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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Chapter 20

By now a very popular tourist destination, Runesdale is a quaint town in middle England, located near a large forest. It now has six large hotels to cater for the many visitors, along with a huge number of small cosy restaurants (and that's in ADDITION to all the Coffee Shops....).... who realised that Runesdale would be so popular?

Anna is a model, in her early 30's. Today she has to get up early, so she can get to a modelling assignment by 9am. It's nothing exciting, it's just clothes for an online store, but it pays reasonably well, and it's pretty straightforward stuff. The problem is that it's going to take her about 3 hours to get there: she'll need to go to the shops to get some snacks for the journey, then catch a bus to the station, where she'll have to wait a bit for the train to arrive. At the other end, she'll need to use a taxi, as she has no idea about the local busses. Luckily, her Uber app has told her that they operate in the area.

So, Anna had set her alarm for 5am, to give herself time to vaguely wake up, have some breakfast, then have a shower and wash her hair. As it dried, she brushed it into a simple but tidy bun: the hairdressers would be doing stuff to it later. She didn't bother putting on much makeup either: again, later on, the makeup artists would do whatever it was that the customer wanted.

When her alarm woke her, there were two things that she was blissfully unaware of. The first was a tiny fairy, dressed in black, who had been sat on the end of her bed admiring her handiwork, and had scurried off very quickly when her alarm had gone off. The other was that, whilst she had a mouthful of metal braces [*see note below] and a facemask - it was one of those with a single chunky metal vertical bar - that was connected to her braces with metal springs (making it impossible to remove), she was blissfully unaware of her orthodontia. What I mean is that it was definitely there, she just couldn't see it or feel it. Or maybe she did, but something in her brain was 'subtracting' it from her awareness.

Yes, very strange, but magic is like that!

So, she got up, went to her kitchen to have some breakfast, then went and had her shower. Yes, the facemask and braces made things rather difficult for her, but as far as Anna was concerned, she wasn't having any problems, as her brain was 'normalising' everything.

Now fully dressed, she left the house, and walked the short distance to the shops. Whilst it was still quite early, there were a few people around, and the strange thing was that most of them were staring at her as she walked past. Which is easy for us to understand, as you don't normally get to see a young woman wearing an orthodontic facemask. In the shop, the shop assistant was also staring at her, even grinning a bit, and thinking something like 'WTF?... although I'm glad it's her wearing it, not me!'. But poor Anna had no idea why they were behaving so strangely.

Anna put the snacks and drinks into her bag, and then walked the short distance to the bus stop. There were two girls, late teens or early twenties, already at the bus stop, and when she arrived, they were both staring straight at her, grinning stupidly. Of course, from their perspective, Anna was wearing a fairly chunky orthodontic facemask, held in place by very visible springs that went into her mouth. But as far as Anna was concerned, she was entirely normal. And very confused. She got her makeup mirror out, and looked at herself.... no, as far as she could see, she looked absolutely normal!

A few minutes later, the bus arrived, and she got on: as she did so, the bus driver also gave her a very strange look, but she just ignored him, and went and found a seat near the front. The bus slowly pulled away, going down the street. A minute or two later, after they had already passed 2 bus stops, Anna felt a strange feeling, urging her to get off the bus, and go back home as quickly as she could. She wasn't sure why she had that feeling - it certainly couldn't be anything to do with 'have I left the gas on', because she didn't HAVE gas. But there was SOMETHING that she needed to go home for, and hopefully she'd remember when she got there.

She pressed the <stop> button on the vertical handrail in front of her, got up, and walked to the middle set of doors. The bus slowed down, and stopped at the next bus stop, the doors opened, and Anna got off. She recognised where she was, then crossed the road, to catch a bus back to where she started - yes, she could have walked, but the bus would probably be a lot quicker. The bus driver on this second bus simply ignored Anna, and she walked straight to the middle doors: she knew she would only be going 3 stops, so it seemed silly to sit down. Of course, while she stood there, she was visible to a couple of lads sat at the back of the bus, who started smirking and talking to each other. Anna was quite glad when the bus finally reached her stop a few minutes later, and she got off, and started walking briskly back to her flat.

Once there, she let herself inside. As she passed the mirror, she took another look at her face: she wanted to double-check that she didn't have something on her face, which would explain why everyone was giving her strange looks. Satisfied, she paused.... and remembered the reason she had come back home - she was sure she forgot to close her bedroom window. She walked into her bedroom, where she found that she had indeed left it open.

Anna took a look at her watch: damn, she was now running rather late. Was it going to be a good day or a bad day? Would she be lucky, and the bus wouldn't get held up, and she made the next train? Or would it all go wrong? There was nothing she could really do about it, so she decided to just get going: she could message the customer once she was on the train, and let them know she was running a little late.

As she approached the bus stop for the second time, her bus was arriving. There was plenty of space on the bus, and she even got a seat. And, for a change, everyone seemed to be getting on the bus nice & quickly, and it felt like every light was green: she'd never got to the station so quickly. Oh, and nobody looked at hhe strangely, like before.

As she went into the station, she thought she had just missed her train, but luck (ok, the fairies) was on her side today: the train was a couple of minutes late for some reason, and she was able to get onto it ok. She checked her online app, and it indicated that the late-running train would actually get in at 8:49am, so if she managed to get an Uber fairly quickly at the other end, she would be no more than 5 or 10 minutes late!

Disaster averted!

[* And when I say mouthful of metal, I mean that. She had molar bands not only on her front molars, but also on her pre-molars and her canines (top and bottom!), with her 8 incisors being the only teeth with simple brackets. In addition, there were thick wires attached to the top molar bands that came forwards to the level of her canines, which is where the springs for the facemask were attached]

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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I'm going to be away for a week, so thought maybe I'd post an extra chapter before I went!


Chapter 21

Her phone was ringing. Lilly grunted, found the light switch, then grabbed her phone. It was Ella.

"Good morning, Lilly!" said an excited Ella

"What time is it, for goodness’s sake?" asked Lilly, noticing that it's still dark outside.

"It's a few minutes before 5am. We just had a ping, about 5 minutes ago. It was there for several minutes, then faded away"

"Sounds like she's been and gone then...?"

"Yeah, that's what we were thinking"

"Ok, thanks for the call. I don't think we need to panic; my alarm was about to go off anyway, and I'm sure today's victim is going to be asleep for a bit longer. Hey, you can join us for breakfast, then grab some sleep"

"Ahead of you on that one, we're already turning the kit off!"


"Good morning, ladies" said Lilly as she got downstairs. It was several minutes before 5:30. "Our Dark Fairy struck again just before 5am. I'm guessing we should have plenty of time, I mean, who ever gets up THIS early? So, let’s have some breakfast then go and find today's victim!"

"Yes, I wonder what delights await us today? It's about time she tried a fully-banded look!" said Magic.

"How about DOUBLE facebows, glued in... along with some J-hooks, and goodness knows what headgear to go with it?" suggested Elida, smiling.

"We've not seen a facemask yet. Or a herbst...." said Faylinn.

"Has anyone noticed that she's staying very firmly with NON-removable braces? No twin blocks, no bite plates, no removable expanders. She definitely wants to make their lives difficult!

"Let's be grateful that she seems to be happy to just twist teeth and add braces. Imagine what would happen if she removed someone's teeth, and gave them dentures" commented Flora.

