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Whose girl friend / boy friend / spouse is wearing braces?

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My wife got metal braces in June. They look so hot. Makes her even hotter. She has to wear them for a little over a year.
She knows about my 'thing' for them, and we have fun with it!

I'm currently single and at my age I probably won't have the luck I've had in my younger years.  I've dated 3 girls/women with braces in my life.  I swear it wasn't that (alone) that drew me to them.  The first was just plain cute and was my first love.  The other two were young adults who I learned were getting them after we started dating.  One of them had a lot of different elastic configurations during her treatment.  Sadly, that came after we broke up and we were "just friends."  It was torture  :'(

While it doesn’t meet any of the above criteria. A girl I went out with for 2 years in college just posted a picture of her sporting ceramic braces on top with metal on the bottom. She was such a cutie and is really sporting the one picture I found well

I don't have a girlfriend right now.

My partner got a night guard but it was to keep the back of the jaws apart during sleep during the period where an implant was healing ready to be crowned.  It was the kind of night guard that was just a bulked up Essix retainer.  That's about as close as I have come to having a partner with braces.


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