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Which colour do you like best for retainers?

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I like bright ones with glitter in them - clear hot pink and purple are my favorites. Oh and I like glow in the dark ones!


--- Quote from: "Marty" ---What retainer color do you prefer?

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Blue, but on the others mouth...

--- Quote from: "Marty" ---Do you like pictures on Retainers?

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Yes, but prefer headgear pictures

I love clear retainers! But I love when the girl has a clear top and bottom one, or a clear top one and a lower bonded one...SO HOT! ^_^

I have a friend from Deutschland she has two clear retainers, she always shows them to me...it's awesome!

Ich leibe dich Nina! :)

pink or blue i think

latino heat:
when i get my braces off i will probably get hot pink


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