"Oh, ouch, don't go there..." said Magic.

"Hey, well done guys" said Lilly, as Ella and Puck walked in.

"I will confess, it WAS quite exciting when we started getting something" said Ella.


By 6am, the six girls were flying over the houses, 3 to the south, 3 to the west. With the new spells having a greater range, they were able to cover the area quite quickly.

"I think I may have something" said Magic, as she reached the main road, where the shops were. "Let me try and narrow it down a bit....". She kept circling, and casting the spells. "It's odd, every time I run the 'detect magic stuff' spell, it's pointing me in a different direction, although I'm getting absolutely nothing on the angst side of things!"

"She must be moving"

"Yeah, I already guessed that! Ok, so where the hell is she?". She ran another 'detect magic', which pointed down the road. "Hey, there's a bus.....". Magic chased after the bus, and went inside to have a look. She was about to run another 'detect magic', but then realised there was no need: today's victim was sat downstairs at the front - her very obvious facemask was a bit of a giveaway! "Got her!" added Magic.

"Where are you?"

"I'm on a big green bus...."

"Oh.... not good"

"No, not good! I'll have to do something to get her off the bus, and get her to go back home. Any idea where home IS yet?"

"Working on it...."

Magic waved her wand, implanting a couple of urgent ideas into Anna's head: the first one was to get off the bus at the next stop. The second was that it was very important that she got back home. Magic watched as Anna stood up and rang the 'stop' bell. Not long after, the bus stopped, and the doors opened, allowing Anna to get off the bus.

"Ok, we're off the bus.... She's crossing the road...... and at the bus stop opposite, I guess she's gonna catch a bus back again"

"Good. So, any hints what today's victim is wearing?"

"Apart from the facemask, that's held in place with small metal springs, no, not yet"

"Metal springs? Hey, I bet that's a 'wired-in facemask', would be our Dark Fairy's style!"

"Did someone say facemask?" said Faylinn, feeling good with herself for predicting things right.

Faylinn and Flora arrived a couple of minutes later, and joined Magic at the bus stop. "I wonder where she lives?"

"No idea, I'm just planning on following her". A bus came, and Anna got onto it. She went and stood in the middle of the bus, by the exit doors. The 3 fairies watched as the two lads at the back of the bus smirked and clearly talked about Anna, but Anna didn't react. 3 stops later she got off the bus. Again, there were a few people around, clearly staring at Anna in her facemask. Once again, Anna ignored them, and started walking along the road, then turned left into a smaller road, which is where Elida, Lilly and Sparkle met up with them.

Elida flew backwards, directly in front of Anna's face, taking a look. "Nice facemask, it's held in with a couple of shiny metal springs, which seem to be glued or welded to the facemask, so I'm guessing it's the same in her mouth, although I can't see anything yet. Go on, give me a smile so I can see!". Sadly, she didn't.

It wasn't long before Anna stopped, went up to a front door, which she opened, and went inside. One of the first things she did was to take a look at her face: it seems she was checking she didn't have anything on her face, that might explain why people were looking at her - but she was completely ignoring her facemask and braces.

"It's weird, she has a facemask, plus, by the look of it, a mouth full of metal, yet she's been behaving like it's 100% normal" said Magic.

"Does she even KNOW she HAS them?" suggested Sparkle.

"What do you mean?"

"I think our Dark Fairy just pulled a joker out of her deck: she's given her extreme braces, and run a spell that completely stops her brain from letting her know they are there".

"Oh my, that is so sneaky.... and SOOO cruel!"

"I have to admit it, I do admire what she has done! She is getting really creative!" commented Lilly

"Well, we're back home, we have work to do: as we're all here, I'm going to run a FairyTime, everyone ok with that?" said Magic

"Go for it!" said Lilly.

With the world around them stopped, they started looking around for clues. While the three tooth fairies examined their new victim, Magic was hacking her phone, and Lilly was on her laptop.

"Ok" said Lilly, "from what I'm seeing, this lady is Anna Witchstone, and I think she's some sort of model. Ah, yes, she was off to a modelling assignment this morning, pictures for an online catalogue. The reason she's up so early is that it's a bit of a trek for her, she's supposed to be there by nine."

"Yeah, it looks like she's in her early 30's, lovely teeth too - well they were before our Dark Fairy got hold of her!" added Magic. "What can you guys tell me about the current state of her mouth?"

"As we pretty much guessed, her facemask is held in with springs, apparently welded at both ends. She has lovely shiny metal bands on ALL her molars and pre-molars, plus her canines, and shiny brackets on the 8 incisors, plus a couple of glued-on springs between some of the brackets - I guess they would normally be elastics. A reasonably thick rectangular archwire, held in with some lovely bright fluorescent orange ligatures. Finally, there's heavy metal wires welded to the molar bands that her facemask springs are attached to" reported Faylinn.

"Any ideas on the glue yet?"

"Half a moment....". She waved her wand. "Very similar to what we had yesterday, I think... what do you think, Flora?" said Faylinn.

"Yes, not quite the same, but it does feel reasonably similar" replied Flora.

"Right." said Sparkle. "You know, I'm thinking that, if we're lucky, we might be able to get Anna to where she needs to be only a bit late. I say we keep the FairyTime running, and do everything in there, so we don't lose her any more time. That way we'll pretty much contain everything."

"It would be ten times easier if we could get her lying down, mouth open...." said Flora.

"Ok, so we end the FairyTime, get her moved and positioned quickly, then run another FairyTime, and get working on her. That work for everyone? Lilly, any issues with running multiple FairyTimes?"

"Fine by me!" said Lilly.

"Elida, do you want to run the spells to get her into position?". Sparkle ended the FairyTime, Elida hit Anna with a 'keep calm' spell, then moved her into the bedroom, lying on her bed. "And we're back in FairyTime, go for it ladies!"

"How about we try repeating what we did yesterday, see if we get lucky?" suggested Flora. The good news is that they quickly managed to remove the metal bands, and thus also the facemask that was attached to it, but the 8 brackets remained. "Ok, so looks like she's done something different with the brackets today! Suggestions?". Elida got out the various printouts she'd got yesterday from the Dark Archive, and they started reading.

"Ladies, the FairyTime's going to end soon, I'm guessing you'd like another one?"


While Flora, Elida and Faylinn continued working, Magic, Sparkle and Lilly had a quick chat. "I reckon this will have lost her no more than 30 minutes. So how about we help her on her journey? Get the buses and trains to nicely arrive on time for her. Make sure there's a taxi ready at the other end. The worst case is she's ten minutes late." suggested Sparkle

"I'll go with that. But what about the people who saw her?" asked Magic

"She's a model, and by the look of it, dressed quite plainly today. I'll bet that she's not normally up till a bit later, so I reckon that the people that she saw this early in the morning don't actually know her, or even if they do, they possibly didn't recognise her - so what did they see? A stranger, wearing something odd on her face, ignoring their comments and strange looks? That sounds to me what a seasoned facemask wearer might do anyway. And it's reasonable that she could be wearing a facemask out in public this early in the morning, needing to keep up her hours. I think we just ignore all that!" said Lilly. "You guys ok with that?". Magic and Sparkle both nodded. "So that leaves just one loose end..."

"Oh, what's that?"

"You made her think of something, which made her want to come back home. We need to give her that something. Ideas?"

