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Which colour do you like best for retainers?

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all ! ! !
i love all retainers  :D  :D  :D

I like clear, well polished, shiny plastic without glitter or other opaque ingredients.
Color does not really matter, I like them all, as far as it is not black.

i love rtrainers, espacially very coulered ones!

Der 7schlaefer:
first of all, i have so say sorry about my bad english, i hope you understand what i mean.

now, mainly the color is not decisived, but in here it´s asked for, so... hmm ... i think something plain would be "nice". whether now fiercely or weakly play´s no role. nevertheless, pictures should stay outside please .... and multicolored aren´t my favorite (like a rainbow or somethink else). quite with pleasure seen, but not necessarily liked.

It would be nice if they made them out of shiny steel (or something that looks like it), like most other stuff.


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