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Whose girl friend / boy friend / spouse is wearing braces?

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May I ask whether your girl friend, boy friend or spouse has got braces?
Would be kind to elaborate your answer or to tell us something about your opinion concerning this matter

I've got no gf at the moment

But 3 of mine have done in the past when I was a few years younger
im lucky really, loved it every time, never got to touch them tho, just got them rubbing against my lips *drool* in total i've kissed 4 different girls with braces. I do know a girl that likes braces, but she's got a BF, so lets say I havnt been able to 'explore' with her but yknow, shit happens, we did talk about her getting hg and retainers and taking some photos tho, and she's HOT!

Both myself and my girlfriend are currently wearing fixed braces.

She's had hers for about two and half years. I've had mine for about a year and a half.

haha, my present bf has fixed braces. it will be funny when i will get my fixed ones as well  :D

mine had a retainer


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