"It's a ground floor flat - how about she left a window open?"

"Excellent! One of you go open a window, I'll go see how the others are getting on..."

Lilly went back to the 3 tooth fairies, to discover that they had just managed to remove the 8 brackets, and Faylinn was moving her teeth back to where they should be. "Well done ladies. When we end the FairyTime, can we get her back where she was before you moved her, then I'll wipe her memory of going and lying on the bed and back again, and remind her that the reason she came back was because she forgot to close the window. Then we're all going to make sure she gets where she was going as quickly as we can.... so, get the bus arriving as she gets to the bus stop, make sure people get on the bus at all stops nice and quickly, and give the bus green lights all the way to the station! One of us needs to get to the station, and hold up the train for a few minutes: she will have missed her original train, but no reason she can't make the next one!  Then we can all have a nice train ride, and make sure that she gets a taxi ok at the other end!"

It took a lot of work and coordination, but with 6 fairies all working together, they managed to get the bus to the station amazingly quickly (probably at the expense of a few other people being late!) because all the traffic lights seemed to be green, and Magic managed to delay the train long enough for Anna - and the fairies - to catch it. While they were on the train, Lilly made a phone call, the result of which was that, when Anna went to book her Uber a few minutes before arriving, one would be waiting for her.

With Anna on her way in the taxi, the girls sat down outside the station. "Well done, everyone, crisis averted! And all with minimal knock-on effects!"

Elida had her phone out and was doing something. "Good news: there's a fairy café just down the road, I think we all deserve to go and have a coffee...."

As they waited for the coffees to arrive, Lilly asked Elida "I'm guessing you have her braces with you?"

"Yes, I do..." She put her hand into her pocket, and got them out. Whilst they had removed them in two goes, she had re-assembled them. She put the braces onto the table, and looked at them. They looked very pretty!

"Nice set of braces" commented Sparkle

"Yes, they are very pretty, aren't they?" replied Elida, her heart beating a little faster than it was a couple of minutes before.

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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This is such a unique story thank you for taking the time to write this. And now to leave us in suspense, thank you though for not doing it as a cliffhanger though. Safe travels.

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Fascinating story, really enjoying it!  Safe travels!

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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I think the fairies must have been helping me today.... a 3 hour journey down to Devon went amazingly smoothly

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Chapter 22

Once again, Faylinn and Flora went off for the rest of the day, to attend to a couple of cases that the office had for them, which conveniently left Magic, Sparkle, Lilly & Elida alone, to go and try out the 'locate a fairy without them knowing' spell that Elida and Lilly had memorised. They went and found a big empty field.

Lilly explained to Magic and Sparkle that they had a spell that would, if it worked, let them see the Dark Fairy (without her knowing). "However, it sounds like it has a nasty side effect... it makes you dizzy / feel drunk, and eventually pass out if you use the spell too much."

"So, you gonna teach it to us then?" asked Sparkle.

"No, I was planning on me and Elida using it, it's a bit of dark magic we found in the Archive. But we need to find out how it affects us, and we need you to try out a sort of 'recovery' spell on us that might help reduce the effects." replied Lilly.

Elida told them the recovery spell they would need to use.

"Ok, Elida, give it a go...." said Lilly. Elida cast the spell, then a few seconds later Sparkle hit her with the recovery spell.

"Well, that worked fine, I could see all of you, but my head did start to spin a bit, but Sparkle's spell did help a bit. Your turn...". Lilly cast the spell, then Magic hit her with the recovery spell.

"Yeah, see what you mean!" said Lilly. "Everyone glows brightly, and everything is a bit spinning! You want to try again?".

"Ok. But Magic, why don't you go over to the far side of the field, and hide away in the undergrowth....". Once more, Elida cast the spell, and Sparkle countered.

"Whoa... not so nice.... But I could see Magic quite clearly. Ok, let's try it once again....". A third time Elida cast the spell, and Sparkle cast the recovery spell. "I don't think I can.......", and that's when she gently collapsed onto the grass. It was clear that she was still breathing, but it was a few minutes before she came around.

"You ok?"

"Not really, I feel....", and that's when she threw up. "Give me a few minutes.... but Lilly, you need to do it too, so you're prepared for what it feels like!"

Lilly did the spell a second time, and started to feel a bit dizzy, and when she had cast the third one: while she didn't quite pass out, she fell down on the grass, and also threw up. Magic and Sparkle threw a couple of extra recovery spell onto Lilly, in case they helped.

"Oh, definitely not good... about ten times worse than being on a fairground ride!".

"Did the extra recovery spells help at all?"

"Not that I noticed. The first one each time seemed to take the edge off it though....". Finally, about 15 or 20 minutes later, the field stopped spinning for both Elida and Lilly.

"Ok, when we need to do this, we're going need you two with us: Sparkle, you stay with Elida, Magic, you stay with me." said Lilly. "I'm guessing that what's likely to happen is that one of us will spot our Dark Fairy, so I suggest whoever that is follows her, and recasts the spell, to work out where she's going, reporting to the other. The second one of us can try and get a bit ahead, ready to take over. Don't repeat the spell too quickly, or we won't find where she's finally going."

"Yes, that sounds good to me,” said Elida.

They sat and chatted for a while.

"Hey, is it just me, or has anyone else spotted a pattern to where her victims live?" said Magic. She waved her wand, and her tablet appeared, and she brought up a map, and roughly marked the 4 locations: they were all to the south of the town, and more generally to the east. "Now, the farm buildings are to the south-east... if I were a fairy needing to hide, that's where I'd hide, or in the woods behind the farm"

"So, Lilly, why don't we go there, and run the spell again, see if we spot anything: I reckon we might spot her even if she's inside"

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea, and it will be good practice.... but only cast the spell twice each". They all flew off to the farm, and tried the spell in different places, but had no luck, so they went back to their guest house, to have some lunch. Ella and Puck had got up, after managing a few hours’ sleep.

"Hey, can we borrow Elida again?" asked Ella.

"Sure, although we think you should relocate the kit - we'll get the FAS guys to help you"

"Where to, and why?" asked Ella. Lilly explained that they had a good feeling that the Dark Fairy had found a good place to hide, somewhere near the farm or woods (although they couldn't find her), and her victims all seemed to be towards the south east of the town centre. "So, I'll leave it to you to have a quick fly around, and decide where to locate yourselves."

"Sure, no problems"


"So, what we three gonna do this afternoon?" asked Sparkle, after lunch.

"Well, maybe I can take you to the Uni, and introduce you to the milkshake bar?"


"Yeah, more bar than milkshake though... they ARE alcoholic.... come on, it is a STUDENT bar, we're not THAT stupid!"


"Anyone seen Lilly, Sparkle or Magic?" asked Faylinn: the other 5 of them were sat around the dinner table, about to start their dinner. Suddenly the front door opened, then closed loudly a few seconds later.

Lilly, Magic & Sparkle walked into the dining room. Actually, I tell a lie, all three of them ROLLED in: Lilly had persuaded the other two to get roller boots! And they sort of 'fell' into their chairs. Yes, they were all a little drunk!

"Boy, those milkshakes were strong!" said Magic.... "But somehow, that makes it so much easier to walk... err, roll... in these things!".

Five completely sober, plus 3 slightly drunk, fairies ate their dinner: once again, the fairy who ran the guesthouse had made them an excellent dinner. As she ate, Lilly noticed that Elida and Puck kept glancing at each other, which pleased her.

