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« on: 11. March 2019, 13:00:00 PM »
 Hi  everyone , an idea for you all. Say you are my orthodontist what kind of treatment would you give me?

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Re: Treatment
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First day of treatment you are fitted with top RPE and lower expander with full set of metal braces(metal ligeratures instead of rubber bands) back 3 molars top and bottom have bands around them.  Right when you think your done You see the large facebow comeing at you. Its placed in the tubes then ligerature tires are applied around the tube and inner bow to where its wired in place. Then a thick leather interlandi is placed securly onto your head and tightly fastened to the facebow... Then your positioned back upright in the chair and told to come back for a checkup in a month...

Im not really one to be on the installment part of orthodontia as I enjoy being on the receiving end enjoying the ortho installments...

So role change here... If I was the patient and you were the Installer, what treatment would you make me endure???