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The office of ur dream
« on: 17. January 2014, 14:16:23 PM »
Every one think about the braces of ur dream..but what about the ortho office of ur dream?!? I mean the colour..the chair..the or many many assistant..everything..:)
Also about the ortho and assistants
Describe here everything about the office of ur dream...:)

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Re: The office of ur dream
« Reply #1 on: 17. January 2014, 18:17:52 PM »
The office of my dream is very big and in an old style where the main colour is pink. The waiting room is round and full of chair so every one can see each others. And next to a big door there i
Are 2 big desk one with the receptionist and one with 2 nurse who has to check problem,condition and everything of each patient.
The braces room is big and with All white and light pink colour and same colour are the chairs, 70' style keep in line and in front one but one.
For each chair there are 2 assistents with red uniform and all are near 40 years old and with a perfect smile.

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Re: The office of ur dream
« Reply #2 on: 20. September 2014, 06:48:10 AM »
Mine would be a small room in a highrise building with a view over the city equipped a leather chair and a viynal top layer and a confortable headrest, maybe some restraints on the wrists as well lol. There would be the Orthodontist and the assistant which would be two girls in their 30's to early 40's and myself. Cheek retractors are always used along with a tongue rest with the suction tubes. A jaw opener can be used for the right occasion. The two girls working on me would wear PVC nurse/dental outfits with forearm lengthed latex gloves and masks. They would work with old style treatment methods such as noticeable, bulky and pure metal appliances with fixed headgear lol. I guess it's my fantasy Orthodontic Clinic

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Re: The office of ur dream
« Reply #3 on: 20. September 2014, 22:30:40 PM »
Interesting question, and I'm not sure why I didn't notice it before.

I picture a large floor-area, single-storey building somewhere on the outskirts of a shopping centre. You walk in the front door and reach the large reception area, with check-in desk directly towards you. After checking in, only patients are allowed much further once they have their braces on; parents, boy/girlfriends or anybody else is directed towards a few chairs on the left (receptionist's right), although most leave.

The waiting area itself (your right, reception desk left) is not very exciting - think hospital. Whitewashed walls and rows of long, low chairs. The door to the treatment room(s) is in the centre of that wall, with a TV screen either side showing what is happening in the treatment rooms, provided the patients agree. Each treatment room has two chairs, of a pretty standard, unwelcoming sort.

X-Rays rooms, offices, record storage and the like would run along the back of the building, but on the other side of the reception desk there would be an area for "new braces training", photographs and the like, as well as a barber's chair for headgear suitable haircuts. There would always be a trained barber or stylist as appropriate on hand. As an alternative, the building next door would be a hairdressers and patients could be sent out for cuts, which would be billed between ortho and hairdressers/barbers. As a result of the set-up, all new patients would need to walk the entire length of the waiting room for photographs and training, to get away from the stigma of new braces, and to make it obvious that young or old, male or female, everybody gets treated the same.

As for those treatments, nothing too new and fancy, but open to change. Perhaps ceramic brackets and the like could carry a hefty surcharge, meaning metal was almost always favoured? There would also be a special clinic for non-compliant patients.

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Re: The office of ur dream
« Reply #4 on: 07. September 2019, 00:56:56 AM »
I am sorry for bringing back an old topic but I thought this was interesting.

I'd imagine a cramped windowless office with outdated decor, only one or two chairs per room.

The office specializes in adult patients, and have an all-female staff.

The orthodontist is a middle-aged woman with perfect teeth and a slight sadistic streak, while the assisstants and hygienists are younger and friendlier. All employees except the doctor wear some kind of orthodontia, with newer employees having more extreme appliances.

For more fantastical elements, the chairs would have restraints around the forehead, waist, wrists, and legs. Nearly all patients receive headgear, and non-compliance is punished with additional treatment.