"Well, I'm happy to report that we've moved all the kit closer to the target zone, and it's still working!" said Ella. "So, we have good news and bad news: the good news is that the second sensor has been repaired, and is working well, so we can now give a reasonable estimate of bearing and distance to where the magic is happening. And once again, Elida was very helpful today with our testing."

"You know" said Elida, "What it REALLY needs is an App, that can automatically overlay your results onto Google Maps".

"Yeah, but we haven't got the time to do that right now. But I'll see if I can do something manually... take the results that Puck gives me, and manually work out the location, which I can then check on the map... I'm guessing that would be easier for you guys?"

"Absolutely!" said Lilly, who was starting to get a little less drunk. "And the BAD news?"

"It's taking about 10 to 15 minutes to actually GET the location from the kit. But we're going to keep working on it, see if we can get it quicker for you"

"Damn it!" said Lilly, "I'll guarantee she won't hang around THAT long. But at least we'll find our victim quicker - and maybe we'll get lucky with our fairy-locater spell"

"You have a fairy-locater spell?" asked Faylinn. "Nice!"

"Yes, but it's going to potentially need 4 of us to do it... so you and Flora may need to deal with tomorrow's new victim by yourselves" explained Lilly.

"I'm sure we can manage that; we're getting pretty used to what to do now,” said Faylinn.

Lilly exhaled a big breath. "We're getting so close to her, and unless we get very lucky tomorrow, we're still so far away from actually finding her. So, Ella, Puck, what's your plans for tonight? Same as last night?"

"Yes, I think so... get a bit of rest, then back to site a bit after midnight. While we wait for something to happen, Puck and I can review everything he's done, and see if we can speed things up a bit. And we should have the third sensor ready by tomorrow, maybe THAT will make a difference."

"Guys, I need to tell you that you are doing a great job, especially given that you're not in a normal indoor lab. And that includes you, Elida!" said Lilly.

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Chapter 23

Runesdale is a quaint town in middle England, located near a large forest. It's a very popular place to live, and the small-ish town is home to 11 different Estate Agents, with a twelfth one opening up next week.... One thing that Runesdale lacks, is a Public Toilet.... not that it really matters, because you'll have no problems finding a Coffee Shop, and I'm sure if you ask nicely....

Daisy was up late last night... or maybe I should say 'Daisy was up late this morning', as it was about 2:30am by the time she finally got into bed. Normally she wouldn't be up quite THAT late, but last night was a good night, she had a lot of customers willing to pay for her 'online services'.

After finishing online, she had removed her (fake) braces, and her 'work clothes', and had taken a nice warm shower, which not only freshened her up, it also relaxed her, and once in bed she quickly fell asleep.

A couple of hours later, Daisy was sleeping deeply, when a certain very attractive small figure dressed in black, with lovely dark wings to match, came into her room. For some reason, the Dark Fairy was a little more upset than normal, and had decided that THIS victim was going to suffer!

Earlier this evening, our Dark Fairy had visited the orthodontist's place, and had been reading a couple of older books. One of the books had contained pictures of humans with full bands on all their teeth, and they looked absolutely wonderful. She had also seen an article about jaw surgery, and how they used to use lovely shiny wires to hold the person's jaws together. Plus, she re-read the book that showed such beautiful shiny things as expanders.

As she looked at Daisy lying in bed, she was getting some strange feelings. Feelings that there was something nearby that she should look at... She flew around Daisy's flat, and in the second bedroom she got the most pleasant surprise. There were shiny braces. And facebows and headgears. One particular item caught her eyes: a beautiful black leather high-pull headgear! She decided that she could use that in a moment, so picked it up, and took it with her, back into Daisy's bedroom.

So, what to give this poor victim tonight? She started with a full set of shiny metal bands on ALL her teeth, wisdom teeth included. Then welded in an expander, across the roof of her mouth. Next, she added thick shiny archwires, with a few springs on them both at the front, all designed to give her a very obvious shiny metallic mouth look. But what colour ligatures should she use tonight to hold this amazing orchestra of metal together? She chose a mixture of Ruby Red, Gold and Purple! Then she used some wires on her front teeth, to hold her jaws together.

But there was still something missing: headgear. She magicked up a pair of facebows, fitting one to her top jaw, the other to her lower jaw, both held in place with glue. She used Daisy's own black leather high-pull headgear and connected that to her upper facebow, then magicked up a matching black leather neck-strap for her lower facebow.

She sat back, and admired her handiwork: yes, it was beautiful! In fact, it looked so good that she sat there for at least 5 minutes, admiring her handiwork.

By that point, Daisy was staring to stir a little: not surprising given all the metal that was suddenly in her mouth. The Dark Fairy watched as Daisy started to wake up, and decided that maybe it was time for her to go.

Daisy's mouth felt very strange to her. She tried to open her mouth, to yawn, but discovered that she couldn't - something was stopping her from opening her mouth. Her tongue could feel something in the top of her mouth, and more generally a metallic taste in her mouth. She put her hand up to her face, and felt the two facebows - this was something she was quite familiar with, she often wore headgear with her fake braces.

By now, Daisy was pretty much fully awake, and started to wonder where these braces had come from: after all, she had removed her own fake braces before coming to bed. She got out of bed, turning on the bedside light, then walked over to her dressing table, where she sat on her stool, and looked into the mirror. She saw the two facebows going into her mouth, and the associated headgear: half a moment, wasn't that her OWN leather headgear? It was. But there was now a matching cervical strap made of leather too. Nice! She opened her lips, so she could see what was inside her mouth: what she saw was just amazing: she had full bands on all the teeth that she could see - which explained the metal taste. An amazing mix of coloured ligatures. What seemed to be small springs on her archwires.... and wires at the front that connected her top braces to her bottom braces - well that explained why she couldn't open her mouth! Her open mouth turned into a huge smile!

"Wow, thith ith jutht amathing!" she said to herself.

It was at about this point that a couple of other small creatures - our hero fairies - arrived, not that she could actually see them.

For some reason, Daisy felt a little sleepy, and closed her eyes for a few moments, and fell asleep whilst still sitting at her dressing table. When she woke, just moments later, she found a piece of paper on the dressing table in front of her. It said 'I wish I could keep these braces for a while, they are so cool!'. She had no idea where the piece of paper came from, but something told her that she really should say those words.

"I with I coulg keep theethe bwathes for a while, they are tho cool!" she said, with a lot of difficulty. With that, she went back to her bed, where she lay down, and spent a short time 'enjoying her braces', then fell asleep again....

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Chapter 24

Now that Ella and Puck's kit was working, they decided that needed to be ready to get into action at a moment's notice. Whether they would be able to actually CATCH a certain fairy was another matter, as it seemed that it would take up to 15 minutes to get the actual location, and they were pretty certain that the certain fairy wouldn't hang around THAT long, but it was always worth a try. Now, whilst the Dark Fairy had visited the last victim around 5am, they couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't be earlier, so they decided that they would all try and get some sleep, then get out and wait with Ella and Puck from about 2:30am.

