrisbrace on Yesterday at 23:02:27 »
Personally, I tried to write a huge story to include all of the things I am interested in all at once. 17 years later, on and off, I can confidently say I am nearly half way finished - until I think of something else that is! Turns out I’m a details person and in no way whatsoever a creative writer, haha.

So maybe I need a new approach to write something from scratch as a newcomer to this forum. I will try tomorrow and I hope that people like it.
General / Re: Italian members
« Last post by bionator53 on Yesterday at 13:19:16 »
Scoprirete che visitare questo forum vi libererà completamente; è una comunità amichevole che frequento da 19 anni. Ci sono anche alcuni francofoni, tra cui io.

Du wirst sehen, dass der Besuch dieses Forums dich völlig enthemmen wird; es ist eine nette Gemeinschaft, die ich seit 19 Jahren besuche. Es gibt auch einige Französischsprachige, zu denen ich gehöre.
Videos (English or German) / Re: Fixed braces videos #12
« Last post by acornjohn2001 on Yesterday at 07:55:55 »    adult getting off adult    adult getting on     adult   male, now off  adult    haul   adult   male    adult cutie   adult      adult      various       adult   adult      adult getting off    adult getting off  time lapse       getting off  adult   adult   adult    adult getting off, glasses    adult      adult     adult glasses      adult     adult   adult, putting glasses on       late teen       late teen    adult      and again
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