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Re: ~*~ BracesStorys ~*~
« Reply #45 on: 31. December 2020, 10:52:25 AM »
I have been collecting stories since the days of dial-up internet. I have quite a few stories that I haven't added yet simply because they need a lot of work to get them into readable shape.

It takes a lot of work to update them, which I am happy to do.

Recently I have been asked for access to my collection by people who not been participating in the forum. Since I have many of the stories from the forum in my collection, I do ask that people show some form of willingness to participate. I always encourage people to try writing, as it is a good way to get enough posts to gain access to the stories section.

There are other ways to get posts such as posting links to pictures and videos. If people are trying to get around the minimum post requirement by asking me for access to my collection, it doesn't work that way. I have to see some form of meaningful participation.

To all the people who are writing stories, thank you for your contribution to making this a better place. Just because you gain access to the stories section does not mean that you should stop writing. Most of the stories in there have been written by people after they have been granted access. Writers like Sparky, m1090y, Duncombec, JonJon and the numerous others that continue to write stories are who make the stories section what it is.

There is an active German language section with some good writers as well. A few have added stories that they have translated into English, which I am very thankful for, as I know how much effort it takes.

I am always willing to help a writer by proofreading their story and making suggestions on what changes I feel should be made. It may take me a few days before I have the time, but I will do my best to get it done.