Now, you're probably asking 'hey, couldn't the fairies just keep flying around, to try and catch our Dark Lady?' It's a nice idea, but the reality of it is simply that flying and casting spells DOES rather take it out of you. It's something you can maybe do for 30 minutes, maybe an hour at a push, but that's about it. Lilly had already thought about this, and if they didn't make any progress in the next few nights, then one option WAS to call in a load of other fairies to help. But she was trying to keep a pretty low profile, so the Dark Fairy wouldn't spot them. Flood the place with a few dozen other fairies, and it's no longer 'low profile'!

So, from about 2:30 they went and sat patiently on the rooftops, adjacent to where Puck and Ella were. They made sure to take some cards and some soft drinks with them, to keep them occupied. It wasn't until around 4:30 that Ella reported: "ok, guys, looks like we may have something, give us 10 minutes or so....".

"Ok, Elida, when we get there, you go up high, and run the 'detect fairy': I don't imagine we'll get anything but it's worth a try, and by being up high, you should get good coverage. Sparkle, make sure you stay with Elida to cast the recovery spell, and Magic, you're with me, just in case.... Faylinn and Flora, start searching for magic when we get there, to locate the specific house, then just wait on the roof until Elida has cast her search spell. We'll keep away from Faylinn and Flora, so you'll know that if you detect THREE fairies, you'll know our Dark Fairy is still there."

The girls got themselves ready. Lilly went over to see Ella, who was waiting with her tablet to put in a range and direction, to convert it to grid coordinates, which she could then put onto the map app.

"Ok, here we go.... it's off to the south-west, about half to three quarters of a mile or so..." The girls launched themselves into the air: they could start on their way, and Ella would give them more details in a moment. Ella mumbled as she pressed buttons. "Ok, in the vicinity of 98 Archwire Avenue... that's 98 Archwire Avenue!"

"Thank you, Ella! - and thank you too, Puck!" said Lilly.

The others typed the address into their tablets, and very quickly saw where they needed to go.... once there, Faylinn and Flora ran a search. "Ok, got it!" said Faylinn.

By this point, Elida was up quite high with Sparkle, and guessing that the Dark Fairy would probably be going to the south, stayed a little to the north, then cast the 'find a fairy without them knowing' with as much power as she could, followed by Sparkle running the 'recovery' spell on Elida.... She could see two fairies together on the house, and could see Lilly and Magic over to the side. She looked around as much as she could, but sadly that was it. "Sorry guys, no luck, I think she's gone....".

"Ok then, thanks for trying... let's get in and meet today's victim!" said Lilly. Sparkle went over and stayed close to Elida as they flew down: she knew that Elida was likely to be a bit dizzy for a while.

Faylinn and Flora were the first into the house, but the others were there moments later. "Hey, don't suppose anyone noticed what number house this is, did they?" asked Lilly.

"I'll go take a look, if you like...." said Sparkle, who flew outside.

The others all went into the bedroom, where they found tonight's victim. She was actually awake, lying in bed, and touching her braces with her fingers. Unlike any of the previous victims, she wasn't screaming. In fact, she had the most massive smile on her face!

"Oh, nice and shiny!!!.... DOUBLE headgear! And it looks like she has full-bands on all her teeth too!!!" commented Faylinn.

"Nice mix of colours for the ligs" added Magic.

"Hey, did she get her mouth wired shut? And that is some snazzy headgear, looks like it's leather!" said Lilly. The fairies were all staring at the victim, admiring the large amount of metal, when Sparkle returned.

"Ella - looks like we're at number 94 - so well done!" said Sparkle, who then got close enough to see tonight’s victim. "Hey, I think I recognise her" says Sparkle, "She's a..... ummm.... well... umm.... errr..." (digging herself rapidly into an embarrassingly big hole)

"Do go on..." says Lilly.

"She's a.... a.... a.... fetish.... cam-girl.... usually wears fake braces, and I'm thinking that lovely leather Interlandi headgear with shiny brass rivets she's wearing is actually hers..."

"And you know this ... how?" asked Lilly

By now, Sparkle was bright red. "I may have 'accidentally' paid for her erm... private 'footage' over on OnlyFans... whilst doing some braces research, of course!"

"Ok, and the channel's called...?"

"Daisy's Super Special Metalmouth Stream. Oh, this is SOOO embarrassing."

"That's ok, I mean, there's only.... well, you, me, Magic, Faylinn, Elida and Flora that now know your naughty little secret"

"But what about all our readers?"

"Sorry, yes, forgot about all of them! Anyway, that explains her massive smile, she's actually ENJOYING what our Dark Fairy has given her tonight,” said Lilly.

"I've got an idea,” said Magic. "As she seems to like the braces, why don't we just lock her in, leave her a note, then come back later on, after we've all had some more sleep". Her comment made both Elida and Faylinn giggle.

"Yes, I guess we could...... but I have a better idea! Let's go talk to her, see what she wants? I reckon there's a good deal to be made here..."

"How do we talk to her?" asked Elida. "I mean, humans can't actually see us or hear us."

"Not like this they can't, but we can put her to sleep, and join her in her dream."

"You're kidding? No way!!"

"Yup, it's something Tats and I and a few others worked on when we were both still at Uni, it can be quite useful. Hey, why don't you join me? And Sparkle, you know her, so why don't you come too. While we do that, Magic, do you want to do your normal work of hacking her phone and computer, see what else you can find about her. It would even be nice to know her real name!"

"Oh, this is gonna be so cool!" said Elida. Lilly smiled: she remembered the first time she had gone into a human's dreams... yes it WAS pretty damn cool!"

"Ok, two things, Elida: First we may or may not have our wings in the dream... either way, it's not a big deal. Second: if you do magic in a dream, it's about ten times as effective, so just do small things! Ok, let me put her to sleep - Faylinn and Flora: feel free to have a good look at her mouth whilst she's asleep, it won't affect us!" Lilly waved her hands and cast a sleep spell. "Are you two ready? Take my hands.....". Lilly said the relevant magic words, and a moment later they were in an orthodontist's office. They looked at the treatment chair, and Daisy was sat in it, her mouth full of metal. For whatever reason, the orthodontist and his assistant were not there.

"Hello Daisy!" said Lilly.

"Oh, hello there.... sorry, I didn't see you!". As Daisy spoke, her voice was both distorted by the braces, yet at the same time clear and easy to understand. The fairies moved closer to Daisy. One other advantage of being in a dream with humans is that fairies and humans were actually the same sort of size.

"I'm Lilly, by the way, and this is Sparkle and Elida."

"Hi ladies! Erm - are those wings you have there?"

Lilly waggled her shoulders, and could feel that she did indeed have wings. "Yes, we do..."

"It's odd, I've never seen anyone with wings before, even in a dream"

"Yeah, that's because we're all fairies...."

"Oh, come on, everyone knows that fairies don't exist!"

"I promise you that fairies DO exist. How do you think you got those braces?"

"Well, it's a dream... I can dream up anything in a dream"

"I was thinking about the ones you were enjoying just before you fell asleep."

"Ah, yes, THOSE. I WAS rather wondering how I got them. Hey, did YOU give them to me?"

"No, it wasn't us, it was another fairy who gave them to you. Anyway, Sparkle here tells me that you like braces!"

"Yes, I do! So, my braces... from what I could tell, they were pretty extreme! Hey, did you get a good look at them? I'd love to know exactly what I have..."

