Author Topic: when I first knew I had a thing for braces  (Read 816 times)

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when I first knew I had a thing for braces
« on: 18. June 2018, 12:14:26 PM »
Hello.  New member today. Awesome group. Had no idea so many of us existed. Thought I'd share the first time I really noticed braces.
I was in English class. We were all having turns reading paragraphs from some book. I was a shy kid, and public reading made me extremely nervous. I start reading very quietly. Soon after, one of the popular guys walked in. He had just got back from the dentist. He was asked to sit, and to my surprise, sat next to me. It was his turn to read. my nerves calmed, so thankful mine was over.
I looked over as he began reading. I noticed something in his mouth. It was elastics..rubber bands, I looked again trying not to be obvious. He had two sets on each side, in triangle shapes. One set from up front, straight down to the bottom braces. another stretching to the back of his mouth.
I kept looking. I wanted to know what it must feel like. The elastics moving up and down. His lower jaw slightly jutting forward with the tension and pressure of the bands pulling at his teeth. His lips occasionally getting caught on the metal brackets and wires.
His turn was over. The teacher said he did well, but needs to speak clearer. I thought to myself, it must be hard talking with all that in your mouth. I glanced over one last time. His tounge was playing with them, making a slight noise..and his gums were red and swollen.
I look up to notice he's caught me staring at his mouth. He Gives me a big grin. showing off all the metal. Fun times at the orthdontist he said. I nervously laughed and turned back to my book.
this fascination made me feel weird. Weirder than usual. I wanted to ask questions. I wanted what he had. Could I really have a thing for braces....