"Well, from what I saw" said Elida, "you have a mouthful of full metal bands, with multi-coloured ligs. I think I saw a couple of springs too. Your jaws seemed to be wired together, and you have two facebows, with rather nice leather headgears"

"Oooh, nice. Leather - I bet that's MY leather high-pull." Daisy sat and thought a bit. "Hey, you say you're fairies?"


"And aren't fairies supposed to fulfil wishes?"

"Ummm... yes..."

"Even in dreams?"

Elida looked at Lilly, who answered the question: "Yes, we do".

"So, if I was to wish that all three of you were dressed from head to toe in leather cat-suits.... you'd have to do what I ask"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" said Lilly.

"Oh, of course I am... so do I get my wish?".

Lilly breathed out noisily "I suppose so!". She made her wand appear, and waved it, and the three fairies were now all dressed from neck to ankle in black leather catsuits, with suitably matching black roller boots.

"Not too bad!" said Sparkle. "You happy now?"

"Yes, and may I say how lovely you all look in black! Anyway, why DID you crash my dream?"

"Ah, yes.... the braces!" said Lilly. "Hey, Sparkle, you're probably better at this...."

"Ok, so you got given some rather extreme braces by someone we have got to know, but there's good news and bad news.... I know you like braces coz I've seen some of your videos, and something tells me that you'd probably like to keep them..."

"Definitely an option!" said Daisy, "although I'm not quite so keen on having my jaws wired shut. I mean ok for today, but I'd like to be able to eat"

"The problem is that, as they are, I can guarantee that no human will ever be able to remove your braces. Ever!"

"Ah, not good"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I'll guarantee that the facebows are also both irreversibly glued in too"

"That's not so good either! But I'm guessing you guys CAN remove them?"

"Yes, we can, and THAT's what we need to talk about..."

"You holding me to ransom?"

"Oh, no, not in the least! What I was thinking was that we could remove them for you, but then put them back again, but in a way that you COULD get them removed later on"

"Oooh, yes, I do like that idea! But it's gonna be a bit awkward going to an ortho with braces, and asking him to take them off..."

"Hmm, maybe we can help with that too...."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Elida here is a tooth fairy, and she's pretty good with braces too. Elida, would you be interested in taking Daisy on as a longer-term client?".

Elida smiled. "That sounds like it could be fun!"

"So, what do you think, Daisy?" asked Sparkle

Daisy was smiling (and therefore showing of a lovely sparkling set of dream-braces). "Definitely interested"

"I have a suggestion,” said Elida.

"Go on,” said Lilly.

"We remove the magic braces, but replace them, exactly as-is, but in an easily-removable way. For today. I can come back this evening, and un-wire them. Then when Daisy wants them changing, I can come back and see her again"

"I have a couple of problems with that, but I suspect we'll work a way around it. First of all, we're going to get into a LOT of trouble if we just give Daisy braces."

"What if she wishes for them?"

"Yes, that would work, I think. The other issue is that, Daisy, you can't be asking for different braces every five minutes... I mean, we all have real jobs to do"

Elida smiled, but this time there was a certain wickedness to her smile. "That's ok, if she mis-behaves, I'll just give her something extreme and nasty, maybe leave her with her jaws wired together for a few days"

"You might get into a bit of trouble if you start doing that!"

"Would I? I'd would just claim that it was justifiable use of excess spelling!"

"Hmm, let me think about it. Daisy, what do you think?"

"Yes please! And I promise to try and be sensible" replied Daisy

"Ok, sounds like we have an agreement. There's another minor thing, Daisy: you can't go telling anyone and everyone about us"

"You kidding? Who's ever gonna believe me, a fetish streamer, if I said that fairies were real!"

"Ok, so, I think we're pretty much done here...."


"Yes, Elida?"

"Can I try some magic in here?"

"Ok... what you thinking?"

"I thought I could give Daisy a few more braces..."

"Yeah, go on!!!" said Sparkle, "I'm sure Daisy won't complain!". Daisy nodded in agreement.

Elida took out her wand, and cast a spell, leaving Daisy with 12 facebows, 4 sets of J-hooks, 2 facemasks, and goodness knows what other metal inside her mouth.

"Oops...." said Elida

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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I really had to laugh there.
"Oops..." indeed. Elida may have forgotten about the magic being ten times as strong.  >:D
Can't tell you how envious I am of your talent of story-telling.

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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It's fun when you get the chance to write something as silly as those last two paragraphs, and even nicer to know that it managed to raise a laugh!

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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By the way, you may have spotted I changed my avatar... I searched for images of dark fairies, and that was the closest I found to my idea of what my Dark Fairy looks like

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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hi Sparky,

your story is really great! I'm really looking forward to the sequel. I hope we accompany Daisy still a weile!

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Following Daisy's story wasn't something I had thought of..... interesting idea though! In the meantime, let's see how the fairies get on....


Chapter 25

"Ah, you're back again,” said Faylinn. "How did it go? From the smile on Elida's face, I'd say it went well."

"Yes, we have decided to help Daisy with her love of braces.... So, we would like you guys to remove Daisy's braces, but put them back again using normal human glues" explained Lilly.

"I'm ok with the first bit, but don't we need a wish for the second bit?" asked Faylinn.

"Indeed, it will make it a lot easier to justify, and I think Sparkle is already working on something...."

Sparkle had magicked up a piece of paper, and used more magic to write on the paper. She then put it on the dressing table, in front of Daisy, so she'd see it when she woke her.

Magic came back in and joined the others. "Well, Daisy's real name is apparently Carrie Rosepeach, she's in her mid-30s, and lives here alone. She has a part-time day job working in a cafe, plus, as we already know, earns a not insubstantial amount from her braces streaming service, which she does in the evenings. She has several items of fake orthodontia in the other bedroom, which she uses for her streaming. Apart from that, she's pretty normal."

"Ok, ready for me to wake her up briefly?". Sparkle waved her wand, and Daisy woke up, still sitting at the dressing table. In front of her, she could see a piece of paper which she was sure hadn't been there earlier. It said 'I wish I could keep these braces for a while, they are so cool!'. She had no idea where the piece of paper came from, but something told her that she really should say those words.

"I with I coulg keep theethe bwathes for a while, they are tho cool!" she said, with a lot of difficulty. With that, she went back to her bed, where she lay down, and spent some time 'enjoying her braces'.... The girls, especially Flora, were a little embarrassed, so left Daisy alone for a bit. After that, Sparkle crept back in again, and sent her to sleep, allowing the three tooth fairies to do their job. Today it was slightly different, in that having removed the braces from Daisy's teeth, Faylinn cleaned them up, and Elida re-fitted them, but with a more normal sort of glue, which she (or any human orthodontist for that matter) would be able to remove later on. She then wired Daisy's jaws together again, and finally fitted the two facebows. Rather than re-use the black highpull and cervical headgears, Elida magicked up a bright yellow Interlandi headgear, and fitted it: she thought that Daisy might enjoy the bright colour and different style - and besides, if she didn't, she still had the black headgears she could use.

With their work done, they all went back to the guest house to get a few more hours sleep. Lilly was just about to get into bed when her phone rang.

"Lilly, we have a bit of a problem." said Ella.

"Oh, what's wrong?"

"Well, after using the kit this morning, it err... well.... suffice it to say that there was a load of sparks and smoke!"

"You're telling me it blew up?"

"I guess I am. It doesn't look TOO bad, but we've got a bit of work to do."

"Call in whatever help you need..."

"I already did: Ambrose is on his way! I was hoping Elida could maybe work with us..."

"No problems with that: I get a feeling she'll enjoy that, for a couple of reasons. But let her get a couple of hours sleep first"

Ella smiled. "Sure. But yeah, Puck and Elida seem to get on pretty well. And Elida seems to like learning new stuff, doesn't she?"

"Yes, she's a bright one is Elida, and good at thinking a bit outside the box too. Hey, when she's with you later, let her help with with the kit, I bet she'll enjoy that, and it wouldn't surprise me if she teaches you all something new!"


The team started coming down to the dining room shortly after noon: Lilly had spoken with the lady who ran the guesthouse, and had organised them all some brunch, as they had all effectively missed out on breakfast.

"Hey, Elida," said Lilly, "it seems Ella and Puck had a few 'technical difficulties' with the kit this morning, you up for spending the afternoon with them, helping out?"

"Oh dear!" replied Elida, "... and did the 'technical difficulties' include any sparks or smoke?"

"Yes, it did," replied Puck, "but we left Ambrose working on it, and it seems he's pretty much got it working again, plus he's managed to connect up that third sensor he built us. So I'm going to be testing it all out, and working on the magic and software this afternoon, and I was hoping you can help us test it again"

"Of course! Hey, maybe you can explain a bit more about how it all works later on?"

Lilly watched as Elida and Puck chatted together: her experience of Puck was that, whilst being pretty clever on the technical side of things, he was rather geeky, and felt awkward around most girl fairies... so it was so good to see him interacting with someone like Elida. Plus it was also clear that Elida seemed to enjoy spending time with Puck too, and she thought it went more than Elida's curiosity into the way the tech stuff worked. (Yes, Puck worked with Ella, but that was entirely a work thing, and Ella was also a bit geeky in her own way too!)

"Hey, you maybe going to go over and see Daisy later on?" asked Sparkle.

"I guess I probably should" replied Elida. "Something tells me that you'd like to come along too?"

Sparkle didn't actually reply, but she did smile back at Elida, showing off her silverware.

"Hey Lilly, any chance you can explain that 'go into a dream' spell we used earlier?" Elida asked Lilly. "I'm sure I'm going to need to chat with Daisy again, if not today, then maybe next time."

"Yeah, ok, but keep it to yourself will you, it's not an officially sanctioned bit of magic" replied Lilly.


"So, how come it takes so long to work out where the target is?" Elida asked Puck later on.

"Well, it's the way the calculations need to be done...." he replied, and he quickly started talking in loads of technical words, which Elida just didn't understand.

"Hey Puck, that's way over my head, can you simplify it a bit? Look, I REALLY want to help you guys somehow, but I need to understand things a bit".

Puck remembered a comment that Lilly had made to them, about 'don't be scared to let Elida get involved, she's brighter than you might think'. So he sat down with Elida for a while, and explained in simple terms they way the equipment worked. The way Elida was asking questions made it very clear that she understood what he was telling her, so he explained a bit further.

"So, why do you do it like that?" asked Elida "Surely it would be quicker to...." and she went on to describe a way that seemed like it would be better.

"Yeah, we actually started doing it like that, but it was actually slower...." explained Puck. They continued talking: Puck was actually enjoying explaining his work to someone else.

It was about ten minutes later when Elida said "but hang on, you're assuming the target is an instantaneous one... but we think she's there for several minutes, so couldn't you......." and then made another - amazingly sensible - suggestion.

"Yeah..... I guess, in THIS case, you're right... so maybe if we......". Elida and Puck exchanged ideas for a few minutes, then called Ella over, so he could do some sort of 'sanity check' on their ideas.

"How's it going?" she asked

"Well, Elida just came up with an idea: Up until now, we've been working on the basis that we get one hit on the target, and from that we try and calculate a location. But Elida just reminded me that, for what we need NOW, our Dark Fairy target is actually hanging around, probably for a few minutes, which means we could use a more iterative method, using multiple sensor readings. Ok, she's gonna be moving around a bit, but from our perspective, that just a tiny amount, and I'm thinking....." and Puck explained how he thought he could change things, and make things happen a LOT faster.

"You know" said Ella, "that actually makes a lot of sense. It wouldn't work in all cases, but yes, we DO know she's going to be hanging around for a few minutes, so yeah, let's give it a go! What can I do to help?"

Over the next couple of hours, they managed to get a basic setup working, and over the  two hours after that they managed to make it suprisingly usable. Elida had flown off quite some distance away, and did the sort of tooth and braces magic the Dark Fairy was doing, and whilst the accuracy was maybe not quite as good as it could be, they were getting a location within two to three minutes.

When Lilly arrived, Ella, Puck and Elida were sat having a well earned cup of coffee. "From the smiles on your faces, I'm guessing you've made some progress?"

"I guess you might call it 'some progress', although I think I'd call it more like 'a hell of a lot of progress'" replied Ella.

"So, what have you managed to do then?"

"Well, we think the accuracy may only be within a hundred meters or so, BUT we should be able to give you guys a location in 2 to 3 minutes"

"You're kidding? That's absolutely amazing! Well done guys! If it's a few houses out that won't matter too much, it won't take us long to fly over something like a dozen houses to find our Dark Lady."

"And hopefully it won't blow up again tomorrow, we've been testing it solid for the last couple of hours"

"So, how come the massive improvement?"

"Well, part of it was having that third sensor, but a big part of it was Puck explaining things to Elida, and Elida suggesting a new way of doing things. You were right, having someone not so close to what we've been doing worked well"

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Re: Story - The Dark Fairy
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Chapter 26

With the magic-detecting kit all working, Elida decided that maybe she should go and see how Daisy was getting on, and remove the wire holding her jaws togethers.

"Hey Sparkle" she said to her phone. "I was going to go over and see Daisy - you said you'd like to join me"

"Try and stop me" was Sparkle's reply. They agreed to meet on the roof of where Daisy lived.

"So how did things go with Ella and Puck this afternoon?" asked Sparkle, as they sat for a moment on the roof.

"Yeah, amazingly well! We should be able to get a reasonably good location with a couple of minutes..."

"Oh, wow, that will be amazing, we might finally get to meet our Dark Fairy! I'll be honest, whilst all this braces stuff this week has been fun, there's only a certain amount of 'fun' you can put up with before it starts to get a bit boring."

"In what way?"

"Well, I've seen enough braces this week to last for some time. The most fun bit has been seeing how our Dark Fairy's skills have progressed over the week. I'll be honest, she did give Daisy a pretty good set of braces this morning! So, how have you been enjoying this week?"

"It's actually been an amazing and full-on week: I have learnt so much, about so many different things. I mean, that Dark Archive, it's pretty amazing. Then being allowed to try out all sorts of different magic both with Flora and Faylinn, and with you guys too. Plus it's actually been really nice working with Puck and Ella"

"You like Puck, don't you? From what I've seen of him, he seems to be quite a nice guy, a bit shy though. Go gently with him...." said Sparkle, smiling. "And as for what you've been doing this week, I suspect a few people will have been told about what you've achieved, and I'm betting you're going to be offered some interesting things to do in the future. But whatever happens, make sure you get to do what YOU want". Sparkle paused, to let Elida bask in the good feelings that she was, without doubt, experiencing. "So, we going to go and remove the wire from Daisy's teeth?"

"Ok. Hey, should we go have a chat with Daisy in a dream again - Lilly told me the spell"

"Yeah, why not? I never really got a proper chance to talk with her this morning". The two fairies went into the house, where they saw Daisy sitting in her lounge, watching the TV. On the table beside her were her two facebows, and the two rather nice black leather headgears, along with an empty cup of tea. The two fairies flew up in front of her, and spent a few minutes admiring her braces, although they couldn't see a lot, as her lips were only slightly apart.

"I might as well send her to sleep here, she looks pretty comfortable" said Sparkle, who then waved her wand, casting a gentle sleep spell on Daisy.

"Ok, I hope I get this right...." said Elida, who waved her wand and said some magic words. The next moment, they were in Daisy's kitchen, along with Daisy - in a dream of course.

"Hi again, Daisy! How has your day been?" said Elida

"Oh hello again.... Elida isn't it, and.... errr....."


"Ah, yes, hi again, Sparkle. It has been a fun day, but I'll tell you what.... I'm so bloomin' hungry! I'm really hoping you're going to remove the wire from my braces so I can eat something!"

"Yes, that's the plan. So what about the braces: do you want to keep them for the moment?" asked Elida.

"Please, that would be nice! I had a really good look at them, and I think I'll be able to cope with them for a while."

"And the crooked teeth?" asked Sparkle, with a smile. "You know, they DO look rather good on you!"

"It's odd, I've always had really nice straight teeth, never needed braces as a kid - which is probably why I now have a thing for braces. So having crooked teeth is actually a bit of a thrill for me. I'm assuming that, at some point, you'll be able to straighten them again?"

"Well, either that, or maybe we could work out an unofficial orthodontic treatment plan, to make it seem your braces are slowly straightening your teeth."

"Could we? That could be fun to do. As long as my treatment is going to need a load of different braces and appliances."

"I am very sure Elida would love to do that for you...." suggested Sparkle. "Any special requests?"

"Well, it could be fun to have a facemask at some point. Definitely some expanders. Hey, any chance I could have some chunky removables at some point too? Maybe something like twin blocks or an activator?"

A shiver went down Elida's spine as she thought about what Daisy was asking for.... "Yes, I'm sure I can do that for you. Anything you DON'T really like?"

"I can't think of anything right now... but that's half the fun of having braces, being forced to wear something that you maybe don't want, that might be a bit embarassing. The jaw wiring for example: it's been a right pain, but that has made it quite interesting too!" Daisy replied with a big smile.

"Ok, so I'll add 'rewire Daisy's teeth together for a week or two' to the list then..." said Elida. Daisy's face looked rather shocked. "It's ok, I was only joking! So, for today, I'll remove the wiring, and leave you with your brackets, and those little springs on the archwires. I'm sure you'll still want to wear your headgear occasionally... oh, and don't worry about the fact that the headgear wear might move your teeth, I can easily fix that for you!". Daisy nodded.

"Hey, Daisy, before we go, I have a question for you: how did you first get into doing the braces streaming?" asked Sparkle.

"It was quite by accident, to be honest. I started off just doing 'normal' streaming, then moved on to being an occasional cam-girl, to bring in an extra bit of money. The problem is always how to get enough 'customers', so I started thinking about what I could do to stand out from the others, and get more customers and more money. I've had a thing for braces for a long time, but never did anything about it, so I started with a bent paperclip in my mouth, pretending I'd just got some braces... wow, the number of extra viewers I got just doing that! So I started buying some fake braces bits... Not only is the extra money useful, I DO enjoy wearing the braces!"

"You ever worn your braces out in public?" asked Sparkle.

"No, I haven't. But I guess I'm going to have to now, aren't I? Ooooh, what a nice thought......" said Daisy, smiling. "Hey can I ask you to do something before you go?"

"Another wish?"

"No, just a request. I would love to see what you guys look like with your wings open, I'm sure they will look pretty....". Elida and Sparkle looked at each other, and nodded, then both opened up their wings, to show Daisy. Fairy wings are very thin, clear-ish and dainty, rather like the wings on a dragonfly.

"Oh, my, you guys look absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! And don't worry, your secret is safe.". The girls retracted their wings once more.

"Well, Daisy, it's been fun chatting, but I think we should go and fix your braces for you. Oh, do keep an eye open on your dressing table for a bit of paper that might occasionally appear, to prompt you to make a wish - we just need that to keep our systems straight!"

"Have fun with your braces!" said Sparkle.

Elida took out her wand, and waved it. The dream-world faded, and they were back in Daisy's lounge again, with Daisy asleep sitting in her chair.

"You know, I'm quite looking forward to doing Daisy's braces."

"It's very clear, Elida, that - like me - you have a thing for braces. But what is it for you that you like? I mean, you're a tooth fairy, and get to see a lot of braces."

"You know, I've thought about it many times, and I'm still not sure. Part of it is the look and feel of the lovely shiny metal..." said Elida, putting her hand into her pocket, and bringing out one of the sets of braces they had removed earlier in the week. "You have to admit, they ARE very pretty. Another thing is the awkwardness that many of the humans have when they have to get braces - mainly the kids." Elida was looking at Sparkle. "So, YOU have proper braces - in fact you are, as far as I know, the ONLY fairy with real braces - so why did YOU get them? And how do you feel about them now?"

"Definitely the sparkly thing to start with. And it's wierd, but I actually ENJOY the feeling of the brackets in my mouth. And the fact that I'm the only fairy with them is rather nice! And now? Well, I guess the feelings aren't quite so strong, plus my mouth is now very used to them, but it still gives me a thrill when I see my braces in a mirror!"

As they chatted, Elida removed the wire from Daisy's braces, and Sparkle woke Daisy up again, at the same time applying a slight memory wipe.

Daisy yawned. She couldn't remember why, but it DID feel rather nice opening her mouth. She ran her tongue over her braces: she wasn't really sure HOW she had come to have braces, but she was not going to complain. Plus they would look really great when she did her streaming later on. In the meantime, for some reason she felt very hungry, so went into the kitchen to make herself some food.

While she did so, two small winged figures followed har around, admiring the metal braces she had in her mouth.


Dinner at the guest house was a very happy affair that evening: if things went well tomorrow, they might actually manage to see the person they had been looking for for nearly a week now: the Dark Fairy. And once they knew WHERE she was, it would hopefully be a fairly simple matter to actually go there and capture her.

"So, Lilly, if we DO manage to track her down tomorrow, what will happen then? I'm guessing you'll be sending in some big burly guys to get her?" asked Elida.

"Actually, no. I'll have some FAS guys on standby, in case something goes wrong, but I'm planning that I'll go in with Magic and Sparkle. I'm really hoping that there's a nice princess under that dark exterior, and that we can take a more gentle approach" explained Lilly.

"I can't imagine she'll give in quietly" said Magic, "so are we going to be able to handle her ok?"

"Don't worry, I'm more than ready for whatever she can throw as us. Plus I've been reading up some spells from that place we visited, that we can all use. Besides, I'm not planning on storming in on her straight away, we'll have plenty of time to get ready for her"

Once again, they all went to bed early, arranging to all be ready by 3am, to go 'Dark Fairy hunting'!

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Thank you for this great story and the progression of characters. I appreciate the effort and development.